12 Best Outdoor Affiliate Programs in 2022

Do you fantasize about climbing mountains, jumping across streams, and sleeping under the stars? com/affiliate Commission rate: $60+ Cookie duration: 30 days EVO EVO has been selling outdoor sports equipment, accessories, and apparel for over two decades, beginning in the dorm room of founder and pro skier Bryce Phillip to fund his travels and ski career.

Last Updated on February 13, 2023

Do you enjoy spending time in nature? Do you fantasize about climbing mountains, jumping across streams, and sleeping under the stars? And do you have your website or intend to start one? If you answered “yes” to these questions, outdoor affiliate programs are for you.

There are numerous opportunities to make money online by promoting outdoor products. The global outdoor and camping gear market was valued at more than $50 billion in 2019 and is expected to exceed $77 billion by the end of 2026, representing a compound annual growth rate of 6.1 percent.

Are you ready to start earning your metaphorical outdoor pie? Continue reading to learn about the best affiliate programs in the outdoor activities and equipment niche.

What Are Outdoor Affiliate Programs?

Outdoor gear and experiences affiliate programs are divided into numerous categories and niches. Outdoor gear and hiking, clothing, Outdoor Affiliate Programs, RVing, backpacking, snowboarding, and hunting are among the main outdoor affiliate programs available here. 

Outdoor Affiliate Programs

North Face

North Face

The North Face (TNF) began in 1968 as a San Francisco-based outdoor equipment store specializing in climbing (fun fact: its famous logo is a stylized version of California’s Half Dome peak in Yosemite National Park).

Today, the company specializes in a wide range of performance apparel and equipment for various product categories and activities, such as trail running, snow sports, and even yoga.

However, it is perhaps best known for its outdoor clothing, famously worn by celebrities such as Drake. To the surprise of all the middle-aged outdoor enthusiasts who’ve been wearing TNF gear for decades, it’s even collaborated with Gucci.

So, how about its affiliate program? TNF’s strong brand should help you drive plenty of sales, even with a 5% commission rate and a seven-day cookie window.

URL: https://www.flexoffers.com/affiliate-programs/the-north-face-affiliate-program/

Commission rate: 5%

Cookie duration: 7 days

Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Hyperlite Mountain Gear (HMG) sells precisely what you’d expect: rugged, lightweight outdoor gear geared toward climbers, trekkers, and hikers.

HMG products have won a string of Editor’s Choice Awards and feature in high-profile publications like Backpacker, Outdoor Gear Lab, and Trailspace since being founded in 2009 by brothers Mike and Dan St Pierre to become market leaders in the lightweight gear space.

HMG is another outdoor sports brand that uses Avantlink for its affiliate program. It provides a comparatively generous 10% commission rate, which appears even more remarkable when the average order value exceeds $350.

URL: https://www.hyperlitemountaingear.com/pages/hyperlite-mountain-gear-affiliate-program

Commission rate: 10%

Cookie duration: 30 days



Patagonia is now a household name, but it began as a niche brand producing rock climbing tools.

Patagonia’s offering continues to include climbing, but it has also expanded into various other outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and trail running.

Patagonia values ethics, as the company donates time, services, and at least 1% of its sales to grassroots organizations fighting environmental degradation worldwide.

While numerous affiliate networks are available, Patagonia is one of many outdoor brands that track affiliate sales through the Avantlink network.

Again, through its affiliate program, you’ll earn an 8% commission on all sales. The high average order value ($150+) and high conversion rate (5.5%) make this program especially appealing.

URL: https://www.avantlink.com/programs/10083/

Commission rate: 8%

Cookie duration: 90 days



REI Co-op has been a fixture in the outdoor industry since its inception in 1938. Since then, it has amassed a sizable customer base by providing a diverse range of high-quality products, expert advice, and information on outdoor gear and activities.

It also caters to a price-conscious audience through its REI Outlet, which stocks a wide variety of brand-name closeouts, overstocks, and second-hand products at discounts ranging from 20% to 70%.

When combined, REI’s reputation and product line make its affiliate marketing program a no-brainer. While actual commissions of 5% may not sound appealing, keep in mind that the retailer has an average order value of more than $120.

Furthermore, REI offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more, which can significantly help drive affiliate sales.

URL: https://www.avantlink.com/programs/10248/

Commission rate: 5%

Cookie duration: 15 days



Cabela’s is a subsidiary of the fishing equipment retailer Bass Pro Shops. It sells clothing and equipment for various outdoor sports, including fishing, shooting, hunting, and boating, as well as camping equipment, similar to its parent company.

Although it is best known in the United States, Cabela’s serves customers in 120 countries, making it global compared to some of the other outdoor affiliate programs on this list. It even sends catalogs to all those locations, including all 50 states in the United States.

Unfortunately, the news isn’t all good. Cabela’s affiliate program terms and conditions are quite restrictive, with a 14-day cookie window and commission rates ranging from 1% to 3%.

However, you will receive a lot of creative assets, regular newsletters, and support from a dedicated affiliate management team to assist you in driving a large volume of traffic.

URL: https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/affiliate-program

Commission rate: 1% – 3%

Cookie duration: 14 days



Moving away from outdoor gear for a moment, Outdoorsy is essentially Airbnb for recreational vehicles. RV owners list their vehicles, and Outdoorsy connects them with renters. Everyone benefits!

It has proven popular, with the website receiving over 1.2 million customer interactions and 93 percent of five-star reviews.

Outdoorsy, like Airbnb, offers a wide range of “accommodations,” including everything from vintage Airstreams to trailers and motorhomes.

Outdoorsy, like the (now-defunct) Airbnb affiliate program, pays commissions for bringing in new bookings and generating new listings from RV owners. Whatever action you promote, you’ll earn a base commission of $60.

URL: https://www.outdoorsy.com/affiliate

Commission rate: $60+

Cookie duration: 30 days



EVO has been selling outdoor sports equipment, accessories, and apparel for over two decades, beginning in the dorm room of founder and pro skier Bryce Phillip to fund his travels and ski career.

While snow sports are a big part of the EVO offering, it also stocks quality outdoor gear in other categories like wakeboarding, biking, skating, and surfing. There’s also a lot of camping gear here.

EVO, like REI, has a large discount offering, with savings of up to 65 percent on big-name brands.

EVO’s affiliate program offers a 5% commission on all sales, which is neither great nor bad. On the plus side, it runs regular sales and promotions to help drive conversion rates and provides free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

URL: https://www.evo.com/evo-affiliate-program

Commission rate: 5%

Cookie duration: 30 days



Backcountry specializes in high-quality outdoor gear for various activities, including backpacking, camping, trail running, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, kayaking, and mountaineering.

So, whether you’re looking for snowboarding equipment, sleeping bags, trekking poles, or pretty much anything else outdoors-related, Backcountry has it.

It also carries all of the notable brand names, including Marmot, The North Face, and Patagonia, all of which have outdoor gear affiliate programs mentioned in this article.

Backcountry’s famed Gearheads — specialist employees with deep knowledge of an outdoor niche, such as fly-fishing rods, SUPs, or road-bike helmets — play an essential role in the company’s success.

Backcountry’s affiliate program is pretty standard in the outdoor industry, with an 8% commission and a 30-day cookie window. Top-performing affiliates, on the other hand, can earn premium commission rates of 10% or more.

URL: https://www.avantlink.com/programs/10060/backcountry-com-affiliate-program/

Commission rate: 8%

Cookie duration: 30 days



Osprey is best known for its high-quality backpacks, but the company also sells hiking, biking, commuting, and travel gear.

Speaking of backpacks, they are all covered by Osprey’s limited lifetime warranty. Whether a pack was purchased yesterday, last month, or 40 years ago, the company promises to repair any damage or defect for free. It’s an excellent “sell” that will almost certainly result in affiliate link clicks.

That brings us to Osprey’s affiliate program. You’ll earn an 8 percent base commission on every sale you refer, and with an average order value of $150+, your earnings can quickly add up.

Osprey also runs seasonal promotions and sales, broadening the range of marketing tools available to you.

URL: https://www.osprey.com/us/en/culture/affiliate

Commission rate: 8%

Cookie duration: 30 days



Marmot has an engaging brand story. Eric Reynolds and Dave Huntley founded it in the 1970s as a mountaineering-themed social club that eventually branched out into making sleeping bags and other outdoor gear.

You had to hike up a mountain with another member to join the club. You automatically became president after being accepted (everyone in the club was president).

Anyway, Marmot’s affiliate marketing program, powered by CJ Affiliate (or Commission Junction as it was formerly known), isn’t about driving signups for a defunct social club; it’s about convincing your audience to buy outdoor gear and clothing.

All sales made within the 90-day cookie period will earn you an 8% commission.

Marmot will provide you with a slew of marketing materials, including graphics, logos, and display banners, to assist you.

URL: https://www.marmot.com/affiliate-program.html

Commission rate: 8%

Cookie duration: 90 days

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor voices

Outdoor Voices abbreviated “OV,” is a clothing company specializing in high-quality athletic apparel.

The brand, founded in New York in 2013 and now based in Austin, was initially known for its “kits” — collections of tops and bottoms sold for a bundled price that could be mixed and matched.

As an affiliate marketing veteran, multi-buy deals will tell you to result in higher average orders — and higher commissions.

Unfortunately, the terms and conditions of OV’s affiliate program aren’t excellent, with a 14-day cookie window and a meager 2% commission rate. However, it does provide free returns and shipping on orders over $75, making it a little easier to drive sales.

URL: https://app.impact.com/login.user

Commission rate: 2%

Cookie duration: 14 days

Camping World

Camping World

Camping World, founded in 1966, sells RV accessories and other specialized products.

With over 10 million US households owning a recreational vehicle and nearly 17.2 million looking to buy one, you have a sizable audience to target.

Camping World, which began with a single store in Bowling Green, Kentucky, now claims to be America’s largest TV-related retailer, with more than 160 Camping World and Gander RV & Outdoor SuperCenters across the country.

Of course, it has a sizable online presence, with its website selling thousands of high-quality RV, camping, towing, and outdoor living products. It also sells both new and used RVs.

Many of those products are expensive. While you probably won’t be driving an RV sale every day, the 6% commission rate appears quite generous.

URL: https://www.campingworld.com/helpcenter-aboutus/affiliateProgram.html

Commission rate: 6%

Cookie duration: Unknown

Final Thoughts

You’ve looked at all of the affiliate programs and are aware of the earning potential of the outdoor industry.

It’s time to make a decision: is this niche right for me?

First, a word of wisdom. Your target audience will be looking for expert recommendations and advice on how to find the best gear. So if you can’t identify a quality piece of mountain hardware if it slapped you in the face, you’ll be eaten alive.

Even if you are a legitimate authority on everything outdoor-related, there is no guarantee that you will earn a decent living. To begin, you must create a high-quality, high-conversion affiliate website.