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Last updated on September 13, 2020

Is Amsoil a Scam? “Additive” to Oil Biz

Welcome to my Is Amsoil a scam Review! Are you looking for feedback about Amsoil products’ quality or checking for the possibility that Amsoil can be a company you can join to earn extra cash?

No matter what the reason is, let me tell you I will make it worth your time! I will cover everything you need to know about Amsoil. This will include product information and how you can earn money through Amsoi programs. Stay tuned!


Product Name: Amsoil
Founder: Albert Amatuzio
Logo: is amsoil a scam logo
Product Description: Multi-Level Marketing Company
Best For: People who are good at selling and advertising products and have knowledge about vehicle oils and how it works. If you’re confident in building and managing a team, this might be interesting to you.

The company Amsoil is an MLM that sells various types of oil for any vehicle. These include oils, fuel additives, lubricants, grit, hydraulic oil, compressor oils, etc. The transport services these give The company was founded in 1972 and with the passing of time they can discover more items they can sell on the market.

Product Currency: USD

Product In-Stock: https://schema.org/OutOfStock

Editor's Rating:
Recommended: NO

What is Amsoil?

Amsoil is an MLM company that sells oil for any type of vehicle. The transmission products they offer include oils and additives — fuel additives, machinery lubricants, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, etc. 

The company was established back in 1972. It was founded by Albert Amatuzio, and its office is located in Wisconsin, United States. 

As I did this research, I sadly found out that Amatuzio past away last 2017. 

Amsoil kept up with the pace as time went by, nowadays it still remains one of the strongest Oil-related companies. 

is amsoil a scam

If you research Amsoil product reviews on the internet, you will notice that they have impressive feedback from the people who purchased and used their products.

But some still doubt Amsoil products and tag them as a low-quality oil.

Like anything in the world, the best way to know their products’ real score is to try them yourself.

How Can You Earn With Amsoil?

I can say that the compensation plan of Amsoil is a way different from the other MLM companies that I reviewed, it is not the usual thing that was offered by an MLM company. But of course, one way to earn with Amsoil is through selling their products. There are some ways you can use to take advantage of selling the product and earn from it.


Through retail sales.

This is the usual way that you will purchase the product from Amsoil at a wholesale or discounted price and then you will sell it to your prospect customer. Wherein you will earn at around 25% profit immediately after selling the product. However, upon checking, Amsoil does not disclose the percentage of retail profit.


Commission Credits.

It is somehow connected with the retail sale. What will happen is every time you will purchase and sell a product from Amsoil you will get what they called a commission credits. Then you have to collect that credits and at the end of each month, you will be paid by a percentage of the commission that will depend on how much credits you earned for that specific month.


is amsoil a scam

Let’s have an example to better understand this commission credits. If you collected 100 credits, you will have a chance to earn a 2% commission on those credits. And as far as I researched about it, the maximum commission you can have is up to 25% on 5000 or more commission credits. So it would be best to sell the products in bulk orders to take advantage of this way of earning.


Cash Commissions.

This is another way to earn with Amsoil products. It is like promoting Amsoil to your customers and convince them to sell Amsoil products in bulk. So, this recommended being offered to big businesses such as the auto parts stores.


How Much Can You Make With Amsoil?

Can you really make money with their program or Is amsoil a scam? Well, what I have noticed as well on their compensation plan is it is in favor of those who have the knowledge to create a group or simply building a team. As I observed, you can earn those commissions through the help of a team, that is why it is good if you have the knowledge to build one. Because making many sales all by yourself is very impossible without a helping hand or a team.

However, there are still some who can make tons of sales all by themselves, but I believe your chance of doing the same thing is low especially if you are not an experienced one right? What I can see is your success will depend much on your team, and what you need to do is to have the determination to look for willing people to join your team and help each other to sell and earn more.


is amsoil a scam

It would be easy if you know how to build a team, why? Because you already have the idea of how you will motivate them and you know how to support them. Then once you have established a team and get full support from them, you will now start to get your full-time income.


If you are looking for a legit way to make money online, make sure to read my wealthy affiliate review. It’s the only place that I know of that teach us how to turn our passions into online business. 


What I Don’t Like About Amsoil.

The usual, there are things that I noticed on Amsoil that can have a great impact on your decision on joining the company or getting Amsoil as your option.

Focus on team building.

We discussed earlier on what are the ways you can have in order for you to earn with Amsoil. And the best way is by building a team which is not all be capable of doing it. Maybe it is better if they created other ways to earn aside from that commission credits.


They have expensive products.

Based on the feedback from the customers who already checked and purchased the products, they find the Amsoil products expensive than the other company that can provide the same products. Maybe the difference is about the quality of each product. But who can tell, maybe in the future Amsoil can do something about its prices.


is amsoil a scam


Minimal ways to earn money.

The way you can earn money with Amsoil is usual that you need to buy and sell their products. The difference I can see is about their compensation plan which is far way different from the other MLM companies.


What I Like About Amsoil.

But of course, there are things that I like about Amsoil. Especially that they don’t set any quotas for their members in order to get a commission. Not like the other MLM companies that set a quota which is very unreachable and might lead you on quitting and trying right? So this a good point for you to include in your final decision.


is amsoil a scam

Another is their compensation plan is very easy to understand. They made it simple as possible but you really need motivation and a lot of determination in order for you to get the hang of their compensation plan. But I do believe that it is all going to be just at first, and as time goes by and you’re used to it, I am sure you will get the success.


Is Amsoil a Scam? My Final Thoughts.

What I can say about Amsoil is they are not a scam. However, I can say that this company should only be tried by someone who has the knowledge to build and manage a team as well as to promote and advertise a product. You must be confident enough with both skills in order for you to get the hang of doing this business.

That is the reason why I am not recommending this to everyone, it will require you a special skill set in order for you to earn money from Amsoil. It is not clear if you will get the result that you want to have or you will end up investing money to nothing. And as we all know, MLM companies are not the better way to earn extra cash for most of us.


is amsoil a scam

If you stil wondering “Is amsoil a scam”? It’s not but you better think twice before getting into business with them. Be sure about every step you will take because that is where your future will be. Just always have the motivation and courage, not everything is instant. You really to invest and give your best shot. I hope this review helps you think and make up your decision. Again there is no harm in trying just be smart on making up decisions.



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