Is Ibotta a Scam?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Ibotta a Scam? For sure you are already aware of the opportunities that some applications and companies are offering nowadays, and I know you have heard about the cashback that Ibotta is giving after using their application or even in-house purchase.

Have your friends informed you about this app? Are you thinking of trying it but you have doubts? With this review, I will let you discover all the facts that you need to know about Ibotta. Is Ibotta legit? Can you make money with them? Let’s all find out the answers to these questions, and now let’s dig into details!

Product Name: Ibotta
Founder: Bryan Leach
Logo: is ibotta a scam
Product Description: A mobile application that gives cash back every time you do a purchase using their application.
Best For: Those seeking a quick resource that is handy for your shopping trips to help them gain compensation and cashback. Shoppers who do not want to register to receive the discounts and promotions you want while shopping in any store.

Ibotta is a mobile application providing the users with cashback. Bryan Leach created it in 2011, so they're essentially something new for this industry, but it seems they were very renowned in a period of only 9 years, perhaps because many people think they're just a scam.

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What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a mobile app that gives cash back to its users. It was founded by Bryan Leach in 2011, so they are basically a little new to this industry but it seems that they have been very famous in just a span of 9 years, that is maybe the reason why a lot of people are thinking that they are just a scam. 

All you need to do in using this mobile application is to shop in different stores or even on the offers that are available on its application, then once you have a successful purchase you will be eligible to get a cashback. This is also known to be a process that was used by some applications nowadays.

is ibotta a scam

Downloading the application is very easy as it is available on both iOs and Android devices. However, for those who are going to use iOs devices just be aware that your location can be used for target marketing, but Ibotta also makes sure that you have secured access on their app as well as on their website.

How Does Ibotta Work?

This works like the usual application on mobile that offers a cashback. All you need to do is to create an account on the application or it can also be done on their website, on whatever device you will be comfortable on signing up that is fine. The next thing is you will be asked for some personal information and set up your own password.

There are different ways in order for you to earn money with Ibotta. And here they are and I will discuss it with you one by one.

is ibotta a scam

You can earn through in-store purchases.

This works like the usual shopping that you are doing, all you need to do is open the application and choose any store that you want to shop with, let’s say Walmart. You will see a lot of offers from Walmart if you will do a search on the application, sometimes before proceeding you might be asked to answer a survey or to read a piece of information about a specific product.

Once you have successfully seen the promo that you are interested in just click on it and you just need to go to the nearest Walmart and make a normal purchase like what you are normally doing. Just remember to keep the receipt from Walmart, since the next step is for you to upload the receipt on the app and once the receipt is uploaded Ibotta will automatically double-check on that receipt as well as on the promo that you selected before going to Walmart 

You will receive a notification once the app saw a match for those files and information for the promo, and you will be asked if you want to receive a cashback and you are all set.

is ibotta a scam

Linking your Loyalty Accounts.

Ibotta is associated with the most popular retailers, therefore they are also linked to those retailers’ loyalty account. So basically, all you need to do is link your Loyalty Account on that specific store that is associated with Ibotta and you will find the instructions on their website. Ibotta can automatically return cashback for transactions from that store once the process is completed. This option is super convenient because after shopping it reduces the step of manually uploading receipts.

So if you are really someone that loves shopping to the point that you have their loyalty accounts this is something you can try. However, I also know that this is something that will not work for all of us, don’t worry there are still a lot of ways you can do to earn money online.

Can You Make Money With Ibotta?

To answer this question, I can say that yes you can really earn money with Ibotta but on how much it is will depend on the available promotions on their application or website. They are partnered with some famous stores and given that they have in-store purchases as well, it seems that they are really a legit one to serve as a source of money.

Just a tip, I know that some cash backs are not that big amount, sometimes it is just 10% to 40% of the actual price and mostly some of the apps that give cashback do have a threshold before you can withdraw your money.

What I Don’t Like About Ibotta.

The two things that I don’t like about Ibotta is even if they have their own website, most of their promos are only available on their mobile app somehow this is convenient that you can bring your phone every time you do in-store purchase, but considering that not are using phone that has the ability to download their app or those phones that have lower android version and memory.

is ibotta a scam

And another is, it is a slow way to earn money which means this is not a good source of income. Maybe if you will do this is your part-time job it would work, but being your full-time work is not. Since the number of earnings from a cashback is not sufficient to sustain your bills and necessities in a month.

What I Like About Ibotta.

There are also things that made me amazed by Ibotta and I am sure you will get excited these as well. Here are the things that I like about Ibotta.

Membership is free.

Downloading their application is totally free and you will not be asked to buy anything or purchase a package in order to be their official member. Unlike the other application on mobile that will require you to avail membership to claim the benefits.

BBB accredited.

For sure, you know that most of us are depending on the Better Business Bureau if we are going to check the legitimacy of one company, and fortunately, Ibotta is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and by that you are sure that you will try something that is safe.

is ibotta a scam

Is Ibotta a Scam? Final Verdict.

After all the research that I have for this review, we are now down to our final verdict. Is Ibotta scam? Definitely not. They are a legit mobile application that lets their members earn through cashback. Maybe at some, it may sound that they are just trying to fool people through their advertisement of getting cash back, but they are not. They are a legit mobile app and there are proof and feedback about the good service that they were able to get with Ibotta.

I can recommend this to people who are into doing shopping especially for those who have loyalty accounts from stores that are accredited with Ibotta. However, I know that a lot of you will still think if this is something for them especially this is not a stable source of income, cashback can only serve as a discount but not totally as an earning. 

You may want to check on my Wealthy Affiliate Review wherein you will learn and discover things that can help you earn money online without doing in-store purchases. It is very easy as if you are just writing your daily hobby.

I hope that this “Is Ibotta a Scam” review was able to serve its purpose to you. If you have any concerns and suggestions please feel free to leave that on the comment box below. Cheers!


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