24 Best Internet Marketing Tools: Start Your Online Career!

Last Updated on February 18, 2023

Today will be a whole different experience yet very insightful for all digital marketers out there because I will be introducing the ultimate internet marketing tools that will secure your place and give you an unfair advantage over your competitors and take your digital marketing skills to the next ultra level.

Whether you like it or not, in this competitive world, digital marketing is the “new normal” to help a business succeed, big or small. To put your feet on the business ground, meet customer satisfaction, and become successful in the long run, one should discover the real deal of strategic digital marketing. After all, luck is an understatement behind the triumph of any successful businesses across the globe and the digital world.

With an unwavering passion, hard work, resilience on the side, and ultimately practicality and strategic decisions, it does make a business successful. And luckily, there are a handful of practical digital marketing tools available that can drive traffic for businesses of all sizes (free & paid). Some are intuitive, and some require a learning curve that is beneficial in growing your online biz.

In this section, you’re going to discover and learn the overall internet marketing tools, and I’ll evaluate each one to give you insights and make a wise decision. Whether you’re just a start-up or already the founder of a large company, this insightful post will provide you with a better picture of different kinds of essential marketing tools, why it’s needed, what and how it functions, and ultimately, determine which tools will help improve your marketing campaigns eleven times over your competitors. Here we go!

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, promotes brands through the internet and other forms of digital communication to connect with potential customers. This includes text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel, email, social media, and web-based advertising.

Essentially, digital marketing is any marketing campaign that involves digital communication.

Marketing specialists can use any marketing that uses electronic devices to deliver promotional messaging and track its impact throughout the customer journey. Digital marketing is marketing campaigns on a computer, phone, tablet, or another device. \

Examples include display ads, online videos, paid social ads, search engine marketing, and social media posts. Digital marketing is frequently contrasted with “traditional marketing” methods such as magazine advertisements, billboards, and direct mail. Surprisingly, television is frequently grouped with traditional marketing.

Project Management & Collaboration Tools

A team collaboration and communication tool is a staple for any marketing team, especially if you outsource people worldwide. Marketing strategies constitute a lot of decision makings and activities on diverse platforms of digital media.

An organization needs to be managed appropriately, collaborate accordingly, and keep posted about real-time plans. Easy access to documents and data and a meeting place for brainstorming can undoubtedly be beneficial for all marketing teams.


Slack Homepage

Slack is an on-the-job communication and collaboration tool that my team and I personally use. The app encourages users to connect, collaborate, and bring team members together digitally from anywhere in the globe.

Slack workspace is structured with channels where the team can communicate and share unique ideas. Moreover, it supports other organic and free apps like Google Docs and Dropbox so you can access them directly without leaving the site. Slack is free to utilize with a limited number of features, while the premium version goes only for $6.67 per month if billed yearly, and $8 per month if billed monthly.

It has a user-friendly, excellent user interface & user experience.No automated massaging option is available.
Notifies you whenever you receive a message.At times, notifications for messages are delayed.
It can build a team and work with the current project.There’s no video chat or voice feature.

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Asana Homepage

If you want your strategic digital marketing to succeed, you need to ascertain that your team is super organized and that your projects have been successfully disseminated. Asana is an excellent management tool for monitoring your project’s progress and, at the same time, keeping updated with your teammates. 

Asana organizes you to administer projects, monitor progress, and provides channels to communicate separately among multiple teams. This tool is best suited for resources like website development and content creation projects. Asana is free to use with limited features, while the paid version goes around for only $10.99 per month.

Best suited for project management needs.It got poor exporting features.
Great monitoring features for projects and tasks.Not well-optimized on mobile.
It keeps priorities organized and well-ordered.No customization of the user interface.

Social Media Management Tools

Social media management tools give you the autonomy to uniquely target audiences with their interests based on the niche you offer and for the betterment of your public relation and business exposure. With all these happening, it can provide a thorough data-driven strategic marketing communication that outlines everything you need to do to market your products and services.

However, to make this happen, you need to use one of these reliable social media management tools I’ve listed. Each tool will give you a hand to plan, schedule, and publish social media content consistently at the right time so that it boosts your public relation and strategic marketing needs.


Hootsuite Homepage

The most well-known in my social media management tools list is definitely this one. Ryan Holmes founded this social media management tool back in 2008 but was only recognized as Hootsuite in 2009. Over the last eleven years, Hootsuite gained over 16 million users and 1,000+ employees across 175 countries. Before, Hootsuite is abundantly available for only $5.99 per month, and that is good news for all marketers back in time.

However, the tide went in a different direction, the system went flopped, was outdated, a total failure, and hasn’t been revamped until recently. Hootsuite and its not-so-late improvement enhanced its tools and methods, which were over-hyped, especially its analytics refinement.

So with these upgrades, the price changed too, mainly for those who work in teams– price starts at $19 per month for the professional plan, $99 for the team plan, and $599 for the business plan, which is the most advanced plan that sparks team productivity.

It consistently builds and adds new features that make marketing easier.It can’t post multiple images at once in some social media platforms like Instagram.
Excellent reputation ever since its upgrade.Not user-friendly for beginners.
It can preview and schedule future posts.Too expensive reports for small businesses.


Sendible Homepage

Sendible fits, especially for organizations handling multiple clients. It fulfills the expectation of every digital marketer, like the ability to match content for each network and post previews. It can also generate unlimited content queues, and it is effortless to set a schedule.

Sendible has an excellent feature for the team, making it convenient for everyone doing tasks on clients’ accounts to get their hands dirty in preparing, managing, and improving content. Users can also effortlessly assign posts to team members to work on, like sales leads and FAQs.

This quality can, for sure, boost your brand’s customer support and service proficiency. It maximizes your time and makes general account management efficient. Moreover, if you want to report relevant matters in real-time to your superiors or clients, you can do it through its built-in app called Reports Hub.

Aside from providing definite insights on the progress of your performance, these reports can also determine if your content serves its purpose to its target audience or not. With social listening tools, the whole team will know what to keep, pause, and continue. You can also identify styles and work better and successfully engage your target market. Price starts at $29 per month, traction plan for $99 per month, and growth plan for $199 per month.

Easy posting features.The module limit in reporting is problematic.
You can get social media reports instantly.Monitoring features are not so real-time.
Reliable social media scheduling.Compared to similar tools, Sendible buffers a lot.

Social Searcher

Social Searcher Homepage

Safeguarding your brand’s rep and being responsive to positive and negative feedback in real time will help your business leverage on so many levels. Social Searcher can fulfill that needs very well. 

This internet marketing tool stands as a search engine, particularly for social media. You will ascertain who posted about your brand and what’s their take in real time.

Not like the ones that I mentioned earlier, Social Searcher gets a lot of functionality for free. On the flip side, if you’re building a brand, the platform has a premium plan that unlocks more advanced analytics, sets up email notifications, and saves searches. Moreover, you can monitor all your brand’s mentions when they happen.

If you want to provide reports for potential stakeholders and senior management, all reports are transferable with excellent quality on brand rep and growth. With the system’s analytics, you can match strategic digital marketing and monitor your performance, helping you grow and move onward productively. 

Price starts at $3.49 per month, the standard plan for $8.49 per month, a professional plan for $19.49 per month, and a customized plan for $299 per month (depending on the agreement).

Real-time brand monitoring.Not easy to use for beginners.
Immediate email alerts or notifications.Ineffective use.
Overall engagement to your brand across all social media platforms.Sometimes many feedbacks are spam, and the info you’ll get isn’t helpful at all.

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools or software as a service (SaaS) based platforms that enable digital marketers to create, forward, and inspect emails to determine how well or not the audience engagements and lead generations.

Every successful company out there has known that email marketing is the bread and butter towards victory. Automated emails are undeniably a cost-effective method to connect fresh customers, convert them to your own, keep them together with your faithful audience, and build a nontoxic-as-possible relationship through drip schemes and more.


AWeber Homepage

First on the list is Aweber, a complete email marketing provider for small businesses. It has been in the industry for almost 20 years and assisted more than 1 million hopeful entrepreneurs and small businesses to support their performance and ultimately rise from the industry. This tool is straightforward and can generate effective email marketing.

The drag-and-drop feature enables you to create articulate emails without burning the midnight oil. Moreover, it comes with a wide range of pre-built templates.

AWeber can also automate your email strategy and send email patterns. With AWeber, users can enjoy the perks of measuring their strategy’s overall performance with great analytics. Start their free trial for 30 days and then upgrade to the paid plan if it satisfies your needs, price starts at $16.15 per month.

Excellent list management and list segmentation.Not so many integrations.
It provides excellent email deliverability.The system is outdated and slow sometimes.
Easy to use, and it has a friendly user interface.Customer support is not responsive.


Why choose MailChimp

MailChimp stands atop the email marketing business, with over 250 billion emails forwarded by its users last year only. What MailChimp makes better than the others are its usability and budget-friendly based on the subscribers of your email list. 

On the bigger picture, their “forever free” plan is best suited for smaller businesses looking for a complete introduction to email marketing. If you’re a newcomer to digital marketing tools or email in general, Mailchimp won’t disappoint. The price starts at $9.99 per month.

Effortless to schedule email blasts for clients.An app for the phone would be a better way to review the mass email results on the go.
The report generator is very clear to understand.The text formats appear to be very limited.
Decent onboarding process.The user interface may be too much for beginners.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact Homepage

Constant Contact offers over 100 email template selections for marketers to build articulate, appealing, and definite email strategies. These templates are modifiable with the use of a drag-and-drop tool editor.

Features offered by Constant Contact include email management, list segmentation, email drip programs, email scheduling, email workflows, email automation, donations, transactional emails, polls, and surveys. 

This is more than a regular mailing list Program. Constant Contact is jam-packed with user-friendly yet advanced qualities of templates and some other features. Start for a 30-day free trial and upgrade to unlock more advanced functionality for at least $20 per month for 500 subscribers if you want to learn more about this online marketing tool, checkout, and read my detailed Constant Contact Review

It has advanced marketing tools.Not so good with billing policies.
Very easy to use.Reporting features are sometimes problematic.
Continually updates the inactive and active subscribers on the list.Other than that, I can’t think of anything that needs improvement.

Web Hosting Tools

Put it simply; website hosting tools are the place where your digital products or services stand waiting to be bought by your target audience. If you have a site, it needs to be on the web, and these hosting providers are the landlords that set up your business and keep it operating so your customers can access and visit it whenever they type in your URL.


Bluehost Homepage

Bluehost is a US-based company that offers affordable yet effective shared hosting with multiple inclusiveness and options to fulfill businesses’ needs. That is why it has become one of the most trusted web hosting providers today. 

So whether you want a user-friendly Weebly-based web builder to get your small business thriving and running with the minimal techy stuff, or something a bit more intricate with additional features via Mojo’s Marketplace options, then Bluehost should not disappoint your buying decision.

Moreover, there is an array of customer support options available that you can reliably count whenever things go wrong, or you need help. Price starts at $2.95 per month with a free domain name for the first year, a free SSL certificate, and a 30-day money-backed guarantee.

Very affordable and easy to use.Their updated dashboard is slightly confusing.
24/7 customer support.Simplistic hosting would not fit if you seek a high volume of traffic.
If you have a simple website that lacks substantial knowledge of how to code, this should be your host!At times, the login page doesn’t function well, and that’s annoying.


InMotion Homepage

InMotion, the web hosting provider, is a trustworthy veteran in the hosting space and has many positive feedbacks that can reliably be seen all over the internet channels. With this highly-esteemed background, it’s obvious why this provider offers an array of features, bundles, and cost-effective price tags for every user out there.

If you’re fresh in web hosting, site loading performance through InMotion is made easy because you can get authoritative advice from the dedicated team of seasoned pros who offer overall support in any given situation. 

What makes InMotion unique from the rest of the web hosting services is its abundance to offer bonus features with no extra charge like email spam shield, protection from DDoS attacks and malware, and the selection of functional backups.

InMotion is powered by cPanel and Softculous platforms, which gives an instant seal of decent quality. And all of these perks can be tested out by any user at only $5.99 per month within a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is more than enough whether to settle or not with InMotion’s platform.

Customer support is superb.Some tutorials are unclear when delivered.
Affordable and many advanced features are free to use.The aesthetics of InMotion is slightly outdated.
Ease of use and a stable hosting infrastructure.Managing or deleting subscriptions could be made more comfortable to use.


SiteRubix Homepage

SiteRubix transforms web hosting to a whole new level by unleashing your passion and monetizing it through Internet businesses. SiteRubix is known to be user-friendly and encourages you not to deal with too much tech stuff and make your website run within minutes– no fuss no muss. It’s completely free to use and offers better options to make your website professional in all matters.

SiteRubix is a quality web hosting platform powered by Wealthy Affiliate, which offers timely training, excellent support, and tools to make your intention into something precious. With SiteRubix and Wealthy Affiliate, it can create a strong tandem that offers an overall ultra-modern efficient web hosting service that comes with clear step-by-step instructions for transforming websites in the easiest of effort, even for the most amateur users.

SiteRubix, together with Wealthy Affiliate, will help you build a web with a purpose in the most natural way. They teach you how to turn any passion or weakness in life into an income-generating project.Some of the built-in themes and plugins are not flexible to allow customization without enough CCL knowledge, HTML, and anything like programming or web design skills.
You can start SiteRubix with no charge at all, only your commitment and willingness to learn will be your ticket to your well-deserved success.Not for non-techies, but with the training provided, you can unleash these skills with consistency and reliance on yourself.
The premium plan comes with ultra-beneficial features at a cost-effective subscription fee compared to other similar web hosting providers.Web performance optimizations like SiteSpeed and SiteProtect aren’t integrated yet but are already underway.

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Ad Spy Tools

PowerAdSpy Homepage

One factor to make your online business successful is to spy on your competitor to know their every move, strategy, and technique. When you monitor your competitor’s records, you will thoroughly learn why their business is thriving and prosperous. So how can you really spy on your competitors? There are excellent ad spy tools present in the market that satisfies all your needs. With the help of these tools, you will determine the great and successful ads and apply them in your future campaigns so that you can label the ads which interest you.


Anstrex Homepage

Anstrex is straightforward to utilize and is capable of spying on both push and native ad campaigns. Through that, you can unblock many ad formats, generate loads of traffic sources, and multiple affiliate networks– which is a complete cheat code to create your perfect ad campaign.

It has built-in filters that are reliable and able to uncover the not-so-common strategies that your competitors used for years that ran and will pave their way to their successful campaigns.

Several websites are just too bright to ignore! Anstrex has a landing page editor that allows you to edit a competitor’s landing page to suit your campaign strategy completely. That said, you can spy on your competitor’s campaign, and at the same time, you can also unblock beneficial ad formats. The plan starts at $59.99 only.

It’s trouble-free to install and use.Push and native ad campaigns lie in a separate package.
Excellent boost for content marketing, direct sales, and affiliate marketing.It has only a 2-day full refund guarantee.
Reliable searching and filtering capabilities.CPC bids are not accessible for all ad units.

Social Ad Scout

Social Ad Scout

This ad spy tool comes with many filters, and each of them has a unique and vital role. With Social Ad Scout, you can target both desktop and mobile ad campaigns of your competitors. The full availability of data simply gives you an edge over them.

If you prefer to target an audience in the desktop space, you can discover and learn a lot from your competitors who excel in the mobile area with the help of Social Ad Scout. Moreover, if you’re already present in mobile ads, you can discover and learn more from your top-performing competitors.

That said, you can also determine the demographics of the targeted audience plus their segmentation based on your competitor’s ad campaigns– and that will suffice your decision for campaigns and target the same demographic, interests, and market segmentation. The price starts at $147 per month.

Ease of use.Absolutely pricey.
It provides a useful landing page that you can download.It can only track ads from 21 countries.
It covers desktop and mobile ads with cross-device ad modification.Some search filters are not too detailed.


PowerAdSpy Homepage

Now, if you prefer to concentrate on all social media ads, then PowerAdSpy should be your operative. PowerAdSpy offers a great breakdown of your competitors’ targeting methods, URLs for landing pages, their social involvement, and their recent engagement date. Such data will surely benefit you because it gives you the overall idea of what makes their campaign tick.

This list is the complete social media platform to use this tool and spy on your competitors: Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, Native Ads, Reddit, Quora, Google Display, and Youtube. You can discover and learn many things by taking a closer look at what your competitors have done behind their social media ads. 

Moreover, with this spy partner, you can get great ideas on how to run your ads better on these other platforms and you need to select a strategy that your competitors have used or are using on a specific platform and do it on a different one.

It simplifies the best with a thorough examination of your competitor’s sales funnels. Plus, it has a call-to-action filter that will make you aware of what your competitors ask of its users; however, you must be cautious because not all of these strategies work on all social media platforms. You can start free and make up your mind about which plan will suffice your interest. The price starts at $49 per month only.

It has a free plan available.The basic version does lack many essential features that an ad spy tool must have.
It helps you examine the competition and understand the audience.It requires technical and analytical skills.
Live ads are available on the dashboard.No tutorials on how to use it properly.

Landing Page / Page Builder Tools

As digital marketers, we need to check and edit our landing pages regularly. We need to figure out new images, deploy some codes on the page, and call to actions that are fitting to ask our audiences from time to time. Hiring designers and developers to produce and ship is very costly and ultimately slims your time, so that’s definitely a red flag already.

As the name suggests, it creates landing pages straightforward and fast– building a landing page within a few hours and deploying codes on a live page with a few hassle-free clicks. Without these landing page creation tools, I would never have been able to get down to my business as a digital marketer so quickly, and I bet, if you are one, you can relate.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder Homepage

So far, the Beaver Builder is the most developer-friendly WordPress page builder plugin available on the market. It comes with a legitimate frontend visual editor that allows you to design a page with instant previews. Moreover, it has the best WordPress landing page plugins that you can effortlessly drag and drop the content modules, modify, and create a landing page within minutes.

It offers an array of ready-to-use content modules, and all are customizable with a user-friendly toolbar above. If you want to begin with a template, there are 30 articulately-designed templates inside of it available. With the help of a template, it boosts your web page’s creation even faster by merely changing the displayed content to your taste in content and images.

Beaver Builder is a Gutenberg-ready and fully responsive plugin. It’s available in a free and premium plan; however, you can install its free version straight from WordPress.org for simple landing pages. It has a free version, but if you want to level up your game, the price starts at $99 only.

It’s a developer-friendly builder with easy codes and timely updates.No, undo and redo options. (Ctrl + Z/ CMD + Z)
Their customer support is superb with solutions that work.Premium templates appear to be inferior other than the premium templates of other landing page providers.
WordPress widgets are accessible inside the platform’s content blocks.Unable to add custom CCS codes to content modules.

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes Homepage

Thrive Themes is a company that creates conversion-focused WordPress themes and plugins. All of the products offered are tailored around the concept of ensuring your website’s visitor becomes a faithful client. Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy founded the company back in 2013 and are rapidly known to be trustworthy in the digital marketing business and affiliate marketing space.

Shane herself is a seasoned marketer and is behind the brilliant marketing aspect and conversion elements of the themes. Paul, on the other hand, is tech-savvy and pro-developer who shines behind the scenes. Both have abundantly realized that they acquired the strengths the other had and so decided to work hand in hand and combine forces: no free trial but a 30-day money-back guarantee. Become a member and pay as low as $19 per month.

All their products are feature-rich that satisfy real-life marketing needs.Customer support is not too reliable.
Excellent functionality with affiliate and marketing space.It acquires a learning curve.
Tools and features work together.Slow when using available features.


GetResponse Homepage

Although GetReponse is known as a provider in email marketing and automation suite, the platform also has a reputable background as an overall marketing solution, kudos to its landing page creation tool together with its webinar hosting and essential CRM integration.

With over 350,000 users in 18 countries, GetReponse is best suited for the modern marketer. It offers a hundred selections of highly optimized, customizable template designs, and a simple drag-and-drop editor. It has the necessary integration for CRM and analytic tracking systems like Salesforce and Google Analytics.

With GetResponse, you’re grasping more than just a landing page creation tool and taking advantage of its professional-level marketing trend supporting the overall construction, optimization, and monitoring of all your current and future marketing campaigns. An email plan is available for only $12.30 per month if billed yearly (with limited landing page features), and the pro plan costs only $40.18 per month if billed yearly (granting access to all landing page features).

It has an A/B test capability (split testing).Phone support is only available in the higher subscription plan.
Cost-effective pricing stream.The drag-and-drop builder takes time to understand and is sometimes problematic to use.
It has access to an email marketing automation suite.Customer support is hard to come by.

Keyword Research Tools

The keyword research tool is the most valuable player of a modern (SEO) game. Whether you’re bringing back an old blog to life or arriving at a new content strategy for the next comeback– decent-quality keywords are one of the most efficient ways to spark consistency and quality traffic to your digital business. I’ve compiled some of the best quality keyword research tools to make your content more superb than ever.


SpyFu Homepage

SpyFu is known to help you understand your high-profile competitors by ultimately pinpointing their targeted keywords. All you need to do is type a competitor’s complete URL, and SpyFu will present how many keywords the site is ranking for together with its range of free to paid traffic and the number of clicks per month.

SpyFu provides more quality data for paid keywords. It gives insights into keywords targeted by other high-profile competitors making you gain an overall industry understanding. The basic plan costs $39 per month only; however, if you want to get billed annually, it’ll be $33 per month. There are two other plans, the Pro and the Team, but in all three scenarios, you’ll get the same opportunity to access SpyFu data 360 degrees.

It helps you find the correct keywords for your strategies.They spam your email inbox regarding their services.
It shows the complete records of your competitor’s targeted keywords.Setting up projects within the turf is sometimes problematic.
Accurate insights into organic keyword positions.The user interface has a learning curve.


Moz Homepage

Moz is an all-in-one SEO marketing tool and keyword research tool– its keyword explorer is over-hyped around the internet channels. The platform is intuitive with numeric and visual descriptions of a keyword’s monthly search volume, difficulty, priority, and organic CTR.

Keyword Explorer, as the name implies, explores, and delivers new quality keyword suggestions and superb search engine results in pages (SERP) analysis. Moz has a free version of a tool that enables ten quality keyword queries a month. Price starts at $79 per month, allowing 150 search queries and a free 30-day trial of their Moz pro plan.

Keyword tracking is excellent and reliable.The keyword planner feels off and inferior compared to the other tools. 
Unique insights into the strengths of the site and individual pages.The price tag may be prohibitive for small businesses out there.
Their campaign dashboard is a method to track your success over time.The user interface is untidy and not responsive.


jaaxy homepage

I’m a big fan of this platform because this is the most user-friendly yet overall keyword tool in the industry. Jaaxy is an online or niche keyword tool that transforms your keyword research efforts into a bare minimum. Whether you’re starting a new niche website or planning to write the next pillar content or article for your blog, Jaaxy can be of help.

Jaaxy holds a search data analysis from the three giant engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing– and presents it straightforwardly. Compared to Google Keyword Planner, which is a tool best suited for AdWords advertisers, Jaaxy provides simplified search data in a more timely and suitable fashion for niches attracting individuals like you and me. 

My advice is you can start with Jaaxy freely. Still, if your goal is to do extensive keyword research, the pro plan costs $49 per month, and you’ll get unlimited access to the search results, site lookups, and 15 results per letter in an alphabet soup, and lots of other useful stuff.

Intuitive interface and high-speed and accuracy.Jaaxy is not perfect, you may see data about who’s ranking in real-time, but you can’t see some SERP features like image packs, snippets, ads, and video carousels.
Pulls reliable data from giant trusted engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.Some SEO score is somewhat obscure.
Cost-effective and its customer support is superb!Other than that, there’s no more that needs improvement inside their turf.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

Building content at scale is sure a painstaking task, whether it’s a labor of love or not. Beyond building informational content, writers, and editors or administrators need to ascertain that the content their output meets the search engine optimization (SEO) standards by the likes of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo to secure, rank high, and rake in traffic.

On the flip side, they also need to make sure that the grammar, spelling, and code arrangements are correctly set up and well presented to prevent unwanted penalties and general visitor disappointment. SEO is part of the backbone of successful digital marketing. Google’s organic search results get a hundred percent more clicks than paid search results. Below are the following tools that will give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.


Ahrefs Homepage

Ahrefs is an overall SEO tool to support you in waving up your website traffic. They possess data for around 150 million keywords in the western region, and even more across 150 other countries. Ahrefs is excellent for competitive analysis, enabling you to monitor who is linking to your competitor, how-to, what their top pages are, and more.

You can get a hold of their content ranks, and by the use of the Content Gap tool, you can identify the gaps or downturns in your content areas. For the Top Pages tool, it lets you see a closer look at which pages get the most traffic, and determine how much traffic is going to competitor’s web.

Ahrefs is one of my favorite SEO tools, for it continually impresses me with the features it makes and improves day by day, and the new features I learn over time. It’s intuitive and the most reliable product in this space. The price starts at $99, and if you want to test the whole program out, you can start a trial at $7 only, which is good for seven days only and get full access to its abundant features.

Its backlink, competitive analysis, and link prospecting are excellent.Lack of integration for Google analytics.
Ease of use, especially for those inexperienced with web rankings.The dashboard is overstuffed.
Superb organic keywords list.The site may get slower as you go deeper into link results.


SEMrush Homepage

If you’re madly, and deeply serious about improving your SEO game, I’d like you to meet SEMrush. SEMrush is a useful all-in-one digital marketing tool for both amateurs and seasoned pros. This tool provides support in performing position tracking, keyword research, and recognizing backlink opportunities and you can use this to perform an overall technical SEO audit.

SEMrush can be enjoyed with free and paid memberships. For a free account, you are limited in your capacity to pull data and utilize some of the critical tool’s features. If you want to test the program, you can start a 14-day free trial and explore its functionalities then make up your mind.

With SEMrush, you can access SEO, ads, and necessary content tools to keep you at the top of SERP. You will gain valuable info into competitors’ game plans, discover the best keywords to secure yourself ahead of the game, and oversee in-depth link analysis. The price starts at $99.95 per month.

Continually innovative and competitive in-depth organic research.The price is not start-up friendly.
Intuitive analytics software.A better explanation of some of its highly-beneficial tools next time.
It recommends meta-data advancement.Customer support isn’t real-time. It usually takes 1-2 days before you’ll get a response, and that’s a significant downturn.

Affiliate Training Courses

Affiliate marketing is an advertising method where a business settles an account or pays a third-party publisher to maximize leads or generate more traffic to the company’s products or services.

Like me, the compensation or commission fee motivates third-party publishers or affiliates to promote the said business. Due to competitive globalization, the internet has become the platform to boost the effectiveness of affiliate marketing.

Several giant companies have taken advantage of affiliate marketing to maximize their sales with the likes of Amazon. Amazon appropriately introduced the concept by developing affiliate marketing courses or programs whereby websites and bloggers insert links directing potential customers to Amazon’s domain for examined or reviewed products.

With that happening, affiliate marketers will then receive an incentive or a compensation fee if a purchase is made through them. Digital marketing analytics and cookies have paved the way to make affiliate marketing “the new normal” to generate a billion-dollar industry because businesses can track links and leads to evaluate how affiliate marketers transform leads into sales.

Affiliate marketing usually has something to do with various email marketing lists or websites to build a network that highlights communicating products and services on different network platforms. There are free and paid affiliate marketing courses.

Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System Homepage

John Crestani is one of the best-paid affiliate marketers that freely discloses his income– He openly shares that he makes $700,000+ per month. At first, I was intimidated by how John presented himself to the crowd because it seemed like he was marketed as bogus for using some sort of money-guns, throwing bills around, and showing off his hard-earned cars and houses.

But the moment when I extensively reviewed the Super Affiliate System myself, I understand entirely why his course is over-hyped across the Internet channels if you’re looking for the right paid traffic strategies to utilize in Google, Bing, or Youtube ads, or you’d like to engage live with a high-paying affiliate, John’s course will fulfill your needs.

If you’re a start-up, this platform is affiliate-friendly because it has enough info to set up a basic web, dress it up, create SEO content, advanced tactics, and much more. Super Affiliate System is a training and educational resource developed by John Crestani to support amateur affiliate marketers in creating their successful online businesses. The price starts at $997 only.

It has a 3-months payment plan for those who can afford to drop a single payment all out.The value of some resources is overhyped and unclear.
It teaches you the overall affiliate marketing training in the most natural way with lots of bonuses.The value of some resources is overhyped and unclear.
Customer support is superb!!Affiliate networks and niches appear to be limited.

Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate is a platform with 15 years of experience and has continued to help over 1.5 million entrepreneurs worldwide. It has innovated and evolved at a faster pace than the competitive industry. WA was founded by two brilliant affiliate marketers, Kyle Loudon, and Carson Lim, back in 2005– two best friends who are determined to spread the wonders behind affiliate marketing while they were still in college.

They offer advanced market research tools, domain registration, website hosting, and affiliate marketing training. Their community started growing right after the moment WA was founded. 

Today, it has become the most significant turf of aspiring and successful online entrepreneurs in the world because they firmly believe that your success results from the people you surround yourself with. And as a Wealthy Affiliate, you have the network to communicate with the “ultra-successful” marketers for as long as you want.

Moreover, you will learn a continuous flow of new trends created by the founding members and high-profile members, real-time support from the staff and community members, inspired by lots of success stories, and proprietary tools to maximize your success. 

You’ll unleash your affiliate marketing skills from being an innocent newbie to an advanced pro by learning strategies like paid traffic, conversion tracking, and many more. Wealthy Affiliate has free and paid versions, your first month as a paid user will cost you $19 only.

Excellent web hosting with high uptimes, cost-effectiveness, fast load speeds, and a lot of advanced tools and features.Though WA is almost perfect, for me at least, they were minor issues only like, the language barrier– the English-only platform.
An engaged community of 1.5 million entrepreneurs worldwide.Just like any legitimate money-generating opportunity, it takes time to have a consistent income.
It has thousands of hours of recorded training available, live training weekly with q&a portions, two free websites, free training, and a free keyword research tool.The platform is so addictive since their community is so engaged and active.

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I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2015 with no marketing experience whatsoever. In a couple of months, I got my own website running, driving traffic, and sales daily.

I am now self-employed and run my online affiliate business from the comfort of my home or wherever I want to.

Join now, and if you ever need help with anything, feel free to send me a message I’ll be there to guide you! So see you inside…  

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