What Is HubSpot, The Perfect Software Solution?

Welcome to my ‘What Is HubSpot About’ post!

But before we really go into this topic, let me remind you of something.

In this competitive age, business software is understandably becoming a must-have tool for organizations of all sizes in the industry.

It’s no longer just equipped by enterprise-level companies.

From start-ups to intermediate entrepreneurs and beyond, every business can benefit kickass tools for all their needs.

This is noticeable when you understand the endless size of the business software market.

A study found that businesses worldwide spent $460 billion in 2019 on enterprise software.

And that figures are expected to climb to $505 billion in 2020.

There are so many alternatives available that can fulfill everybody’s needs and budget.

However, the biggest challenge is choosing the right choice, then carrying it out.

Now, if you have ever researched for business software solutions, take inbound marketing or inspected business models like the flywheel, then you’ve likely heard of HubSpot.

HubSpot shines in the ever-evolving competitive marketplace because it’s built by price and qualities in a way that develops while your business succeeds.

Indeed, there’s a lot more than meets the eye when you decide to appreciate that catchy orange sprocket.

Let’s explore the fantastic world of HubSpot!


Business software platform by Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah


Each deals ranges from $40 to $3,200 per month


Pre-eminent branding and valuable industry dominance


Intensive learning curve which may discourage conversion from free to paid services


HubSpot is a complete sales software structured to help your business scale up and sell more effectively in the market

What Is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a sales software that uses an inbound marketing technique that helps businesses attract guests, convert leads, and ultimately close customers.

You can take advantage of their tools to host site and landing pages, create content and email sequences, and manage engagements with your leads and customers while understanding the success of a campaign and tracking user actions.

Is it too much? Yes! And that’s good news!

HubSpot Homepage

HubSpot has a large-scale number of tools and a role in reinforcing in every part of the buyer’s experience.

These tools are broken down into “Hubs,” you can avail them separately.

However, when they’re all together, they work hand in hand to provide you a complete suite of tools across your marketing sales and support teams.

HubSpot Features

There are more than 80,000 businesses across the globe, growing their line using HubSpot tools.

And success stories are usual for the users– 60 percent of HubSpot customers testified positively in their sales revenue in 2018.

Every team across companies has something they admire about exploiting the platform.

Website Builder

HubSpot offers the ability to host, build, design, and reinforce a website without the help of a professional designer or IT support.

If you can drag-and-drop with one click, then you can build a website with one click.

Moreover, the website builder minimizes the difficulty of personalizing content for every guest and publish content that is well-optimized for mobile.

After your website is live, HubSpot offers a report card for every website page and provides recommendations to increase your website’s performance in search engines.


Blogging can be a fundamental step to a business’ inbound marketing strategy.

Organizations that share leadership ideas via a blog notice a three-times more website guest per month within a year and four-times more leads per month within a year.

HubSpot marketing tools make it easy to produce and publish blog content

Furthermore, HubSpot makes it uncomplicated to grow an audience for your content by enhancing it with juicy keywords.

It then offers the capability to catch data and measure the result of each piece of the live content.


HubSpot helps you explore, organize, and track juicy keywords that drive your organic search results.

Moreover, you can determine your ranking against your competition and acquire keyword suggestions and on-page SEO recommendations.


Suppose you use Google Adwords, LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, or Facebook Ads as part of your marketing campaign.

In that case, HubSpot’s ADS built-in offers the ability to benchmark impressions and clicks but can also lead customers and actual ROI of your ad strategies.

Calls-To-Action (CTAS) & Landing Pages

Reinforcing traffic to your website is excellent, but converting those guests into qualified customers is more important.

CTA buttons for marketing proposals can give any website increased lead attraction functionality.

CTA buttons drive guests to custom landing pages that can be personalized, built, and added to your website in minutes without the help of any professional designer or IT support.

CTAs and landing pages can be personalized for each unique user-friendliness based on several contact qualities.

Real-time traffic and conversion data enable you to review results, do A/B testing (split testing), and exploit the tools to hone future performance.

Lead Management & Segmentation

The marketing data of most businesses is “siloed” within the many unalike marketing tools they apply.

Some of their data existing in their email tool; some are in their CRM, and some are in their social media management tool.

HubSpot enables you to store all your leads and marketing data in one unified database.

This makes you view all your contact engagements effortlessly, score leads based on these engagements, and prioritize data for future marketing actions.

Moreover, a detailed list of segmentation capabilities smoothens personalized marketing strategies.

Email Marketing

Accomplish reinforced deliverability and real-time response when you generate easy-to-design and perform personalized email strategies.

HubSpot’s high-end analytics help you track each strategy’s success and enhance them for optimized future performance. 

Marketing Automation

Automation offers marketers to achieve more with fewer resources and in less time.

A study recorded that 64% of marketers claim the benefits of marketing automation within the first six months of its application.

HubSpot’s marketing automation assists marketers in designing, building, and doing personalized prospect interaction workflows that are precipitated by submissions, website page return, content views, etc.

Automated responses can be bespoken for the unique prospect activity, and alerts can be put up to help the next-best-option in the sales process.

Social Inbox

HubSpot boosts you to increase your social media activity and reinforce your social engagements without investing more time and effort.

Posting to various networks can be written, planned, scheduled, and observed with just simple clicks.

Plus, every social media engagement can be tracked and observed in the marketing database, and you’ll never slip an opportunity to interact with your market.


The bread and butter of marketers have always been able to build detailed lead attribution and marketing ROI reports.

According to research, 43% of marketers claim proving the ROI of marketing performance is their top marketing issue.

Marketers that compute ROI are one-point-six-times more likely to generate higher budgets.

Manifesting marketing’s impact on the bottom line is within reach by HubSpot because of its unified database and the ability to produce custom reports that track online metrics and data points.

HubSpot is a kickass marketing tool.

But, it’s essential to know that it’s just that– a tool.

A marketing software tool, in and of itself, will not miraculously reinforce your marketing results.

Nevertheless, combining it with a systematic marketing strategy and a team of like-minded marketers to apply the approach will give you the benefit over your competitors.

HubSpot Tools 

The pricing... 

HubSpot Marketing Hub, 

All the necessary tools you need to drive a marketing strategy that engages, attracts, and satisfies both potential and existing customers.

This will help you build in-depth content, hand it in front of the right audience, and convert guests into leads, and leads into clients.

Below are the complete price of each plans:


Price starts at $50 per month or, $40 per month if paid annually


Price starts at $800 per month


Price starts at $3,200 per month

HubSpot CRM,

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool supports you organize and monitor your leads and customers.

This is a FREE tool that will save your team from using multiple spreadsheets just to organize your contacts.

HubSpot Sales Hub, 

This tool will help you manage, communicate, and track your leads. With more perceptibility into the pipeline, your sales team is authorized to engage with customers without spending extended periods entering data or writing the exact emails time and time again.

Fundamentally, the Sales Hub is the CRM on performance enhancer, giving you more options to close more deals.

Below are the complete price of each plans:


Price starts at $50 per month or, $40 per month if paid annually


Price starts at $500 per month


Price starts at $1,200 per month

HubSpot Service Hub, 

This customer service tool from HubSpot makes it straightforward to connect with customers and actively manage those relationships.

Mainly because, when your customers are satisfied, you’re happy– plus, it helps you grow your business with quality.

Below are the complete price of each plans:


Price starts at $50 per month or, $40 per month if paid annually




Price starts at $1,200 per month

As you can see, HubSpot has a lot to offer under their sleeves that is a sure-fire will help interact with your potential customers and maintain the relationship of your existing clients healthier than ever.

And we are down to the most thrilling part.

Can you make money through HubSpot?

Yes, you can, and that is through their affiliate program.

Wanna know more about the details? See below.

Can you Make Money with Hubspot

You can make money through HubSpot by taking advantage of their HubSpot Affiliate Program.

Here, they allow you to earn a commission for buyer referrals using your unique affiliate link in content like emails, blog posts, and webinars.

Joining the program provides you and your business with an easy way to add value to your website and audience while generating fresh revenue opportunities.

As an affiliate, you can build a new revenue source by inserting HubSpot’s products and content in your own blogs, courses, emails, and social posts.

You may also engage with your business audience with HubSpot tools to help them learn and grow smartly and inform everyone you know about them and support SMB’s betterment.

If you become a HubSpot affiliate, you are expected to receive a commission for each HubSpot sale you make.

Plant affiliate links in your content and continually enjoy what the affiliate program has to offer.

Please take note that the commission you will receive will vary on the product tier of each particular product your referral has dealt:







And here’s the cool thing, you can earn up to $1,000 for each product dealt.

It’s not unusual for customers to purchase more than one product at a time.

So, in this case, you could very well make up to $3,000 if your referral were to deal with the Enterprise growth suite.

Wait, there’s more!

You can also gain a substantial creative inventory, including presentation videos, banners, and copy examples, all structured to help you earn the most commission possible.

Plus, you can pursue a one-on-one relationship with the HubSpot affiliate team, who are also like-minded, like you are, that will help you succeed. 

If you have a vast business audience or interested to monetize your content, then this affiliate program is likely well-matched for you.

Why Join HubSpot’s Affi liate Program?

  • Generous Commissions. As an affiliate, you can earn up to $1,000 for each particular purchase you drive, depending on the product tier.
  • Substantial Creative Inventory. Take advantage of demo presentations, banners, and copy examples structure to help you earn the most commission possible. Also, exploit on HubSpot’s global database of over 15,000 pieces of marketing posts in six different languages.
  • Tools. Monitor clicks, referrals, and commission from your very own affiliate portal. Have a one-on-one relationship with the HubSpot affiliate team, who will help you succeed
  • Real-time Insider Access. As a HubSpot affiliate, you can drive HubSpot product changes, get to know the latest HubSpot updates, content, news, and more, and you can help match and reinforce the HubSpot Affiliate Program.

The HubSpot Pogram: Pros & Cons

Reaching this point can obviously tell that HubSpot is a market leader in business software and intelligence.

Their passionately successful program provides small and large business entrepreneurs, multiple tools, and services to increase customer satisfaction and, ultimately, sales.

Nonetheless, there’s no perfect product, right?

So what really are the pros and cons of the world of HubSpot and being an affiliate?

The Good

  • As an affiliate, there’s a FREE CRM to attract sales and introduce the products
  • HubSpot can help you grow your email list on your own terms
  • As an affiliate, there’s a massive earning potential ($350+) for quality marketing tools
  • HubSpot can perform the split testing options that you need
  • As an affiliate, HubSpot has a pre-eminent branding and valuable industry dominance
  • The last but definitely not the least, HubSpot has more affordable pricing alternatives

The Bad

  • As an affiliate, many already knew about HubSpot and will likely go straight to the source
  • HubSpot can get expensive from time to time
  • As an affiliate, there are cheaper or free options for small business entrepreneurs that are likely to disrupt earning potential
  • There’s a shortfall of A/B testing on lower plans
  • As an affiliate, potential buyers must have an intensive learning curve which may deter conversion from free to paid tools
  • It’s hard not to use it as an all-in-one tool

Before we get down to the final section, let's take a break because I have a better opportunity for you.

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What Is HubSpot About, Bottom Line

The high sales potential as a HubSpot affiliate is obviously enough to get a definitive “YES on whether you should participate in the program.

The pre-eminent branding and stellar services are right there with the sales.

This is the business software to promote in the marketing space if your audience is ready to stack up.

FREE CRM is an excellent offering to introduce potential users to the HubSpot program.

The Marketing and Sales Hub are high-end-class.

These three build a strong selling point that carries through with affiliate promotions.

I believe you will have vaguely resistance or trouble adding the HubSpot affiliate program into your unique mix of content and promotions.

Start growing your business with HubSpot today. Visit them at www.hubspot.com

Overall, HubSpot offers promotions that are an ideal fit for seasoned marketers.

The straightforward platform is welcoming and intuitive for start-ups too.

This generates a stellar mix of value for all sizes of your targeted audience.

I bet you will love the high commissions and conversions that you will take advantage of HubSpot.

So that ends my ‘What Is HubSpot About’ post, and I hope that delivered everything you need to find or know.

If you want to insert something related to the post, always feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comment sections below. 

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