Is GoodLife USA a Scam? 4 Exposed TurnOffs

Is GoodLife USA a scam? We’ve all had our share of experiences with MLMs. For some of us it may be a life-changing experience. For most of us, it might have been not so great. With the long history of MLMs being questioned to be pyramid schemes, another one has entered the scene.

A travel services company called GoodLife USA is now garnering attention as an MLM company. This one caught my attention as well and after further research, oh boy! You won’t believe what I have found out!

Let me give you a spoiler, it’s not worth your time and money! Let’s find out why!


GoodLife USA Review

Product Name: GoodLife USA
Founder: Mark Seyforth and Edward Dovner
Logo: good life usa logo
Product Description: Travel Services Based MLM
Best For: Travellers
Recommended: NO

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What is GoodLife USA?


goodlife usa homepage


GoodLife USA is a company offering travel services for travelers who want to save more while being out of town or having a vacation getaway. It has made a mark in this industry as it is also a multi-level marketing company.

This company has been around for a relatively short amount of time of 4 years, and ever since it’s inception in the market, founders CEO Mark Seyforth and Edward Dovner’s aim is to provide the best travel services to their customers and make sure they enjoy their outings with these services.

Is GoodLife USA a scam? Before we get to that, let us first dissect the inner workings of this travel services MLM company.


How Does GoodLife USA Work?


With GoodLife USA, there are two paths for you to choose from.


goodlife usa subscriber or ibo


First, you can choose to be avail of their private subscription savings or what they call as a VIP Club Card. By availing this, you can gain access to hundred thousands of discount options on hotels, cruises, resorts, airlines, rental cars, staycations, getaways and many more!


goodlife usa benefits


Of course, this comes with a cost. Listed below are the prices for different membership status you can avail.


  • Silver Membership – $11.95 per month. This does not come with a set up fee, just a recurring monthly fee. With this, you are provided with hotel, travel and lifestyle savings.


  • Gold Membership – $39.95 per month. This one comes with a setup fee of $99. Now, what does this setup fee imply? This setup fee covers the 1st month of your membership. This means you would only have to pay the recurring monthly fee once the 1st month is up.

By availing this membership, you are also given the same benefits as the previous one, only with the additional benefit of phenomenal getaways and cruise packages.


  • Platinum Membership – Pay $59.95 per month. Keep your eyes in its socket, because this one has a setup fee of $199. Avail this and you will be provided savings to luxury resort condos and travel concierge.

Would it be worth it to spend $199 and $59.95 for having the benefit of saving money while on vacation when this could potentially be the amount you would be saving in the first place? I can’t relate to that at all. If you are on the road almost everyday, you may find availing of these services worth it.


Saving money is one thing to do with GoodLife USA. If you are not really interested in saving money, GoodLife USA offers you the option to be a part of their multi-level marketing organization.

If you are any familiar with MLMs, you know that being a part of it means you have the responsibility to sell the product directly to people and recruit others to join the platform. Thus, you will be rewarded with a commission.

Now, every company has different MLM structures. How does GoodLife USA’s structure work? Let me explain everything in the next section.


The GoodLife USA Compensation Plan


goodlife usa vip club card


To earn money with GoodLife USA, you would have to do two things: sell VIP Club Cards directly to people and recruit new members. Seems simple doesn’t it? But it’s not as simple as what you might have thought.

GoodLife USA has a complex elaborate way of things and an elaborate compensation plan, and I spent a lot of time absorbing all this information.

First things first, you would have to sign up on their website. Then, you are required to purchase a membership. Take note, the higher your membership level is, the higher commissions you can earn.

Going into the costs of the memberships, I have listed them down below.


  • Silver: $228
  • Gold: $618.45
  • Platinum: $938.45


These are the costs of each membership annually. I have also included there as well the startup fees. Take note, there is an annual renewal fee of $39 if you don’t want your account to be deactivated.

Once accepted into the program, you are now a bonafide Independent Business Owner (IBO). Starting as a new IBO, you must recruit two new IBOs or you can also make 20 sales of the VIP Club Cards. This serves as the root of a bigger tree.


The 2×20 Shared Social Network Commissions


The bigger tree I am talking about is this 2×20 matrix downline.


goodlife usa compensation plan


To explain it further, you start at the top of the structure, while having your first two IBO recruits under you. Naturally, your recruits will have to recruit others, too, at some point. That’s how MLMs usually work. This process keeps going on and on, until there are 20 levels to this structure.

Adding all the numbers up, this matrix is 2,097,150 positions all in all. That’s crazy! Being at the top of 2 million other individuals seems to be like a continuous river of commissions.

Structures aside, as the administrator of such a large network, you will be earning 5% of all the commissions earned from the 1st level to the 15th. While you will be extracting 2% from the 16th level to the 20th. Also, for every prospective member who joins, this will give you $1 to your account.

I have mentioned before that you can earn more commissions if you have registered for a higher membership level. This is mostly due to the different amounts of CV (commissions volume) each membership level can generate.


  • Silver: 4CV
  • Gold: 20CV
  • Platinum: 30CV


Shared Team


goodlife usa shared team


Starting from the third direct referral, he will be considered a partner. His place in the 2×20 matrix belongs next to your side.

As a shared team and partner, the commissions will be divided between the two of you. According to the rules of being in a shared team, the first $60 commissions go to your partner, while the rest of the accumulated CV shall be divided equally.


Customer Fast Start Bonus


goodlife usa quick pay


While the recruitment aspect indirectly encourages you to avail the Platinum membership to earn more and higher commissions, selling the VIP Club Cards itself has a fixed and uniform rate of commissions regardless of your membership level.


  • For selling a silver membership, you will earn $25;
  • Gaining a gold customer gives you $50;
  • $100 for signing up a platinum customer


Rank Advancement Bonus


goodlife usa ranks


There are certain ranks to take note of here in GoodLife USA. These ranks are named after gems – starting from Garnet to Crown Black Diamond. While all of these seem pretty and fancy, it really just implies that each time you rank up, you are eligible to receive a bonus. Bonuses range from simple gifts, jet-skis, and even luxury holidays depending on your membership level.

If you want a more elaborate explanation on GoodLife USA’s compensation plan, refer to the video below.



Is GoodLife USA a scam? You may find the answer to this question by reading the next section below.


What Makes GoodLife USA Not Worth It


Poor Ratings


goodlife usa bbb

goodlife usa trustpilot


If you would take a look at the screenshots above, you would notice that they have a very poor rating on BBB. Seeing GoodLife USA gain a rating of F is just really disappointing. Plus, this business is not even accredited by the BBB.

The same goes to TrustPilot, they received two stars with a poor rating.

However, just because the rating is bad, does not mean it is automatically a scam. You may just want to think twice about your choices.


It Does Not Pay


As seen in the screenshots below, some customers are complaining on BBB how they did as expected: selling the VIP Club Cards and recruiting others, but still not receiving the commissions as had promised by the company.


goodlife usa bbb complaints


goodlife usa complaint


goodlife usa bbb complaint


More Upsells Along the Way


I would also like to address another issue stated in the screenshot above. Apparently, to sell the VIP Club Cards, you are going to buy these cards yourself first. Of course, if you want to make a lot of sales, this equates to spending your own money for these cards. It’s an investment, but of course, this is what you’d expect from MLMs.


Terrible Customer Service


GoodLife USA’s support team is not responsive. Especially if you a have a question about booking, they will rarely answer the phone for you, as said by a customer.


What I Like About GoodLife USA


Very Detailed Compensation Plan


GoodLife USA provides a really elaborate compensation plan on their website. I appreciate this because since they disclose everything to the public, it makes it look like they have nothing to hide to us. Plus, it gives potential partners the information they need to absorb before fully engaging in this business.

A common mistake people do when signing up for MLMs is not reviewing the compensation plan beforehand. Reasons could be not being provided with a detailed compensation plan in the first place or carelessness. This results to a lot of complaints.

Nevertheless, I give a thumbs up for this one.


Saving More on Travels


For some of us, travelling can be an unaffordable luxury. Not everyone has the money to go on trips. Or even if they do, it would have to be well calculated since there can’t be money for anything else! The idea of having a tiny card give you access to discounts to travel necessities is a blessing.


Bonuses as You Advance


I like the idea of receiving rewards once you rank higher. This gives partners the motivation to further progress in their career and maintain the excitement overall.


Wrapping Up! Is GoodLife USA a Scam?


Lots of MLMs today are just pyramid schemes in disguise. Sure, they have products to sell and have a recruitment program going on altogether. However, some companies tend to focus more on recruiting rather than selling the product itself.

In the case of GoodLife USA, I see they give equal attention to both selling and recruiting. Therefore, I have concluded that GoodLife USA is legit and it is not a scam.

The question is, do I recommend it? No. Even though it is a legit opportunity to earn money, it is still not the best opportunity there is. Why?

Startup costs are high. Plus, there are more upsells along the way you would have to pay for if you actually want to make decent money.

Also, even if you were at the top of the 2×20 matrix downline structure, the 7% you would receive from your downline is not that big. The compensation plan makes you feel like it is a big amount since there are 20 levels up down, but that is not the reality at all.

Lastly, from the complaints of customers, it seems to me that GoodLife USA is not paying their partners the commission they have earned. Better not get started with it in the first place if all your effort and time will go to waste!

If you are looking for a real make money online opportunity, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review!

Just keep one thing in mind, this won’t happen overnight! But if you are a type of fella that can follow a blueprint, if you are willing to take action, then you can turn your passion into a thriving online business!





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