Is FusionCash a Scam? You Won’t Believe It!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is FusionCash a Scam? I bet you are looking for the best way to make money online, right? We’ve been used to a world wherein we could only earn money if we go out of the house and work our asses off.

However, the world is expanding and so are the opportunities out there. Now, you can also earn money in your comfortable home in front of your computer! Say goodbye to hassle commutes and time-consuming meal preparations. Say hello to a home based job!

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On the other hand, FusionCash is also part of the movement that will give more opportunities for people like you to find a job at home. FusionCash tells you that using their website has no catch, just cash! Would you choose to believe this?

Well, whatever you want to believe in, I am only writing this for one purpose and that is to tell you nothing but the truth!

So, is FusionCash a scam?


FusionCash Review

Product Name: FusionCash
Founder: Tyler Derheim
Logo: fusioncash logo
Product Description: Get paid to (GPT) website
Best For: Extra income seekers
Recommended: YES


What is FusionCash?

This company started back in 2005 and is now growing a reputation alongside other popular online paid survey websites. FusionCash also captured the attention of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and gained an A+ accreditation.

As you might have guessed, FusionCash is a get paid to (GPT) website. Okay, GPT what? Basically, advertisers get people to sign up for their products or services through the offers presented to you in websites just like FusionCash.

FusionCash gets their commission when you do sign up for their products or services, and in return, FusionCash pays you for being referred to these offers. So cool, right?!

fusioncash product review

How Does FusionCash Work?

Just like how others get paid to (GPT) websites work, you first sign up and then you become eligible to do certain activities and tasks. Good news, signing up is free. In fact, they even pay you $5 for signing up! The sad news is you can not sign up for FusionCash if you do not reside within the US or in Canada. You can sign up even if you are not living within these areas, though. However, FusionCash will deactivate your account soon enough once they have detected that you indeed do not live here. You can do activities, tasks, and promotions all you want but it would all just be for nothing.

When you are lucky enough to sign up, FusionCash presents you tons of ways to earn money and when I say a ton, I mean it. Get your eyeglasses because I am about to show you a long list on ways to earn money through FusionCash.

Ways to Earn Money Through FusionCash

You earn money by completing particular tasks and activities. The more you complete, the more money you can earn! Lucky for you, you will not run of things to do with FusionCash. Most of the ones mentioned in the list below are the usual stuff you do on the internet.

fusioncash review


We are all familiar with how surveys work, right? You have to complete a survey for you to earn your pay. However, before you can complete a survey, you first have to be qualified. Not everyone qualifies to answer surveys because market research clients set their own standards to select the best candidate for this. Keep in mind that surveys are time-consuming and often times do not pay a lot. You can receive survey invitations through emails. Oftentimes, you can also see invitations on your dashboard at FusionCash.



What do you think of receiving free products to try out and getting paid at the same time? Sounds like a pleasant situation for you, doesn’t it? This is the heart of FusionCash, since “by sense” it is a get paid to (GPT) website, and the website is made possible through being sponsored by product advertisers.

If you would allow it, by giving them your name, location, mailing address and credit card information, you can receive cool and free products to try out while also getting paid for it.

Not comfortable with spilling personal information? Well, you can always just look for other options to earn money here in FusionCash. However, if it makes you feel any better, receiving trial offers to pay a lot. Also, if you read the terms and conditions carefully, it says that the information won’t be used against you.

The reason why they ask for your information is because, well, they need to send the products to your house.

Ever wondered why would they pay you for trying out their products for free? When you think about it, it doesn’t make much sense. The situation is only favorable to you, you might think. Nope! Don’t be selfish and let us look at the bigger picture.

It is actually a win-win situation for you and the product advertiser. Why? It’s because they are testing whether the product is worth selling to the public or not. That’s why they need you to try out the product and give them your most honest opinion that will be of utmost help to them. In return for your help, they compensate you very well with money.

Most trial offers are up to 30 days. If you don’t like the product, you can always cancel the subscription and still earn some incentives for it. I know that it seems like a long time before you can get your pay, but comparing it to other offers which pay cents for each completed task, this might just be your best bet.

The downside here is that you have to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends or else, you will have to start paying for the product.

Lastly, keep in mind that it is important to keep your information valid, so don’t think of faking anything or else you won’t get paid!


Shop until you drop!  Earn incentives when you decide to shop through FusionCash’s online shopping platform.

Watching Videos

I mean, as long as the videos are not filled with jumpscares, what’s to lose? The videos you may watch are under contract with third parties like Volume11 Media, TokenAds, and HyprMX. However, do not expect too much since it only pays cents.

Referral Program

Gather up your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and everybody that you know! Lo and behold the referral program of FusionCash. Other than receiving trial offers, this is also another fool-proof way of earning extra cash. For every referral that signs up, you get a dollar. No, it doesn’t stop there! When your referral completes his first task, you get $2. Plus, each time they cash out money from their account, you receive $5. That’s $8 in total! Not so bad, right?!

Other ways for you to earn money include:

  • Paid-to-Call Opportunities
  • Searching on the Web
  • Radio
  • Downloading Apps

How Much Can You Make With FusionCash?

fusioncash get paid to

Receiving trial offers can pay you up to $100. That’s a lot, considering that you also get free products. That’s honestly just so awesome!

The referral program also earns you a lot of cash. Imagine if you have referred at least 10 friends, you already have $80! Just run through a dummies’ course on how to be persuasive, though!

Oh, there are no rewards system with FusionCash. So, all of your incentives will be in dollars.

However, other tasks and activities do not pay that much. Surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, surfing the web, and paid-to-call opportunities only give you cents when you complete them. It might be worth doing if you have loads of patience. As for me, thank you, next!

Also, may I remind that if you choose to earn money through FusionCash, make sure to stay being an active member. If you do not have any activities within 180 days, your account will be deactivated. As for your hard earned money, you can simply just bid goodbye to it. Take a look at the complaint posted on BBB below.


fusioncash complaint

How FusionCash Pays

Before you can cash out your money, you first need to have a balance of at least $25. Out of that $25 though, $15 have to be from your personal earnings and not from your referrals. This might seem like low or high cash out threshold to you, but it actually lies in the middle. Oftentimes, you would come across sites that have cash out threshold of $50, some even just for $1. It would take a lot of time and patience to reach this threshold.

fusioncash threshold

So, what do you have to do for you to receive your incentives? Well, first, you have to request a cash-out. On the 20th of whatever month, your request shall be approved. Your money will come rushing to you in a matter of 1 to 5 days.

FusionCash offers you a variety of options to receive your money.

  • Actual Cash
  • Bank Account Deposit
  • Paypal
  • Checks

is fusioncash legit

What’s in it For You if You Join FusionCash?

Free Signup

Tired of pesky sign-up fees? You don’t have to expect any of those with FusionCash since it is easy to sign up and it is free. In fact, you are even given a $5 incentive when you sign up. You got nothing to lose! How fantastic is that?

Where’s My Paym– Nevermind, Already Here!

Most sites like these give you your reward money in a matter of days, weeks, and even months! Guess how many days it takes FusionCash to give your cash? None! Your money actually reaches your account in a span of 10 minutes after you have completed the offer. It might not be as fast as The Flash, but comparing it to other GPT sites, this is the best one yet. FusionCash is one of its kind.

BBB Validated

It is not easy to earn an A+ rating on BBB, but take a look, they have managed to score just that. They have been A+ accredited since the 2009s. Ever since then, they really have just been building up a positive reputation in the niche of GPT sites.

Tons of Options

You will never get bored with FusionCash’s never-ending list of activities and tasks. Seriously, if you don’t like doing surveys, you could choose to just do trial offers instead. Even if that does not appeal to your taste, you can choose to focus on their referral program, which by the way pays very well. You can also do the things you usually do on the internet! Well, sign me up then!

They Actually Pay

What matters the most of all is whether it pays you for real. Well, they do!  You can put your trust in here.

FusionCash Weak Spots


You could view it as spam, but FusionCash will bombard you with emails of advertisements that will convince you to try the product. These are pretty common with GPT sites, and you can not blame them because they get paid by their sponsors if you purchase or try a product or service through FusionCash. You could just opt to give them your secondary email if you do not want to drown in a flood of emails.


fusioncash spam

Only Available in the US and Canada

Jokes on you if you do not live within the US or Canada. Like I said before, opportunities are expanding in this modern world. It’s just too bad that even opportunities like these are limited and inaccessible, as well.


Some FusionCash users complain of not receiving their payments after completing tasks and activities. Let me explain this to you in a way all of us will understand. Some of these cases are actually due to your computer settings. It might cookies or anti-virus software of some sort that does not allow FusionCash to detect whether you have finished the offer or not. Before you complete an offer, organize your systems first.

You’re all Under My Nose!

For some offers, they require your credit card information. For some of us, this is a red flag. No worries, though. You can just filter out those offers and select the option “No Credit Card Offers.”

Cash Out Grinch?

Some users complained that days before they cash out, FusionCash will deduct a fair amount of money from your account. Seems kind of like a capitalist act to suck out money that you worked so hard to obtain, doesn’t it?


fusioncash complaints

Is FusionCash A Scam?

No, FusionCash is not a scam.

It might have some downs to it, but for sure, the advantages weigh all these out. This gets paid to (GPT) website respects your privacy and gives you a ton of ways to earn money so that you never get bored. Plus, signing up is free so what do you have to lose? Receiving your money also comes to you in a flash.

If you live in the US or in Canada, lucky you! You have the privilege to try FusionCash for yourself.

In this world of opportunities, it is important that we do not let these opportunities escape our grasp.

Still wondering, is FusionCash a scam? Still not convinced that you could earn money with FusionCash?

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