The Ultimate Work From Home Dads Guide

Ever thought of joining the Work From Home Dads "group"? Do you think this is a Trend or a Lifestyle? This post is all about how to care for your kids and make some extra money on the side to a full time income working from home.

Some people have the misconception that working from home is a way for stay-at-home dads to save money. They are wrong! Working from home is a lifestyle, and it's an opportunity for dads to spend more time with their families and pursue their goals.

Nowadays, fathers want to be more than just a provider! They want to be more involved in their child's and their family's lives.

How to Start Working as a Stay-at-Home Dad

Some people ask themselves the question, "Can I make money from working from home?" The truth is, yes! 

To start earning money at home, you need to find a way to make it work for you. You can make money by getting paid for minor tasks like taking surveys or watching videos online, but that's only pocket change... you don't want that!

The internet has opened up many remote jobs that can be done from home. In fact lots of companies adopted an hybrid mode where you only have to go to the office every now and then, the rest of the time, you work from the comfort of your house.

You can also use your home office as your work office and take on some freelance jobs related to your skillset.

For example, if you are an accountant, you can work from home and pay by the hour or project.

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Another way to earn money (my favorite) is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is all about promoting products you don't even own and get a commission every time someone makes a purchase though your affiliate links.

What I really love about this business is that you are not actually "selling" anything! Let me give you an example, on this website I have a banner on the sidebar that says, like my website? I made it with Thrive.

Every time people click on that link and sign up for Thrive themes, I get a commission. But I'm not "in your face" selling you a site builder, just informing my visitors about the one I use! 😉

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There are very successful people (moms, dads, and even siblings) earning a full-time income online with this type of business.

Advantages of being a Work From Home Dad

The first advantage of working as a stay-at-home dad is that you can spend more time with your children/wife. Many people want this.

The second advantage of being a stay-at-home dad is that you can work from anywhere, meaning you can be more flexible about where you live/work from.

Having more flexibility in your schedule means that you can travel more often. 

You can take on extra responsibilities such as house chores or childcare for other people if needed, generating additional income for yourself or your household.

But it all depends on the type of life you seek...

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There is Time to Work and Time for The Family

We are living in a society where the average workweek is 47 hours. The problem is that many families are spending less time together due to career demands and obligations.

To make the situation even worse, it seems like there are more demands on our time than ever before. Let me ask you this, how often do you get pissed off when your phone rings? 😉 That's right! Time is our most important asset, so make sure to spend it with the ones/things that really matter.

Working from home is no different, and you'll have to plan your day as if you were going back to the office. You can't just wake up and start working because you now have duties at home and at "work." 

plan your day

That's why it is essential for everyone who works from home to use their time wiselyIf you need, use an app to help you organize your day with discipline! 

Apps/websites such as Remember the milk, Google Tasks or Microsoft Todo can help you managing your daily tasks.

Right off the bat, working from home saves you time significantly. The time you would otherwise spend commuting, meetings, and many other work-related activities convert into quality time with your family or any personal desires. At the end of the day, you just skipped the rat race...

How To Become a Full Time Stay-at-Home Dad

Being a stay-at-home dad is hard work, it requires discipline and consumes a lot of time and patience, but it's not all about changing diapers and reheating food.

That's why stay-at-home dads search for flexible jobs, but it doesn't necessarily mean doing less work, and it means that you can do your work on your own schedule

Choose what is best for your family situation or what makes you happiest. Most importantly, you are there every step of the way!

Find Flexible Jobs As A Stay-At-Home Dad

If you're like me, you want to take care of your family while still doing something that you enjoy. That's why you must find ways to make money without having a commitment with a schedule. 

I've learned many tricks for finding side hustles and flexible jobs while staying at home with my daughters.

Here are some of the things that have helped me out:

1) Look for online jobs:

This includes taking surveys, creating digital content, working on apps or software development, coding, becoming a mystery shopper, or searching for freelance gigs on platforms such as Fiver or UpWork.

Some articles you might want to check:

2) Build up your skills and experience

You can go back to school, take some short courses! Google and Amazon are great places to search for classes, and they even provide you with a certification.

Also, there are some excellent affiliate marketing courses out there if you are looking for ways to create a passive income online.

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3) Last but not least, have time for yourself

Working as a stay-at-home dad is a rewarding experience, but it is essential to take time for yourself when you are at home.

The demands of being a stay-at-home dad can be very high, and without proper rest, it can be challenging to stay healthy and maintain your sanity. Exercise is crucial, so don't forget to take care of your body by exercising and eating correctly.

Remember, you can't look after your family if you neglect yourself physically or mentally.

Working From Home With Kids Around

Working From Home With Kids Around – Challenges and Solutions

Working from home, for many people, is a dream come true. It offers increased work-life balance, however, it also has its challenges.

In fact, It does take a lot of discipline and some creativity to make it work. One of the most challenging aspects is maintaining focus and productivity when having children who want your attention all day long.

Below are some tips and tricks that can help you stay productive and focused while working from home.

1) Set a Timer:

The first step is to set up a timer (you can use your phone, app, or even a website). 

Set the time for 20 or 30 minutes and during that time, focus solely on work. You can finish up that email or do some research. 

But once the timer goes off, it's time to stop working and spend time with your kids. After 10/15 minutes, rinse and repeat! 

2) Create a Routine:

Your family will get used to being at home all day, so you need to figure out what time you can be more efficient. Is it after you take your kids to school, or maybe during baby nap... 

3) Make a to-do list

Being a work-from-home dad does not mean you can slack all day! Make sure to have a to-do list to help you get organized & get stuff done!

4) Office Shed

Suddenly you understand that your home office is not "quiet" enough... So why not get the best of both worlds? Grab yourself a small backyard office shed.

I can speak for myself; I really love working from home, but with two very energetic daughters and a labrador (not to mention my wife talking to me all the time;)), getting productive can sometimes be challenging. 

If you are lucky enough to have a garden or a small backyard, you can get your office shed installed for a reasonable sum. It's worth every penny! 

The Best Advice I Got From Other Work From Home Dads

The best piece of advice I got from other working dads is that it's not just about getting more done in less time, and it's about having a better quality of life.

But the one who really changed my life was John's advice. He told me, Pedro, build an online business that generates passive income! The more passive income you generate, the better because then you don't need to worry about work-life balance or finding time in your schedule."

This advice resonated with me because time was something I didn't have with my previous job! 

So I got my hands dirty and followed this blueprint, built my own online business that now generates enough passive income that I can take off whenever I'd like.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to find your own system. 

See what works for you and stick to it! Go all IN! If you want to add something to this Work From Home Dads Guide, drop me a line on the comment section! 

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Last Updated on May 3, 2022