Is Level Rewards a Scam?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Level Rewards Just  Another GPT Website? This time I will be covering Level Rewards. Are you wondering, Is level rewards a scam? Let’s find out!

First, allow me to congratulate you for taking the time and effort to do your research study prior to purchasing or subscribing to any “apparently great” product.

That’s undoubtedly the best method to prevent fraud and find a legitimate program to actually make money online!


Level Rewards Review

Product Name: Level Rewards level rewards review logo
Founder: Undisclosed
Product Description: Referral / Reward Site
Price: Free to Join + Paid Offers
Suited For: People that know how to run a GPT website

The Level Rewards program seeks to reward people for convincing others to join and complete tasks. It is designed in such a way that members would have to encourage their referrals to complete tasks to enable them to earn money. Although it is free, it is not worth it.

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Is Level Rewards a Scam or Legit?

Simply put, Level Rewards is a website that has been made open to everyone. All you have to do is log in to the website, complete several trials there, then refer others to do the same.

It has been revealed that big companies pay members when they convince new people to visit the website. They just give people trials to be completed; then they pay them for promoting the website by inviting more people to join.

This program has a couple of levels that users would have to go through. Bear in mind that each of these levels come with a different amount of money to be earned. You can tell by the name; “level reward.”

According to the official website, members would have to perform a small task which is to promote their website and immediately start making enough money. After carrying out extensive research on this program, we have concluded that unlike what is promised, members do not stand to gain much money. In fact, it is classed as one of the lowest paying money making programs.

While it promises members that they stand to gain more money from completing tasks, they would find out that these tasks are not as simple as they thought. They would also find out that they are not able to make enough money to offset their bills each month.

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What is Level Rewards?

This program or product is similar to others like the SwagBucks and others that promise members huge rewards for carrying out simple tasks. According to the official website, the more offers members are able to complete, the higher they move and the more money they are able to make. Although they state that the more offers you are able to complete the more money you make, you will find it frustrating to know that the tasks are not even worth completing. Some of the tasks you will be required to complete could be these;  

  • You could be asked to sign up for free trials
  • You could be required to download several mobile applications, and test runs them.
  • You could also be required to answer surveys

Each of the tasks that are completed comes with a specific amount of credit, and each of these credits represents new levels that have been reached by members.

How Level Rewards Works

Unlike most of the other GPT, Level Rewards do not actually pay members when they complete trials. Each of the offers completed comes with a specific credit amount which is designed to take you to higher levels. On this program, you would only be paid when you have been able to convince people to register under you.

The people under you must have completed offers before you get paid. The more tasks you complete, the higher you climb and the more money you make. One frustrating thing about this program is that members only get to withdraw or request their earnings to be sent only if their referrals get to a certain level.

For every level that your referral complete, you are paid $5. Although, bear in mind that you will not be paid if your referral is able to complete more tasks and moves to a level higher than yours. To explain better, let us say you are in level 3, you will only be paid for your referrals in level 1 and 2. If they get to level 4, you will no longer be paid. This means that you’ll have to repeatedly try to convince more people to join if you are to make more money.

how level rewards works

How Members Are Paid

This program pays its members in three ways; bank transfer, PayPal, or Amazon gift cards. The payout process is quite fast especially when you request for withdrawal through PayPal or Amazon gift cards. Direct bank transfers would take up to a day if not more. If you earn over $599, you will be required to fill a tax form before your withdrawal request is approved

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Who The Level Rewards Program Is For?

As rightly mentioned, the key factor in making money on this website is to have more people underneath you. With this in mind, the Level Rewards program would be specifically for those that have either a blog or a website with large followers. This would enable them to promote the website to them in order to earn money.

The program would be for those that are able to convince more people to join the website and complete tasks. So this means that if you have just your friends and family in mind when joining this program, then it would not be a good idea as you would easily run out of referrals. To join this website, you will have to be 18 years or more.

Who The Level Rewards Program Not For?

In other words, the Level Rewards program is not for those that are not able to pitch their ideas to others as they will struggle to earn money on the website. Also, this program would not be for those that are not ready to spend money on offers and subscriptions.  

According to the official website, members are not required to pay any signup fees. Although this is true, there are other charges that members would have to pay. For example, members would be expected to pay for a certain subscription and would be required to enter their credit card details when they perform the free trials. To ensure that you do not lose money, you have to cancel the trials after completing them. This is done to ensure that you are not automatically charged by the website.

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Why Most People Refer To Level Rewards As A Scam

Although this program is not entirely a scam, most people have lost their funds to it. So we will look at some of the reasons why most people refer to the program as a scam;

  1. The sponsors: the sponsors behind the program do not care about the members. They are only after making huge profits for themselves. They do not bring out time to educate members on how best to promote the program in order for them to make money. This is one of the reasons why most people have not made any money as they are told that the task to be carried out is simple only for them to discover that it is not easy as they thought it would be.
  2. The level system: although this may seem like a good idea to most people, it is not actually good as you could end up not making any money. Most people have had to use their money to pay to get to a particular level, but all the effort and money could be in vain if your referrals do not complete tasks. To explain better, let’s say you have about 50 referrals, but none of them completes any task and remain in Level 1, you stand to get only $5 for each referral. The time and money put into getting those referrals are definitely not worth it as the effort of your referrals would determine the amount of money you are able to make.
  3. Not an ideal work from home opportunity: while the website claims that the job is for those seeking to make money while at home, you will discover that it is not as claimed. With this program, you do not have any reoccurring monthly income to pay your bills. This program means that you have to constantly try your best to promote the website and convince more people to join. The time and effort put into the program are definitely not worth the amount of money that you stand to gain.

Pros And Cons Of Level Rewards


  • It is free to sign-up
  • It has a simple business approach


  • Members are not educated on how best to promote the site
  • Members get tired of promoting the company just after a couple of weeks
  • The money to be made is not worth the time, money, and effort that is put in  
  • Members are required to give their credit card details before they are able to complete offers.
  • Members are not able to make a full-time income with this program
  • Members would be required to pay for subscriptions
  • It is not for those that cannot pitch ideas or convince others to join.
  • There is no salary structure for members and their referrals.

Level Rewards Final Verdict

Level Rewards is a valid GPT rewards website, and it grants its members a different way of earning incentives.

Is Level Rewards a scam? No, it is not! Even so, I would’t suggest this to anyone because there are better ways to earn money online.


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