Writesonic Review: Is this AI Software For You?

AI's applications are limitless. Physical robots working in factories, cars, and even assisting us in our homes are frequently associated with artificial intelligence. AI is already impacting us in ways other than Siri and Alexa. Have you heard of AI in writing? That's what we're going to talk about in this Writesonic review.

If you are a writer who needs to deliver a large amount of copy in a short period, there are now intelligent online tools that can help you. Artificial intelligence is now being used to assist writers of various specialties in completing their work more quickly. Writesonic can help you write social copy, web copy, an entire article, or advertisements quickly and easily online.

According to its value proposition, Writesonic can generate landing pages, product descriptions, detailed advertisements, and even entire articles or blog posts from a few lines of text, keywords, or a target phrase. It claims to have high readability and accuracy scores.

Writesonic AI

One of the most challenging things for a writer tasked with many tasks is breaking down a document that you have written into a small number of digestible paragraphs, such as a blog post.

Many different authors take different approaches to this.

Some writers may make this as difficult as possible by writing large blocks of text with no substance to accompany them. The benefit of doing so is that you can make a significant dent in your writing in a short time while not wasting your valuable time doing nothing.

This is where Writesonic can help you generate new ideas and adequately organize the ones you already have.

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How Does Writesonic Work?

What is Writesonic

When you begin a project with Writesonic, you can immediately start typing in your initial idea after selecting from various templates. Landing pages, copy templates, articles, ads, and more are available as templates.

The AI system generates an outline based on your ideas or a general short description. After you've created your outline, you can have the software generate a complete copy for you.

How does Writesonic work

If you don't like the first copy, keep pressing the regenerate button until you find something you want. You can also edit the copy within the tool before launching or downloading it. Say goodbye to long walls of text, no matter how long your article or copy needs to be.

Writesonic demo

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Writesonic Review: Features

This software includes over 40 different types of copies for you to use. Let's take a look at some of the most important ones.

Writesonic features

Website content

This feature can create landing pages, headers, and SEO meta descriptions.

Copy for digital advertisements

This section contains ad copy for LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook. Users will soon be able to generate copy for Twitter and Instagram ads.

Copy for an article/blog

The AI article writer is a fast way to generate blog ideas, introductions, and outlines. You can also rewrite or expand on previously written material. The content rewriter can generate three distinct tones from previously written material. A readability score and grammar correction are also included in this feature.

Copy for eCommerce

Do you want to advertise your products or write about them on Amazon? The E-commerce Copy feature has been designed specifically for you. Writesonic can be used to generate product titles, descriptions, elements, and sponsored ads. In addition to the previous, this feature will assist you in writing sales emails.

Formulas for Copywriting

If you were doing formal copywriting or more journalistic articles, you can be confident that the AI would initiate standard copywriting formulas. While writing, you can use the AI tool to generate AIDA model copy.

This software can also create press releases and company or personal bios. Are you a startup, or do you want to start one? Writesonic can even help you come up with new business and growth ideas.

Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic pricing

Users can choose from a variety of affordable and flexible plans at Writesonic. You can use the free trial, a monthly subscription-based on your needs, or pay as you go.

If you are unsure whether Writesonic is right for you or your business, you can begin with a free trial. The free trial includes all of the above features and is available in 25 languages. The free trial, however, is limited to one user.

Bloggers, writers, and students may find the Basic plan ideal. This plan is only $15 per month and includes the same features as the free trial.

Professional freelancers can get unlimited credits for $45 per month. This plan includes all features, but one person can only use the app.

Two plans are available for businesses.

The Startup plan costs $95 per month for startups and small businesses. This plan includes all the features, unlimited credits, and up to two user seats. This plan is strengthened further by the inclusion of priority support. Users on the Startup plan will soon be able to use browser extensions and a Shopify app.

The Agency plan, which allows for four users, is the most extensive. Businesses and agencies can get all available features, including a custom feature request, for $195 per month. According to the agency's plan, white labeling will be available in the near future.

If you don't anticipate using this tool frequently but enjoy its features, you can avoid signing up for a monthly subscription. Use the PAYG (Pay as you go) feature.

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Is Writesonic For You?

As previously stated, Writesonic offers membership plans for both individuals and businesses. Many of the features available in the software will undoubtedly be helpful to a busy freelance writer. Writesonic can be used by freelancers who write long-form articles, short blog posts, or social copy. On the other hand, a freelancer who does not generate a lot of work may not require it just yet.

This software allows agencies to create web content, marketing emails, and social ad campaigns for every social media tool available. The tool also aids in the creation of YouTube copy. With this writing assistant, you can handle tighter turnaround times if you are an agency with multiple clients. Remember that because startup and agency memberships only have 2 to 4 user seats, businesses may have to think carefully about who gets those seats.

E-commerce Brands will undoubtedly benefit from the ability to write product descriptions for social media and Amazon quickly.

Marketing teams will be able to produce a large number of copywriting pieces. Copywriting can be time-consuming and exhausting. This writing assistant will, at the very least, help to streamline the production process.

Is there any educational material available?

Writesonic does not expect everyone to hit the ground running right away. The tool is simple to use and has a clean user interface. On the other hand, the creators have created an adorable resource page with user tutorials for all their features. You can be confident that if you sign up for the software, you can master all the features.

There's also a link to a Facebook group where you can ask other users questions.

Final Verdict

Whether a freelance writer or a writing agency, you will understand how much work and time goes into each piece. A heavy content load can be stressful. So having an AI writing assistant available to freelancers and businesses is beneficial.

I am astounded by how much more innovative and valuable artificial intelligence is.

My main complaint concerns the number of user spots available for businesses and agencies. An agency or company will most likely require more than two or four user spots, primarily if they produce a lot of written content. I suppose one workaround would be for the agencies to have some generic emails that they could use to log into the software. They can distribute a generic email address to a few different users.

I also think it's fantastic that the software includes tutorials on their website. The interface is straightforward. As a result, the addition of educational resources improves the software.

I'm excited to see how this advanced AI writing assistant develops in the future. I hope it doesn't replace actual writers!


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Last Updated on July 31, 2022