Is ySense a Scam?

Last Updated on May 3, 2022

Hey, welcome to my review. First off, let me congratulate you on first doing your research on ySense. The Internet is home to some of the biggest and dirtiest scams out there. It’s only smart and right to know the nature of something before completely diving into it!

Speaking of the Internet, it is also home to many make money online opportunities. If you are updated and familiar with the concept of making money online, then you’re not a stranger to online surveys. In fact, you may have clicked on this ySense review because you’re looking into some opportunities to make money online!

You’ve come to the right place. In this ySense review, we’ll be diving into the mechanics of ySense, why it exists, and later on, we’ll be answering the question, “Is ySense a scam?” So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Product Name: ySense
Founder: Steve Girsky and John McConnell
Logo: ysense logo
Product Description: Get-paid-to (GPT) website
Best For: Those looking for opportunities to make some money in their spare time
Recommended: YES


What is ySense?

ysense homepage

ySense is a get-paid-to (GPT) website wherein you will get paid to answer online surveys and do other online tasks. The company is previously known as Clixsense, and they have just recently rebranded into ySense back in 2019. Clixsense has been one of the longest-running get-paid-to (GPT) websites.

Clixsense was launched in 2007 by Steve Girsky and John McConnell who were the owners of Stormpay. They have been providing millions of internet users with online surveys and companies with the information they need to cater to their respective markets for 13 years now.

ysense partners

Adscend Media, Cint,, Your Surveys, Opinion World, Toluna Influencer, Ad Gate, Offer Toro, Peanut Labs, Tap Research, Pollfish, Sample Cube, and Opinion Surveys are some of the partners of ySense. They are also a part of the Prodege, LLC – which is a large family of companies based in El Segundo, California.

What does this mean for you? Well, it means that when you log into your ySense account, you’re also going to receive survey offers from these companies. Thus, you can be ensured that you’re going to have just enough surveys to answer by the week.

In this ySense review, we’re going to answer the question “Is ySense a scam?”. But before that, let’s first understand how ySense works in the first place.

How Does ySense Work?

how does ysense work

Market research is an essential aspect of the business industry. Large businesses and companies invest a lot in developing and conducting research to fully know the needs, wants, and tastes of their audience. After all, they exist to cater to and provide goods and services to the public.

How do you think these companies have stayed at the top and earned so much money to invest in matters like research? That’s right. We go back to the basics: research, again. Everything depends and revolves around researching what would suit the tastes of the public.

That’s why get-paid-to (GPT) websites like ySense exist. They play an essential part in the research of these companies by having them answer surveys, and what’s great here is that they’re willing to pay you for simply giving your opinions!

There are lots of ways for you to make money and earn rewards with ySense. It all starts with signing up to be a part of their community.

How to Sign up for ySense?

Signing up for ySense is straightforward and I’m pretty sure everyone can sign up to the website with ease and in no time. First off, go visit their website.

On their homepage, you’ll instantly see this signup box where you’ll be asked to input your email and create your own password. You would also have to tick the box to announce that you agree to receive emails from ySense with survey offers. This is great because there’s no need for you to constantly log in to your account to check if you have survey offers. You just have to get notified in your email.

ysense how to sign up

Complete your registration by verifying your email. You just have to check the email sent by ySense and click on the link that redirects you back to the website.

Once there, make sure that you fill-up the personal information on your profile. A lot of people tend to overlook this step because it’s bothersome, but this is a crucial mistake.

Remember that the purpose you’re taking these online surveys is because businesses and companies want to know the needs, wants, and tastes of their audience. The only way for them to know if you fit their criteria to be a part of their audience is to know your personal information.

Once they have identified you as a part of their audience, only then are you able to match with relevant surveys. Though, of course, there are still questions at the beginning of every survey to see if you’re the perfect fit. Filling up your personal information helps you pass the initial stages of the screening.

If you’re done with filling up your personal information and completing your profile, you can now proceed to your dashboard. This is where your survey invites and other tasks will appear. You can start answering surveys to your liking and earn real money!

Making Money with ySense

Now that you’re all set, you are now presented with a variety of ways to make money with ySense.

ysense how to make money

Completing Surveys

As mentioned before, you can find your survey invites on your dashboard. Your survey invites could come from the partners of ySense that I have mentioned earlier. The dashboard will indicate how much the survey costs if you manage to finish the survey. Proceeding with a survey also requires you to pass the qualifying questions.

When I was scrolling upon reviews about ySense or Clixsense, most of the complaints that you’ll see are regarding how ySense is a scam because it’s hard to qualify. It’s important to take these rejections with a grain of salt and a spoon of understanding.

You see, answering surveys is not the hardest task in the world. The most difficult aspect above everything else when it comes to get-paid-to (GPT) websites like ySense is qualifying for the surveys itself.

I mean, let’s face it. Companies and businesses are paying ySense to gather public information from them, it’s only common sense for them to be strict when it comes to qualifications. On top of it all, you’re getting paid. Why should they pay you when you’re not the person they’re looking for? There’s a reason why companies invest a lot of money in their research programs.

That’s why it’s important for you to truthfully answer those qualifying questions and to fill up your personal information with honesty, so you could qualify for the surveys that are meant for you.

The strict screening process is one thing. What about the volume of survey invites you receive? Now, that’s a whole different story.

What’s more frustrating is if you’re receiving very minimal survey invites and barely even qualifying for it. Of course, the survey invites you receive are still dependent on your information. Basically, it’s all just a matter of luck.

Online surveys also don’t tend to pay very well. Most of the time you’ll just be compensated with cents. You’re already lucky if you manage to earn a dollar for completing a survey.

The amount of money you earn depends on the nature of the survey itself. Longer and more specific surveys tend to pay more than short and less specific surveys. By less specific surveys, I mean those surveys that have wide demographics, something that is made available to every Internet user of all ages and spanning over a large area.

So, what I’m trying to say is that if you want to make decent money out of ySense, then you at least need to complete one long survey on a daily basis. If you manage to complete a lot of surveys, which is incredibly hard, you can earn for less than $100.

This is not even enough to be called a regular income. Considering how time and patience consuming this is, it’s definitely not worth the risk if you want something to pay your bills and buy you groceries.

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But sure enough, if you just want some side money on top of your regular income and want to earn in your spare time, then ySense has got to be your best bet.

Testing Out Offers

Some companies are willing to send you a sample of their products and services. This is a major win on your side because you can try out these for free and all you have to do is provide feedback once your trial has ended.

Some of the services and products you can try out are computer software, phone applications, and even everyday house items like dishwashing soaps and appliances. You could also watch random videos, trying out search engines, categorizing images, and signing up to different websites.

But of course, just like surveys, you have to qualify for these offers first. As for the compensation, it doesn’t also pay that much. You’ll see your ySense wallet just increasing by the cent.

Referral Program

ysense referral program

Becoming an affiliate of ySense means that you can invite your family and friends to come sign up on ySense and earn commissions from it. You would be provided with a unique affiliate link that your invites have to click on for them to sign up. Some promotional banners would be given to you as well. These banners are proven useful to you if you have your own website to put these.

So, how much can you earn per referral? First off, your referral needs to be active for you to earn commissions. The commission you earn for having someone sign up through your referral link ranges within 10 to 30 cents. Once your referrals make their first $5, you will earn a bonus of $2.

This seems weird because you earn more depending on how much your referral makes. It’s almost as if ySense also wants you to encourage your referrals to complete surveys and not just stop at having them sign up to the website. It’s a smart move on their part, to be frank.

You also get activity commissions wherein you’ll earn 20% of how much your referrals earn for every survey they complete. Don’t worry, it’s not like you’ll be taking away this percentage from your affiliates nor will 20% of your earnings go to the person who invited you. ySense would be the ones to provide you with these commissions.

Also, if you gain 100 active referrals every month, your commission percentages will increase by 5%. This would be great news for you if you have a large base of followers and a lot of influence on them.

Weekly Contests

You could also get awarded through their weekly contests. Members of ySense all hope for a spot in their top 10 members. You’d see below how much one gets compensated depending on their ranks.

Top 1 $50
Top 2 $20
Top 3 $10
Top 4 $5
Top 5 $5
Top 6 $2
Top 7 $2
Top 8 $2
Top 9 $2
Top 10 $2

Daily Checklist Bonus

Completing these checklists enable you to earn up to 16% bonuses. The checklists just contain some tasks that you have to complete on a daily basis. It’s a good way to keep you motivated in being active on ySense. The bonuses are as follows:

Daily Checklist Bonus 12%
YSense Add-on Extra Bonus 2%
Activity Extra Bonus 2%

Cashing Out From ySense

ySense offers the following methods for you to cash out your money: PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Amazon Gift Card, and Reward Link Italy.

Of course, before you can get your money, you first have to reach their payout thresholds. These thresholds differ depending on the cash out method you prefer. You can see it in the table below.

Paypal $10
Payoneer $52
Skrill $5.05

As you can see, Skrill has the lowest cashout threshold out of the three. If you’re the type who just can’t wait around for a long time and want to get your hands on your money quickly, then Skrill would have to be your best bet.

You can cash out your money 24/7 and expect your earnings to be deposited in your account within 5 to 7 business days, and up to 15 days if your account is relatively new. This is due to the verification process.

Is ySense a scam? Let’s see what people have to say about this get-paid-to (GPT) website.

What Are People Saying About ySense?

There are not many significant reviews on ySense since they have rebranded from Clixsense. This is the case for Trustpilot. For BBB, on the other hand, if you search “ySense bbb reviews” you’ll instantly see in the search results Clixsense’s profile.

Let’s start with the reviews on Trustpilot. ySense has 38 reviews and they have been rated as average with 3 stars.

ysense needs improvement

ysense pays quickly

ysense waste of time

ysense great site to earn

As you can see, the general public really enjoys the idea of making money online by answering surveys. But of course, there are always complaints that it’s a waste of time and you’re going to struggle just by answering the qualifying questions only to find out that you’re not qualified to complete the survey. Then again, it’s important for you to understand that this is just how get-paid-to (GPT) websites are.

As for BBB, ySense is not BBB accredited, but they have a BBB rating of A. Having a rating as high as A only means that this business knows what it’s doing, considering the fact that BBB is a prestigious and highly acknowledged body.

They had a total of 6 complaints within the last 3 years and 2 complaints of those were closed in the last 12 months.

ysense bbb rating

What Do I Like About ySense?

Let’s go over this briefly. I’m not a fan of online surveys, but what do I like about ySense is the weekly contests and daily bonuses you get for completing tasks. It encourages you to stay active on the site.

Plus, the referral program will be of maximum use for you if you have massive influence and a large base of followers.

The bonuses and commissions you get from your referrals are relatively hefty, it might even be better of a task than answering surveys. So that’s one thing to put greater consideration into.

But that’s really just about it. Sorry, ySense fans!

Is ySense a Scam? The Truth Behind This GPT!

Based on their previous credentials as Clixsense, it is for sure that ySense is not a scam. This is a legit company in this marketing industry for more than 13 years now, and they have built a large community worldwide. ySense is legitimate. Don’t let those complaints about how they can’t qualify fool you into thinking that it’s a scam.

However, answering online surveys for a living is something I could never recommend. If you’re only searching for opportunities to make some money on the side in your spare time, then ySense is your best bet. But if you’re looking for something to suffice your financial needs, you have no shot here.

It’s hard to qualify for a survey, and at times you would even find your dashboard empty. The pay is low, and even if you gain the highest amount of earnings you can get, it’s still not enough as a regular source of income. All the time and patience invested in ySense just does not make the cut for me.

So it’s Is ySense a Scam? No but If you want to build a real source of income online, I have something else for you. It’s more than just answering online surveys, it’s about creating your own online business. Go check it out now!


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