Is Tupperwarea Pyramid Scheme?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Tupperware a pyramid scheme? When I was growing up, I recall my mom’s Tupperware. I remember actually going to her parties in Tupperware. Some delicious food and cool new stuff to play with. Now, it is insane to see that she even has a Tupperware Cup in the cabinet when I go back home. And, in service still! They really hold up their products.

Tupperware is one of the leading firms of MLM. You can find the consulting opportunity they provide if you are searching for work at home. Why not? Everybody knows their brand name and quality, and the time has been checked. But the question is, is it worth it to join Tupperware? Can you really earn extra cash with selling their products? Let’s answer that with this jaw-dropping review.

Tupperware Review

Product Name: Tupperware
Founder: Earl Tupper
Logo: is tupperware a pyramid scheme
Product Description: Multi-Level Marketing Company
Best For: Best for someone who is into selling and advertising a product.

The emphasis on retail sales is a considerable difference between Tupperware and most other direct marketing firms from their business model.  Tupperware's mission is to offer Tupperware products to retail customers. This gives them a significant advantage over other MLMs who rely mainly on their members to purchase their products.

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Product Price: 99

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What is Tupperware?

Multi-level marketing also called MLM is a way of selling products directly to consumers by businesses and manufacturers.

TIME magazine delighted with the plastic that was almost nothing resistant when Earl Tupper produced its first line of kitchenware in polyethylene in 1947. House Beautiful marveled with a simple yet elegant layout.

is tupperware a pyramid scheme

Throughout 1951 he took the slightest notice of Wise and other accomplishments, which successfully sold Tupperware to hostesses, thus collecting dust from Earl Tupper’s newness throughout American department stores. The business model was changed to direct sales and Tupperware Home Parties were developed.

Across over 100 countries, such as Asia, India, China, Brazil and Canada, Tupperware is sold worldwide.  Based on my research, the number of Tupperware consultant is close to 2 million. That was a big number of consultants who sell the product worldwide. This year, Nasdaq has announced sales growth of Tupperware is 2 to 3 percent.

How Does Tupperware Work?

Tupperware and most other direct marketing companies differ significantly from their business model by focusing on retail sales.  The goal of the Tupperware party is for retail customers to sell Tupperware items. This provides them a considerable advantage over other MLMs that mostly rely on members for their items to be consumed.

Items from Tupperware are good quality and I know this from my own experience for a long time.  A little over two years ago, my kitchen holds a range of Tupperware containers. Although all Tupperware containers are still used regularly, we do not have to replace any Tupperware with all our lids still tightly sealed.

is tupperware a pyramid scheme

Tupperware does not appear to claim that the product is not selling, unlike the other MLMs that we have looked at.  As new members enter Tupperware, a copy of the Tupperware Business Binder containing some basic sales training is given.  Consultants in Tupperware know you have to sell a lot of product in order to be successful in MLM.

In contrast to most MLMs, Tupperware does not regularly sell products that must be replaced.  Some MLMs concentrate on items such as cosmetics and food products that need daily replacement if used.  The business will sell to the same customer twice every month until they are no longer a customer.

Products from Tupperware need not be replaced frequently so you are unlikely to be able to have regular customers buying.  Tupperware consultants need to always look for new customers in order to make regular sales.

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How Much Can You Make With Tupperware?

Okay, so you love the products and feel good about engaging in a company established as a market leader in food storage. Your main motivation, however, must be honest, is making money. Let’s then analyze the payment policy and see how much you can earn with Tupperware.

Before you jump into and become a consultant, you should plan ahead and ensure that you like the Tupperware business. You will need to spend some time starting and establishing your business. 

Everyone needs good food storage containers, so the goods are in demand. This depends on the efforts of a supplier how much money can be made to market food containers to the end consumer.

There is a $99 startup kit that needs to be bought as shown below to get started as a consultant. You can make up 2 payments, instead of all $99 in advance if you buy your Tupperware startup kit via another consultant.

is tupperware a pyramid scheme

A consultant can make money with this business opportunity in several ways. It is called a private selling, as a vendor if you directly sell a product to the consumer. Other ways to make money are open to Tupperware Consultants, such as door to Door, centerpieces, eBay sales and everything you can think of. Wherein Consultants gain 25% on the basis of the sales quantity.

Another way is by recruiting. Consultants, as a multi-level marketing agency, will make the profit they promote on the sales of other consultants. As a consultant, you can earn up to 10% more incentives by increasing the different levels within the company’s MLM system.

So it really depends upon the consultant themselves and how involved they are determined to recruit new Teammates to find out how much money you can make selling Tupperware.

If you feel  like you not much of a salesman and multilevel marketing is not for you, read how this 4 step proven formula can turn your passion into an online business.

What I Don’t Like About Tupperware

There are also things that I don’t like about Tupperware. Just like with the other companies that I reviewed before. This can also help you with deciding if Tupperware can be your option to earn extra cash.

You need to sell more products to earn.

I know that this is an MLM company, however, it will be more easy for their consultant to earn money if they have a reachable quota for their incentives. In that way, people will be more interested in joining Tupperware because of the reachable incentives right?

The competition.

There is no doubt that Tupperware has great products, and competitors will have to deal with them. Corporate storages of food containers like Rubermaid, Joseph and Joseph, OXO and Clever are just a couple. The products are also sold by retail shops such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Target and outlet stores.

What I Like About Tupperware

If we are going to talk about what I like about Tupperware, I will just answer you with one thing. And that is the quality of their products. In our family, we use Tupperware products since then, And I can really say that it is worth buying for.

is tupperware a pyramid scheme

Some of our Tupperware are almost decades now but still, we can use it with any occasion especially if we have parties and events. This is a big factor for the company because people nowadays are buying the material because of the quality.

Is Tupperware a Pyramid Scheme?

Tupperware is a great company selling goods of quality. As a consultant selling Tupperware products, they offer a company opportunity. Unfortunately, even with good fees, a consultant would have to sell a boatload of food containers to really gain money. The competition with other brands and consultants will lead to a battle that is confirmed by the above-mentioned disclosure.

Can you be 1% to 2% of a consultant who actually earns extra income? It is you who can answer this question. I myself like to work from home without client problems, inventories or recruitment. In several different categories, I can select from millions of different products. 

That’s why I choose affiliate marketing over any other type of online business! If you want to learn more about how you can also make money online working from anywhere you want, make sure to read my wealthy affiliate review.

Tupperware is a renowned domestic product company that has more than 70 years of direct sales experience. Tupperware, however, must at all times retain an active role by its independent consultants. When you fail, you can reactivate for a small fee, but lose your downline. 

If you have anything else to add to my “Is Tupperware A Pyramid Scheme” Review feel free to leave a comment down below.  Cheers!


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