Is Motor Club of America a Pyramid Scheme?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Motor Club of America a Pyramid Scheme? Was your vehicle ever stranded on the highway, broke down without assistance, locked out or run out of gasoline? I would bet that at one point in time many of us have witnessed this unfortunate situation in their lives. So it would be best to have roadside assistance that would deal with this kind of situation. And that’s exactly what Motor Club of America is set up to do. 

Have you thought that you can benefit from helping people escape from this kind of road situation through the Motor Club of America? It may sound that there is something behind it and may lead you to question the credibility of the company. With this review, we will be going to determine if the Motor Club of America is a pyramid scheme or not. The unexpected truth will be revealed!

Product Name: Motor Club of America
Founder: William W. Green
Logo: is the motor club of america a pyramid scheme
Product Description: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Provider of roadside assistance plan.
Best For: People who are good at sales and recruiting. Looking for a roadside assistance provider.
Recommended: Yes


What is Motor Club of America?

William W. Green, the CEO of the organization until 1986, founded the Motor Club of America (MCA) in 1926 to provide road assistance protection to truckers. Later MCA changed the plan to include personal and vehicle drivers. Remember that this protection plan is not auto insurance, it is an assistance program on the side of the road. They have different plans to offer which all focus on making sure the safety of their members.

Aside from having a 24 hours roadside assistance, Motor Club of America also offers emergency services for trucks, motorcycles, and trailers. They also have Medical expense benefits and travel assistance. Which is really interesting and will surely make you sign up for them as a member.

is motor club of america a pyramid scheme

How You Can Earn with Motor Club of America?

This will be one of the main focuses of our review, on how you can start earning with the Motor Club of America. Just like the other MLM companies, in able for you to start earning through their company is mainly by selling and referring. But is it even possible to MCA or Is Motor Club of America a Pyramid Scheme?

They just recently implemented an affiliate system wherein the members can get a commission from their referral. This is a good way to earn extra cash even if you’re just at home, you just need to have the talent of doing sales in order for you to recruit people to become a member.

Motor Club of America promises to give around $40 to $80 for every person you will recruit to join the club. Something that you can really look forward and will motivate you to recruit more. Once you’re recruiting people and getting sales from it, they will call you as their Sales Associates.

In order for you to be one of their Sales Associates, it can cost you from $5 up to $300 and you will get a license as their Sales Associates. But some say that if you will sign up directly on their website it will cost you $0 to be a Sales Associates. But also be careful when it comes to registering online, there a lot of websites who are just making a fake website and will ask you to pay for something which is not the legal website of  Motor Club of America.

is motor club of america a pyramid scheme

As their Sales Associate, you are going to be paid once a week. Based on my research it is every Friday. And aside from the $35 commission on every person, you recruit to the club, Sales Associates also get a monthly residual income in any of your recruits. Before the commission fee is around $80 to $90, but last August 2018 it was changed to $35.These are also another reason why people are really looking forward to being part of the Motor Club of America.

The pay style, however, is somewhat strange. Essentially, Motor Club of America charges a fee on the basis that the consumer will remain a member for a whole year. If the consumer cancels before the end of the period, the Sales Associate must refund any compensatory difference. So for me, this is something that I should really think of.

What I Hate About Motor Club of America?

Complaints will always be there in the business. It can be used to improve the company’s products and services. But these can also be a reason why you will start to hate the company. For me, I normally based on reviews and complaints for me to try something. I will do a lot of research about the product, to make sure that I get the most out of my money. This is what I hate about Motor Club of America, they are getting a lot of complaints. It can be on their products or complaints about their Sales Associates.

is motor club of america a pyramid scheme

As I do my research, I can see that most of the complaints are about the fake advertisement for Sales Associates and some are unauthorized charges on their card. If you are going to make research on other MLM companies, you will see that this kind of complaint is common.

Maybe some of the Sales Associates did that in order for them to recruit more and earn more extra cash. They are saying that once you sign up for Motor Club of America you can earn $1000 a week, so what will happen is that people will think that can really earn that much.

When they did not get what the Sales Associates tell them, they though right away that everything is a scam or fraud without knowing that the main issue is with the MCA associates who promote the company and the services. That they don’t know that the company itself got affected by they are doing.

Having good and accurate advertisements is really important because we are not just talking about money here, it is also about the reputation of the company and the Sales Associate. So better be honest, in that way you will earn people’s trust and will lead you to success in the future.

This is the only thing that I hate about the Motor Club of America. I believe that they can do something about this like providing training and workshops for their future Sales Associates. It would be a great help not just for their members as well as for their company.

It will build trust and people will be easily convinced to sign up for their club and both sides will have better earning. Trust will have a big impact on the business, as per research trust is the first thing that people will consider in everything.

is motor club of america a pyramid scheme

Is Motor Club of America is a Pyramid Scheme?

If I am going to base my answer to the research that I’ve done doing this review, I can say that Motor Club of America is not a Pyramid Scheme. The services that they offer are reliable in times you need assistance in an emergency on the roadside. It is just, the people who are promoting and recruiting are the one who makes a bad image for the company.

Like what I have said earlier, everything will depend on how the sales associates will advertise the company. How they advertise the company is how it will appear on the people. If they are getting fake advertisement it will also reflect the company’s image.

I can still recommend the Motor Club of America as a legitimate provider of emergency assistance to the roadside. It will always depend on you since we all know that there are a lot of competitors around. When it comes to earning extra cash, this can also be an option but with a proper and honest advertisement. So that the people will have trust in you as well as with the company.

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Is Motor Club of America a Pyramid Scheme? I don’t believe it is, and i really hope through this review I was  able to give you an idea of what is behind the Motor Club of America and in some sort help you decide if you are looking for emergency assistance, earning extra cash will be just a reward for you which can somehow help you a little with the monthly bills that you have.

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