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Is InstaGC Legit?

Is Instagc Legit? That’s a good question, but before we start drilling the facts about it if you have been relentlessly around joining get-paid-to (GPT) or survey sites recently, or have been referred to the platform, you’ll probably agree that not all sites are worth joining. Some might even cause you nothing and ultimately wasted your earning opportunities.

Nothing will go wrong if you’re extra careful. After all, not all platforms are legit since some sites lure money from their members instead of making money through them. On the flip side, there are great sites, and by inspecting them before joining, it can definitely save up your time and remove doubt.

So, is InstaGC legit or just another waste of time? In this jampacked InstaGC review, I’ll give you the feels of what’s inside in this GPT site; in that way, you’ll know what it really has to offer and then do your part and make up your mind.

I joined this survey site a few months back to vouch that you can get all the reliable information about the site’s potential and whether it’s worth joining or not. Here we go.

Product Name: InstaGC
Founder: Day Online Solution LLC.
Logo: Instagc Logo
Product Description: Get-paid-to (GPT) Site
Best For: Side hustlers
InstaGC is a get-paid-to (GPT) site, and a point-based platform existed since 2011. InstaGC is coined from “instant gift cards,” where you can acquire gift cards instantly. It has social media accounts that post proofs about their member’s payouts!

What Is InstaGC?

InstaGC Homepage

InstaGC is a get-paid-to (GPT) site. Here, it pays members when they complete various tasks online that merely involve taking surveys, watching videos, online shopping, visiting websites, testing products, and referring a friend to the platform. 

It has been around since 2011, founded by Day Online Solutions LLC, a US-based company that has partnered with some research giants in the industry.

InstaGC is also known as Instant Gift Cards, wherein it introduces itself as a web resource to instantly receive gift cards. It is one of those sites that will appear once finding platforms to make money online while working at home.

InstaGC is a points system survey site that rewards you with points when completing various tasks. These points can be exchanged with actual cash if you meet the condition, 100 points = $1, for example. What sets it apart from your regular paid surveys is that you can cash out immediately after your points are converted into bucks.

How Do I Sign Up For InstaGC?

Signing up with this program is anything but free. As long as you’re 18 years old and above, you can join the platform and get paid. But just recently, I’ve found out that they are accepting teenagers from 13 years old except with permission from their parents.

So, to sign up, go to their website, do the sign-up process, and fill in your personal information. After that, you’ll be asked which platform you prefer to sign up like Google Account, Facebook, or Twitter.

As a greeting to the platform, you’ll be given 10 points as a sign-up bonus. So, not bad, isn’t it?

7 Ways to Make Money With InstaGC

There are various ways to earn points and make money with InstaGC, and that includes taking surveys online, watching videos, testing products, visiting websites, and many more. Through these, you can earn points and have them converted into bucks, and some are dragging, so be sure to check them one by one to see which offer works best on your end that will maximize your time and earning potential.

1. Taking surveys online

Taking surveys online is the bread and butter of a survey site. It’s one of the simplest ways to make money online, but it doesn’t always work that way because you can be disqualified at some point and that you are not aware of it. 

You may be kicked out in the middle or at the end of the survey just before completing it. On the other hand, if you manage to complete a survey you’ll approximately earn 100 points per survey.

2. Watching videos

Through watching videos, you can earn up to 1 point for every ten videos and sometimes less than or near to 1 point in every three videos you watch. If you’re interested in watching videos, like me, this is definitely the best option for you. You can make money by doing your cup of tea.

3. Shopping online

If you frequently buy online, then here’s the good news, with InstaGC, you can earn money every successful purchase of your cart online. You heard that right, but before anything else, make sure that the merchant you choose to shop with has linked with InstaGC, then everything will follow as it says.

4. Product testing

InstaGC ways to make money online

Testing various products is one of the exciting ways for me to make money online. To pull this off, InstaGC will direct you to websites or apps, and by signing up through their offers and testing the entire product, you’ll earn approximately 100-700 points per offer or product tested. If you’re lucky enough, you can stumble on some offer that gives you 1100plus points depending on the test’s difficulty.

5. Visiting websites

Visiting websites is by far the most natural way, and it admittedly takes less time compared to the other tasks. No need to sign up, do complicated things, or test any products or apps; all you have to do is visit the websites that InstaGC asks. In every visit, you’ll earn 1 point; this offer can be found in the “clicks” section.

6. Testing apps

With InstaGC, you can make money by trying and testing apps. Some apps are paid, and most are free of charge. However, if you test paid apps, you’ll earn more money than you invested in the program. But I suggest that you try the free ones so that you’ll smooth sail from thereon.

This offer can be found in the “apps section.” But before actually testing apps, please check the terms and conditions for you to know about how much you’ll be spending time or be making money with these tasks. 

7. Referral earnings

Like any survey site, InstaGC has a refer-a-friend program where you can invite someone; it could be your friend or family members, then if done successfully, both of you will be rewarded 10 points.

At this point, you already know how to earn points and make money, so choose wisely.

Redeeming Points

InstaGC allows its users to redeem points as low as $1. Each one-point equates to $0.01, so all you have to do is gather 100points to payout. So to redeem them, here are the multiple ways to make it happen:

Gift cards

Redeem your points in InstaGC through gift cards

The most efficient way to redeem your points is through gift cards. As long as you have read its conditions, you can select various gift cards. There are over 350 gift cards to choose from, and most of them require you to have a $5 minimum balance to payout. There are only a few merchants that allow you to redeem as low as $1, like the Amazon gift card. Another reason why gift cards are great as a payment method is that it doesn’t charge any redemption fee, unlike when requesting any forms of cash rewards.

Cash rewards

Unlike the gift card method, you need at least 500 points or $5 when converted to dollars to redeem cash rewards. And you can choose between direct bank deposit or eCheck payment. Either way, you’ll be charged a small redemption fee for every redemption request through cash. If you reach $50 withdrawals, InsaGC will allow you to use PayPal as a payment method.

Direct bank deposits

A direct bank deposit has a most cheaper redemption fee. InstaGC will only issue a 15-points fee on your first monthly cash reward, and so on. This cash can be deposited into any online bank account.

eCheck payments

You can cash a check without a bank account. InstaGC will email you a valid eCheck that you can deposit or cashout. There is a 25-point redemption fee upon choosing this as your payment method.


As long as you redeemed a total of $50 in cash or gift cards, InstaGC will unlock PayPal as a payment method. To get paid by Paypal, you need to have at least a $5 rewards balance and will be charged 20-point as a redemption fee.

Joining sweepstakes

Another way to redeem your points is by putting your luck on sweepstakes and win amazing prizes. Winning isn’t guaranteed, though, so think twice before losing them in your hands. 

Pros & Cons of InstaGC

Pros & Cons of InstaGC

The Good

  1. InstaGC is 100% free to get started
  2. Members will receive 10 points as a sign-up bonus.
  3. You can make money by completing multiple and straightforward tasks.
  4. Diverse ways to redeem your points.
  5. The parent company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and InstaGC has an ‘average’ rating on the Trustpilot review site. 
  6. You can cash out or redeem your points as low as 100 points = $1
  7. Proof of redemption is transparent and posted on Facebook to inform future members that they can actually make money with the platform.
  8. Eight years in service.

The Bad

  1. InstaGC doesn’t have an independent app but only a mobile version of the site, which makes it lousy at some point.
  2. Points aren’t that much and typically requires a large number before you can reach a dollar. A point equates $0.01, 100 point = $0.01.
  3. Unlike other get-paid-to (GPT) sites, qualifying for higher-paying surveys aren’t guaranteed in this platform.
  4. Before using the Paypal payment method, you have to verify the account to them and let them knowledgable about your info and your PayPay account.

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Is InstaGC Legit, the Bottom Line

Is InstaGC Legit, the Bottom Line

InstaGC is definitely not a scam, but a legit survey site that pays its members regularly since 2011. Its social media accounts are very responsive and have reached out to its members (and members-to-be) by presenting proof that the platform is legit and can make money through them.

The majority of reviews are favorable; however, you can still find some complaints about InstaGC, but they are very minimal.

For me, what stung me a bit is when InstaGC asks me to verify my PayPal account. Linking your PayPal account to them is very straightforward; however, verifying the actual account through them is like giving them access to your personal information and PayPal account as well. To my dismay, I don’t really like that particular process.

On the other hand, if you find this comfortable, you’re free to go. InstaGC is a good get-paid-to (GPT) site, and a fine way to make extra bucks. But if you want to make something substantial, there are many other ways on the internet.

So that ends my ‘Is InstaGC Legit’ post. If you want to add more, simply drop a comment down below, and let’s discuss more of this some time. You might as well get your answers here if you’re interested in making money online. Take care in this pandemic and hustle more!


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