Is Kids Earn Cash a Scam? 1+ Exposed Scheme!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Kids Earn Cash a scam? This website claims that you can make $500 right off the bat today.

We’ve seen the works of scammers. If you are any familiar with make money online websites like this, you know which ones are legit and which ones are a total scam.

How sure are we that Kids Earn Cash is another scam? Well, I am here to tell you that it is! And I am going to show you reasons why you should stay away from this website at all costs.

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Kids Earn Cash Review

Product Name: Kids Earn Cash
Founder: Undisclosed
Logo: kids earn cash logo
Product Description: Affiliate Marketing Program
Best For: NO ONE
Recommended: NO

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What is Kids Earn Cash?


kids earn cash homepage


Kids Earn Cash is an affiliate marketing program in which you get paid for referring other people to sign up, as well. You can also earn money by doing tasks such as creating Youtube videos, completing surveys, and more. Seems like easy money, right?

This affiliate marketing program has been up and running just this February 2019 and ever since then they have been claiming that they are the #1 influencer platform. I don’t know if this is a trend but all of this seems just awfully familiar.

I recently wrote about Viral Dollars, they claim to be the #1 influencer platform. That’s not just all though, there are more things I find to be very similar between Viral Dollars and Kids Earn Cash. If you want to learn more about it make sure you read my Is Viral Dollars a Scam article.

Could this all just be a chain of websites all in the same network? Or could it just be purely coincidental? Think not? Let’s find out more about that later.

Plus, what I find mind boggling and confusing is their so called statistics. They claim that they already have paid over $27.3 million for 75,000 members. As of now, they already have 50 million impressions with over 810,000 shares online.

Is this really statistically possible to achieve within just less than a year of operations?

Also, the testimonials on their website homepage indicate that these people have been members since 2018. How is that possible when they just started this 2019?

There must be some kind of missing link here.

Also, I have not found any information in regards to the owner of the website. Must be hiding from the authorities, we have no clue.

Is Kids Earn Cash a scam? Let’s first find out how this program works on the surface.


How Does Kids Earn Cash Work?


To join Kids Earn Cash will require you absolutely nothing. It is free to join. Plus, you are also given $25 just for signing up! All you have to do is register your own email address, and you’re all set!


kids earn cash 25 dollar sign up bonus


When you are finished signing up and you have already logged into your Kids Earn Cash account, you will be given your own unique affiliate link.

This affiliate link is what you will be using to share Kids Earn Cash to your friends and family so they too can sign up if they ever become interested.

Kids Earn Cash also convinces those who have followers on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram that they can utilize their affiliate program to transform their influence to money. You can simply just dump that link on one of your posts and you will be making easy money!

Whenever somebody signs up under your name, you will earn $10. If you have massive amounts of followers, you can passively earn $100 in just an hour.

Also, if you don’t manage to have people sign up for Kids Earn Cash, you can easily earn $2 per unique visitor that clicks on your link.

They pay you from promoting Amazon, Apple and many more popular and big brands when people click on your link.

Kids Earn Cash has also stated that you can earn money by testing out their sponsor’s products, completing surveys and creating Youtube videos. This can all earn you from cents to at least $50.

What Youtube videos, you ask?  Well, you simply just promote Kids Earn Cash and convince people to join when in reality you aren’t even paid yet.

So, where does Kids Earn Cash get the money to pay you? You are using the affiliate program for free, so there must be a different source of cash flow, right?

Basically, you generate traffic to their website when people click on your link and when they are redirected to the site to sign up. When you generate traffic, you generate ad revenue. They take a percentage out of this ad spend revenue and give it back to you.

For completing surveys, Kids Earn Cash earns commissions from the companies providing these surveys for redirecting them to you. You can say that they also function as affiliates themselves.

This all just seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? It probably is.

We have just barely scratched the surface. Now that we have got that out of the way, we are going to dive in deeper and see for ourselves how Kids Earn Cash really works as a professionally well-built scam.


Reasons Why It Is a Complete Scam!


Is Kids Earn Cash a scam? You might find the answer to that question for sure when you see the evidences I have gathered.

If you have already signed up for Kids Earn Cash with your email address, name, contact number, and other personal information, you might want to take all that back and delete your account with Kids Earn Cash right now. You might be in more danger than you might have thought!

Here are some of the reasons why you should stay away from Kids Earn Cash at all costs!


Within A Network of Clone Scams


This network of clone scams has been around for a while. It has just been going around with different names registered in different domains.

Kids Earn Cash used to go by the names Kids Earn Money and Kids Paid Money. They are all linked. Let me prove it to you.

When you search Kids Earn Money on Google, you will see that it redirects to the website of Kids Earn Cash. That is an obvious indication that these two are linked.


kids earn money kids earn cash


To complete the elements of this link, BBB reports that the alternate business name of Kids Earn Money is Kids Paid Money as seen in the image below.


kids earn cash kids paid money


So, what’s the big deal in changing identities so often?

Let’s take a look at how everything links together.

There is a lot of hate towards Kids Earn Money, that I concluded when I scrolled down the customer reviews section on BBB.


kids earn money complaints


kids earn money bbb complaints


kids earn money bbb


Apparently, they don’t pay you at all and you are unable to contact them about this issue because the email addresses are fake.

They change names and domains so that when people have leads and catch on that this is indeed a scam, they can just get away with it easily.

That’s not all, though!

This network is much more bigger than just these domains. Kids Earn Cash is also linked to Social Cash Club, Cashout Apps, and many more.

The interface and layout of the homepages change throughout different domains, but you will see that the content is pretty much the same.

So, now that we have seen that Kids Earn Cash is associated with websites that have a bad history with customers, we can be sure that it is now starting anew to build a good reputation, right?

Well, that will never happen.


You’ll Never Receive A Penny


So, this is how its supposed to work.

They earn their commissions from their partner companies for referring you to answer their surveys and try out their products. Then, they take a percentage out of that and give it back to you. Well, guess what? That’s not happening anytime soon.

Just like what we have witnessed with its previous re-brandings, you will not be earning with Kids Earn Cash either.

Sure, you will see the numbers on your account increasing, but that amount will just continue on increasing and they will never let you withdraw all that potential cash. You can see complaints against Kids Earn Cash on Twitter for yourself.

I guess that’s why people are so angry because they see the numbers growing, thus giving them the motivation to reach the cash out threshold and giving them the anticipation of earning legit money. Then, it just turns out that this money will never be within their grasp.


kids earn cash no cashouts


This is all just a never ending loop of scammy websites.


Unrealistic Compensation


Kids Earn Cash stated that they used to pay their affiliates $0.10. When their service, advertisers, and clientele has grown, they started paying them $10 for every referral.

Plus, they even pay you $25 for just signing up, $2 for each click, and $50 for a Youtube video.

This is not possible at all because how are you supposed to progress that fast in just a span of a months? The image below shows that Kids Earn Cash was only registered back in February 16.


kids earn cash registration date

Source: Kids Earn Cash Domain Registration Date


It is like walking all the way from China to the United States in just a day. It is just illogically impossible to achieve.

Also, if we do take it that way, this really just indicates that they have associations with their previous re-brandings which we all know of as total scams.

So, whichever way you want to look at it, it really just implies the absence of legitimacy in this affiliate program.


It Extracts Your Personal Information


One of the many ways you can earn money with Kids Earn Cash is by answering surveys from external links.

When it comes to those surveys, for you to claim your rewards, you’re going to have to give away a piece of your personal information. It could be something as seemingly harmless like a phone number or an email address.

What’s alarming here is they ask that you do not turn off your wifi network until you have finished the survey. They also instruct you to disable your VPN and Adblocker.

That is obviously a way to get into your network and extract information about you.

You might think that this has no implications, but no. You could imagine worst case scenarios such as your personal accounts being hacked, your identity be stolen, your inbox be flooded with spam and phishing emails, and your information be sold to the dark web.

Nobody wants that at all. Do yourself a favor and do not give away your personal information just so you can earn one digit rewards.


False Testimonials


If you would take a look at the homepage of their website, you would see testimonies from people who have been members of Kids Earn Cash since 2018.

Again, this does not add up because they have only started operating this 2019.


kids earn cash fake testimonials


Plus, if you would take a look at the video below of this so called Tanner Fawks, his earnings indicate that he has already reached over 1 million. He claims that he earned all that in just 3 months.



1 million in 3 months? Come on. If you’re trying to trick people, you should have made it look more realistic and possible.


Fake Statistics and News Claims


We have gone over this a thousand times already. It is statistically impossible to reach these statistics in such a short amount of time. Anyone unaware of this fact would definitely fall for this trap.


kids earn cash fake statistics


They claim to be associated with famous news outlets like CNN, Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance. If this is an attempt to add a touch of legitimacy, then it fails hard. You will find nothing written about Kids Earn Cash in any of these publications.


kids earn cash fake news claims

Why I Like Kids Earn Cash


No, I don’t. It’s a complete scam. I would like to point out that having no sign up fees is great since you have nothing to lose.

Well, when you’re talking about money, sure, your credit cards and banking information are kept safe.

But, when we talk about personal information and time, it’s all a waste. While money can be regenerated again, your personal information and the time spent on earning that potential money will be gone forever.


My Final Thoughts! Is Kids Earn Cash a Scam?


We have come this far, and nothing has changed. Yes, Kids Earn Cash is a big scam, and there are more where this comes from. You better be more careful with your personal info.

Kids Earn Cash will require you absolutely nothing to sign up, and they will also give you absolutely nothing in return. You can refer all you want, complete surveys, and create Youtube videos to your heart’s content but your time will just be wasted.

What makes this worse is that your personal information is being used for unpleasant purposes.

To top all of that, everything they say is fake. The testimonials, the news claims, statistics, and the monetary compensation. These are all unrealistic and if you are unaware of this information, you will surely fall into this black hole.

If you are looking for a real and legit make money online opportunity, check out my number 1 recommendation!

Just keep one thing in mind, this won’t happen overnight! But if you are a type of fella that can follow a blueprint, if you are willing to take action, then you can turn your passion into a thriving online business!






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