Is Bluehost a Scam?

Welcome to my Is Bluehost a Scam review. When people decide to start a blog or launch a new website, there is one thing they will need for sure... a hosting provider.

Finding a reliable hosting company can be problematic nowadays because there are a ton available in the market. If you can, aim for the best!

One of the leading and WordPress-preferred hosts is the Bluehost. It has been a top-rated hosting company for many clients' websites in the past few years. 

Besides hosting, Bluehost also has an affiliate program, which means that you can make money promoting their product and services on your websites, social media, or personal engagements.

I will dive into Bluehost's affiliate program later on in this review and cover their commission structure, how they stack up against their competition, payment methods, etc.

If you are looking for an excellent hosting company or a new affiliate program to promote... I got you covered!

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Bluehost Overview

Product Name:

Bluehost Hosting


There are unique tools with different functions available as low as $2.96 + per month *plus vat


One-stop-outlet for all new and small businesses + Excellent affiliate support team inside


It gets hard mainly when you are inexperienced with SEO

What Is Bluehost?

Bluehost is a web hosting provider that hosts sites for clients, plus you can also choose tools and purchase, for example, a domain name from them, while Bluehost will take responsibility for your website overall.

Furthermore, they also provide other services like professional website building.

You can also buy compelling themes if you want your site to look unique and extraordinary from other websites or to step up from your competition.

bluehost homepage 2021

No matter what it is, all the apps and tools you could think of can find them all in the Bluehost outlet.

They have web specialists who are one call away that can help optimize your site and reinforce your domain privacy and, ultimately, security.

This way, you will safeguard your website from attackers and keep it up-to-date by merely asking for their assistance.

What Apps Or Tools Does Bluehost Offer?

Bluehost is a US-based hosting provider that provides heaps of beneficial hosting-related products, from domain names to unshakeable servers.
Let us quickly check out their wholesome outlet.

Domain Names

Even though they are not the most affordable name registrar, you can purchase domain names straightaway from Bluehost. 

The price starts at $17.99 per year

One of the most popular domain names is Namecheap, which is "believed to be" the most cost-effective and more straightforward to manage.

Shared Hosting

Except if you are handling a confidential project or need to cope with your server's configuration, then a shared hosting tool is the one you need to consider.

 Think of this as your sharing space; you will share a server (space), but you will have your hosting provider (room)– cheaper but packed than usual. 

WordPress Hosting

Bluehost has a WordPress-centered hosting service. 

It's well-optimized for WordPress websites and comes with some advantages like a staging section, a drag-and-drop WordPress builder and 300+ design templates.

Dedicated Servers

This is highly advantageous for sites that generate heaps of traffic and need to level up to a top-performing server.
You can think of this as having your resthouse from the deep forest, no city disturbance to bother you.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

This particular tool is something in between the shared hosting and dedicated servers. 

Here, you'll share a server with like-minded, but there's a line between your tasks and theirs. 

This hosting protocol is highly suggested for those who need special server arrangements. 

Their VPS hosting plan is available at $20.03 to $60.11 per month.

As you can see above, these apps and tools are essential to help you leverage online that Bluehost wholesomely provides; nevertheless, I was a bit shocked when I found out that they don't offer cloud hosting services (yet).

bluehost vps servers

struggling to make money online?

How Does BlueHost Stand Out?

As we all know, there are more multiple bargain hosts, so what’s the clear or big picture of Bluehost’s superiorities?

Better Shared Hosting

Bluehost is a top-rated company that offers nearly every web hosting tool you could need, including modernized hosting like the virtual private server, dedicated servers, and WordPress hosting.

This means that they manage the technical configurations, like keeping those bothersome WordPress plugins up-to-date for you, upgrading the core, maintaining security, and optimizing effectiveness.

One-Stop-Outlet For All New And Small Businesses

Online marketing services can simply cost five figures for each project. 

There are many shams and outdated information on the web regarding the marketing strategies you should use and not. 

Plus, the mix of the many solicitations that new business owners typically get and the result can generally be a disappointment and lack of development.

Here, you’ll find every tool you need to make your online biz thriving, especially if you’re just starting– Bluehost is an all-in-one web hosting program.

Cost-Effective Results

The great news is that some essential online marketing services can be exchanged and given at bargain costs.

That’s an essential quality of Bluehost’s system. 

Below are some of their services:

Website builder

You could use their straightforward DIY website builder to produce your own, or you can take advantage of their done-for-you websites or let the pros build a website for you.

Domains, Email & Insightful Information

Here, you’ll learn brief instructions on adequately managing a website, hosting controls, and other online marketing-related issues.

Bluehost marketing and seo

SEO, Advertising, Local Business Visibility & Social Media Marketing

Bluehost offers professional marketing services involving high-quality building content for your site. 

You can also get monthly reviews from a seasoned pro digital marketer. 

Plus, they compute your progress so you can completely track your ROI from time to time.

Also, Bluehost takes pride in excellent uptime, a smooth, intuitive CPanel (control panel) that enables you to create good-looking and functional pages for your online biz.

So, if you have a business site or need one, Bluehost is an all-in-one platform that’s worth checking out.

Find out how to make money with the Bluehost web hosting provider by reading the following sections!

Who Is Bluehost Best For?

People who are looking for a trustworthy web hosting program with a solid reputation. Bluehost is one of the oldest platforms in the industry and has been trusted by hundreds of website owners.

WordPress clients who can pay an extra amount to gain access to more features and a steadfast support team of WP professionals

Entrepreneurs for both small and large businesses across the internet channels. Bluehost is best if you are on a budget and just want general-purpose shared hosting. But consider some of the upsells on the side.

What Is Bluehost Affiliate Program?

Joining an affiliate program is as easy as signing up for any social media pages, inserting text links or banners on your website, and cashing out for any referral earnings you generate is anything but simple.

Bluehost web hosting program is one of the top-rated and well-known web hosting providers available in the market; that also has a highly effective affiliate program.

Their affiliate program pays a $65 commission for every qualified hosting purchase!

How To Join The Bluehost Affiliate Program?

Before joining the Bluehost affiliate program, just make sure you have a way to promote it. It can be a blog, a youtube channel, podcast, or any other channel of your choice.

There is no better technique to promote Bluehost's affiliate program than building a website using their great set of tools and showing others how they can benefit from using them as well.

They run the market, so you will be doing a disservice by not sharing your experiences to the new bloggers or start-ups out there! Share the love and start filling your pockets.

The main benefit of the Bluehost affiliate program is its particular unique commission structure.

When the elite web hosting providers like Hostgator pay $50 per sale, Bluehost will generously share a $65 commission per sale. That's a good catch, isn't it?

Time to show you how you can also step into the Bluehost affiliate program.

Step-By-Step Instruction To Join Bluehost Affiliate Program

First, go to the Bluehost affiliate program section, click on the sign-up, and start creating a Bluehost affiliate account.

After that, input your personal information and complete the affiliate sign-up form: username, password, email address, and PayPal email address. Then, tap on the sign-up button to proceed to the next step.

Next, you will be taken to your brand new created Bluehost affiliate dashboard. From there, you will be encouraged to provide your tax information. Please take note that without finishing this tax form, you will not be eligible to receive payments from Bluehost. So, pay attention to this section.

To submit your tax information form, click settings> tax form. If you are an American or part of an organization, you will need to fill out the W-9 form. If you’re not from the US and associated with other countries, you will have to complete the W-8BEN form.

After delivering your tax information form, your application will have to wait for the approval. Once your application is accepted, Bluehost will inform you via email notification instantly.

Lastly, now you can start promoting Bluehost’s products. To get your unique affiliate link, click “link” on the menu bar, from there you can create your first Bluehost affiliate link, widget, and banner.

Commission Structure For Bluehost Affiliates

Bluehost web hosting provider's affiliate program offers the highest commissions, rewarding you up to $65 per sale.

In the year 2020 alone, Bluehost has given over $5 million to its affiliates worldwide

You don't need to dream too high to gather up a reasonable sum. With only 10 sales, you can get $650 in your pocket!

This only means that if you make 30 sales a month, your commission will reach the four figures of $1,950.

From here, things can only get better. You can even think of a commission pump if you consistently make sales with the Bluehost affiliate program. 

Reach out to your affiliate manager and tell him about your goals. You might get surprised 😉

People can smoothly sign-up for the Bluehost affiliate program, and it only requires a PayPal account to get paid.

If you are fresh in the scene, fill in your tax information first, so you'll be smooth sailing from thereon.

How Much Can You Make With Bluehost Affiliate Program?

The exact amount of money you can make from this affiliate program entirely depends on your patience and effort.

There are plenty of affiliates who can generate more than $10,000 every month.

These affiliates produce high-quality articles on page one of SERP to acquire  traffic that converts well.

Here's my little surprise for those with zero experience who wish to start this make-money-online journey... ANYONE CAN DO IT!

Anyone with the ability to follow a training, perseverance, and willingness to take action can make money online with affiliate marketing.

But it's also essential to understand that this is not an overnight process, it takes time, but yes, that's entirely possible. You can make money while living your life on the white sand beaches! Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review and learn how people like you and me earn a full time online passive income.

You never know, this might be your next million-dollar thing to do!

How Do You Get Paid As Bluehost Affiliate?

Bluehost will pay you only when you have reached a minimum threshold of $100 in your affiliate account.

Payments will be sent to a valid PayPal account, so make sure everything is in place when you sign up for their program.

Every affiliate program covers unique earning conditions, how and where you get paid.

Bluehost’s affiliate conditions are pretty straightforward. Any visitor who clicks on your affiliate links will get a 90 days cookie to sign-up on the Bluehost package.

This means that if they buy anything within that time frame, you will get a commission.

Bluehost will pay you only when you have reached a minimum threshold of $100 in your affiliate account.

Your payment will be added to a valid PayPal account.

Make sure you have a valid/active PayPal account before joining the program to avoid any problems.

Bluehost offers around-the-clock customer support, so if you need help with anything, all you have to do is open a support ticket.

Nevertheless, like all other affiliate programs, the Bluehost affiliate system has its fair share of benefits and downturns. 

Below are the top pros and cons of joining the Bluehost affiliate program.

What I Like About Bluehost Affiliate

  • Superb Affiliate Program. Bluehost is one of the top-rated web hosting affiliate programs available at this moment. There is a first-rate payout structure where you can make significant amounts of money. You can also take advantage of their high-quality customer support and constant coaching with seasoned affiliates. In other words, there are endless means to maximize your income using the Bluehost Affiliate Program..
  • Higher Conversion Rate. For sure, it will demand time, patience, and effort with a determination to generate revenue from any affiliate program across the internet channels. Here, there is reasonable anticipation that there is a good conversion rate, cost-effective for newcomers, and the excellent name acknowledgment.
  • No skeptical promises. At some point, I was thrilled to know that Douglas was very upfront with what you will earn from this course. There are no promises of instant-millionaire. I was amazed that he did not make any fake promises. Instead, he affirms that you can get ready to work and be prepared to commit to spending ten months in-a-row learning the whole process of this game.
  • Excellent Affiliate Support Team. In the event of an approved affiliate sale, you have an excellent and dedicated support team that is always ready to assist you with any issues there is. I learned that they respond to emails instantly and provide around-the-clock support to serve you. It’s like a favorable situation for both affiliate marketers and their customers.
  • Generous Discounts & Promotions. Promoting Bluehost’s products regularly will open offers like special discounts privately via email. Come up with a high-quality guide around seasonal shopping patterns, such as holidays, the notorious Black Friday, or the first days of the year when all the entrepreneurs have fresh ideas of websites or businesses in mind.

What I Don't Like About Bluehost Affiliate Program

  • Minimum Threshold. To actually withdraw your payment, you have to make at least two sales or reach a minimum threshold of $100. You can’t cash-out your money immediately when you need it. In other words, this is not possible. Yes, things like this are uneasy but don’t worry too much as you will get your payment within 45 to 60 days at the end of the month exactly when you made your two sales or more.
  • Complex when Inexperienced with SEO. To be productive as an affiliate marketer, you must know the strategies and skills of search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is basically the bread and butter to rank your blog in front of people looking for a specific set of keywords or phrases in giant search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Before joining in the Bluehost affiliate program, discover the basics of SEO– on or off-page SEO. Once you have absorbed enough knowledge of SEO, you can proceed to join the Bluehost affiliate program and apply those skills to your blog contents, pages, and other areas of your site where you can easily attract visitors to your blog and convert them into Bluehost frequent clients.

Is Bluehost A Scam, The Bottom Line

Bluehost is a legit web hosting program that actually tops my list of the 24 Best Internet Marketing Tools  and has the most successful affiliate program across the web.

With determination, hard work, and a reliable marketing strategy, you can totally make an extra income from your site using the Bluehost affiliate program.

You can build a new site, create blog content with Bluehost, and then use your unique persuasion to recommend it to your readers.

Indeed, there are lots of reasons why people choose Bluehost when starting their blogging journey.

bluehost affiliate program 2021

You may launch your new site and apply for the Bluehost affiliate program today, and you’re on the course of making up to $65 commission each sale.

Thanks for reading!
That ends my Bluehost review, let me know your thoughts about the post above, and let’s further exchange views in the comment section below.

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