InLinks Review: The Best Way To Improve SEO?

The most important aspect of any website or blog is content creation. That is why InLinks focuses on assisting bloggers with their content so that they can receive more organic traffic. Find more about this tool on this InLinks review!

You will not receive traffic if you do not have high-quality content. As a result, many people are looking for tools that can automate some of the tasks associated with SEO, such as link and keyword research.

So, let's take a look at whether InLinks is the tool you've been waiting for.


Have you ever considered how to structure your content to attract more attention and traffic? InLinks is SEO software designed for models like this. The tool takes entities related to a niche that can be found on any website or blog post about whatever they're promoting and then uses algorithms to create strategies around them. You'll understand what types of information would be appropriate for various audiences, increasing visitors by retaining those who have already been on your website.

The world of SEO is a separate entity. Search engines use these entities to rank content and display relevant results for any given query. You need them when creating great websites or doing online marketing like affiliate programs.


Here are a couple of examples: SEO Isolate this term because it refers to Search Engine Optimization, which is one type of "entity" within the broader field of "Affiliate Marketing." Other statements that refer to different aspects of an effective digital strategy include content modeling and link building.

You'll get the information your customer base wants with InLinks. It aids in creating copy containing keywords and related topics and is optimized for success on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Many tools are available to help businesses generate better content to increase traffic and sales. Still, few can compete compared to their competitors' work because what distinguishes them from others isn't just having more written words. It's how those words flow together into an engaging narrative that keeps readers engaged through every sentence of text without slowing down at all.

To summarize, it is an excellent tool for content optimization and researching niches, keywords, and other topics. It has an ideal free plan, so you can immediately start this powerful yet user-friendly software! Furthermore, its key features are as helpful in analyzing your competition as they are when it comes to optimizing internal linking on blogs or websites, mainly because of their impressive ability to remove broken hyperlinks from web pages, among other things like optimizing images, which significantly increases page load speed as demonstrated by Google.

Who Should Use InLinks?

InLinks is widely used by hundreds of marketing departments worldwide and is appropriate for businesses of all sizes. It is an unparalleled tool for quickly finding content gaps based on entities rather than just keywords.

The InLinks online platform has many clever features that help you identify trends, see what your competitors are doing, and optimize your content. You'll know if your competitors are doing a lot of outreach, guest posting, or both. To make things easier and more convenient, all of InLinks' features and tools are accessible from your member dashboard.

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InLinks Review: Features

InLinks is an extremely effective tool that I strongly recommend to anyone looking to optimize their content or niche.

This software offers a fantastic free plan, allowing you to get started right away!

Its key features are equally useful for analyzing your competition as they are for optimizing internal linking on blogs or websites.

They are very good at removing broken hyperlinks from web pages, which significantly increases page load speed.

So, let's take a closer look at some of the tool's key features.

Trends in Real Time

This feature allows you to track the changes in interest for thousands of topics and subjects, broken down by industry, to create your own Trends Dashboard.

This means you can see what people are interested in right now—in real-time—and create on-trend content.

All you have to do is enter your topics and watch the trends change on a graph and by percentage.

SERPS Analysis

You can use InLinks to see your competitors' number of inbound links and keywords they are targeting.

Using InLinks, you can learn a lot about a piece of content.


You'll be able to see the main topic, the number of links within the article, and its length.

This is useful for determining which products to link to and which internal links to include in your writing.

This way, you can be certain that the competition will not get ahead of you.

User Intent

This is a straightforward but extremely useful feature of InLinks.

It works by analyzing the words and phrases visitors to your site lookup before arriving.

This feature's goal is to provide insights that will help you better understand what your audience is interested in and what they want from your site.

It displays percentages and graphs of volume and interest trends.

Topic Analysis


This feature gathers and organizes information by category, providing a high-quality data set to help you understand the topic.

For each topic, you can find useful information, such as definitions, related topics, and questions.

Schema Automation

InLinks understands how to link your content to knowledge graphs within popular search engines, resulting in your content appearing in Google's web services, such as Search, Discover, and Voice Search.

In a sense, InLinks aids search engines in better understanding your content.


Linking InLinks is a fantastic link management system that connects all of your content while detecting all internal linking opportunities.

With a single line of Javascript code, you can automate and manage links and develop your links as needed to boost SEO.

InLinks Pricing Plans

Depending on your requirements, InLInks offers three different packages:

InLinks Pricing Plans

Freelancer Plan

It starts at $39 per month and includes content optimization, internal linking, 1 seat, and 20-page reports.

As the name suggests, this is ideal for freelancers or those just beginning their SEO journey.

Agency Plan

It starts at $156 per month and includes 86 reports, unlimited users, and everything from the first plan, plus some extras like API access, active URLs, and white labeling reports.

Enterprise Plan

It starts at $1999 and is ideal for those who want a dedicated infrastructure, support, and contract tailored to their specific requirements.

It's an excellent choice for large corporations that work on multiple projects every day.

Of course, if you don't have $2,000 to spare, you can always create a free account to get a taste of what this tool has to offer.

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InLinks Alternatives

If you're on the fence about using InLinks, here are a few other tools to consider:



Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool that is designed to assist website owners in increasing organic traffic. It accomplishes this by analyzing and charting your keywords (as well as those of your competitors) and displaying the amount of traffic generated by each keyword. Ahrefs currently has a database of three billion keywords and charges between $99 and $999 per month.



WooRank is a simple but effective SEO analysis tool that aims to optimize web traffic and increase conversions by generating website reviews, engaging keywords, and checking for content issues. WooRank costs $59.99 and $179.99 per month.



Semrush, a popular tool, specializes in competitor analysis as well as organic and advertising research. This is an excellent tool for quickly and easily determining your competitors' top performing keywords. Customers of Semrush include some heavy hitters like eBay, and pricing ranges from $99 to $399 per month.



BrightEdge is all about discovering – and comprehending – what people are looking for and why. This comprehensive suite of tools aims to assist brands in improving their ranking by displaying the type of content that people are looking for.

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Serpstat's features include keyword research, search analytics, rank tracking, keyword research, and advertising analysis. Serpstat ranges in price from $69 to $499 per month.

Final Thoughts

InLinks is a fantastic tool that allows you to see how your content performs in the Google ecosystem and where you can improve.

It also assists you in identifying topics that require improvement and in content optimization, including the examination of niches, keywords, and other factors.

Although there are other options, InLinks is worth a shot if you want to truly optimize your content.


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Last Updated on September 28, 2022