How to Earn an Extra Income Online With Your Favorite Hobby

Hey, in this How to Earn an Extra Income Online article I will share with you guys how you can turn your favorite hobby into a profitable business.

This thing called the internet and the technology that grew with it has opened infinite opportunities to us all, and a thing call affiliate marketing made possible what I’m about to share with you! If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, check my other post that tells you all about it.

Let’s  turn your hobby into a profitable online business

  • How you will earn money by solving other people problems
  • Understand the basics of affiliate marketing
  • The infinite internet has to offer
  • Create your own website (I’ll show you how you can do it in literally 60 secs)
  • How to monetize your website

How Will You Earn Money Online by Solving Other People Problems

You love gardening, and you spend hours in your backyard pruning and breeding your plants, there are no secrets to you about this subject!

On the other side of the world, while you are in the garden, there is a person searching the web for “when to prune a lavender plant”

That person needs your help, and if you can give a solution to this person’s problem you might as well profit from it!

Understand the basics of affiliate marketing

That’s when affiliate marketing pops in. Let’s say you have a website where you share your knowledge about gardening with others.

You wrote a post about “prune lavender the right way” and a person on the other side of the world will read your post and learn how to prune lavender properly.

Besides of sharing your gardening knowledge, on that post you also show/promote to your readers the perfect prune scissor, small containers for the cuttings and root hormones with links to Amazon or any other affiliate program, so if any person buys from clicking on the link on your website you are earning a commission.

Infinite opportunities to earn money online

Around the world, 4 BILLION people use the internet so anyone can be your prospective customer, can you see the massive opportunity for anyone to earn real money online?

How to Earn an Extra Income Online With Your Favorite Hobby 4b

The one thing you must remember when starting the “making money online venture” is that you won’t get rich overnight! In fact, you need to push yourself and take action to get the “boat” running.

Remember you are your own boss, no one will be telling you to work an extra hour to get that article done, you make your own schedules but don’t get complacent, remember that things need to be done!

I just love analogies, and when I think of internet marketers I also think of real estate agents, both of them depend on their sales/conversions and either get a load of money or stay broke… the main difference is that those who take action, prevail.

My friends at made this awesome infographic about the survey “what makes a good real estate agentis a must check because of most of the traits apply to any kind of successful marketing.

Guess what was their #1 result? The answer is… Helpfulness, does it ring a bell? Excerpt from the article below, read the full article on the link above.

“The word “helpful” led the pack, appearing 134 times in 5-star agent reviews. Buyers turned to their Open Listings agents to clarify confusing real estate industry terms and answer questions — but on their own terms.

For our buyers, reactive helpfulness (i.e. answering a buyer question) was better than feeling pressured by too much agent outreach.”

The bottom line, if you want to earn an extra income online with your favorite hobby all you have to do is to provide the solution to someone else’s problem.

I know what you thinking, how can I reach out to people?

Well for that you need a website but don’t worry about how to make one… I got you covered, all you need to do is to follow these 3 simple steps that will take you less than a minute!

Build a Beautiful Website Under 60 Seconds

Step 1 – Choose your free domain

How to Earn an Extra Income Online With Your Favorite Hobby Create a website step 1

Step 2 – Set up your FREE account (no cc needed)

How to Earn an Extra Income Online With Your Favorite Hobby Create a website step 2

Step 3 – Pick a template and “voila” your website is ready!

How to Earn an Extra Income Online With Your Favorite Hobby website 3


Now That You Have Your Own Website Let Me Show You How to Monetize It

As you noticed above, creating a website nowadays doesn’t require any sort of technical skill. Actually, in order to make money with your website the only skill you need is the one you have! Taking the example above is a time to share with others your gardening skills.

You can monetize your website with the following methods, there are several more ways to do it but I’ll stick with the one I find better for starters

  • Affiliate Marketing (my favorite)
  • Google ads (Adsense)
  • Selling your own products

How to Earn an Extra Income Online With Your Favorite Hobby & Affiliate Marketing

One of the most renowned affiliate programs is the Amazon affiliate marketing program. Almost anyone on the planet has heard of this industry giant called Amazon.

Why is this one of the best platforms to use?

First of all, it’s well known, so people won’t have any problem buying from them, in fact, a lot of people buy from Amazon on a regular basis.

How to Earn an Extra Income Online With Your Favorite Hobby

Second, they have this awesome and user-friendly affiliate marketing tools set that anyone can register and use, all you have to do is copy paste a piece of code and place a link on your website.

Third, you don’t need to invest money in keeping stocks or acquiring raw materials for your handmade products. You don’t even have to worry about shipping the items to your costumers.

Wealthy Affiliate has this great program where they cover all the basics about affiliate marketing.  In fact, you have 10 completely free lessons that are more than enough to set the foundations for your online business using affiliate marketing.

Get your starter account here or if you want to know more read my full wealthy affiliate review.

How to Earn an Extra Income Online With Your Favorite Hobby & Google Ads.

This works better when you have build traffic to your website and have a lot of visitors on a regular basis.

After registering to Google Ads (free to join, all you need is a google account), what you need to do is paste a piece of code on your pages or posts. By doing so your visitors will now see relevant ads on your website. You will earn just by displaying, and earn more if people click and or buy directly from clicking on that ad.

How to Earn an Extra Income Online With Your Favorite Hobby & Selling Your Own Products.

If you are good with handmade products, have a secret recipe for something or have services you can sell, this is a great way to monetize your website.

The best part is that unlike affiliate marketing you won’t be getting a % commission, you will earn the full amount of the sale.

The worst part is that no one knows you and at first, you will need to build trust with your visitors so they buy directly from you. People tend to buy more confidently from well-established brands.

A great go around is offering PayPal as a payment option, they have this great buyer insurance so people can buy from not so well known websites/brands/people.

Wrapping Up

One of the FACTS about any kind of internet-based business is that no one makes money online overnight if someone claims that, it’s sure any sort of SCAM so BEWARE.

The simplest way to Earn an Extra Income Online With Your Favorite Hobby is to provide the solution to someone’s problem, by doing that you are building trust with your visitors. Remember this is your favorite hobby so the passion that you naturally show about the subject will compel your visitors to end up buying from you!

If you want to add something to this “How to Earn an Extra Income Online” post, have any doubt or suggestion, drop me a line on the comments below. Cheers.


I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2015 with no marketing experience whatsoever. In a couple of months, I got my own website running, driving traffic, and sales daily.

I am now self-employed and run my online affiliate business from the comfort of my home or wherever I want to.

All I did was follow Wealthy Affiliate training, believe me, it works! Come on in, and I will show you how you can actually start making money.

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