How To Write A Travel Blog Without Traveling?

Last Updated on November 4, 2022

How To Write A Travel Blog Without Traveling? Continue reading if you want to start your travel blog but aren’t sure how. Becoming a travel blogger is also possible if you can’t travel right now. This article will walk you through starting a travel blog without traveling. It will tell you how to make money with such a blog and everything else you’ll need to get started on your dream. Starting a travel blog does not require you to travel. Learn how to do so in the section below.

First and foremost, I’ll explain why and how you can start a travel blog without traveling. Following that, you’ll receive a comprehensive guide on where to begin, how to set up your website, and how to write your first blog post. Finally, you’ll learn how to make money with your travel blog.


How to Begin a Travel Blog Without Traveling

So you might wonder how to start a travel blog if you can’t travel right now. It’s certainly possible. If you want to be a travel blogger, you don’t have to be traveling. You can start from the ground up, and taking small steps leads to more extensive results.

If you want to be a travel blogger, you will need to create content for your blog related to travel. However, you may be unable to travel due to financial constraints, a Covid pandemic, or family obligations.

Whatever your motivation, there are still options for starting a travel blog. Even if you can’t travel now, I’ve got great tips and ideas for creating a travel blog.

Utilize Your Past Travel Experience

What difference does it make that you can’t travel right now? If you want to start a travel blog, you are probably interested in traveling. That means you’ve probably traveled at least a few times in your life. That’s great news because you now have some content to start your travel blog with.

If you can’t travel right now, think about your previous travel experiences, where you’ve been, what you did, and how they went. After that, you can write an article about the location. This is one method for starting a blog without traveling.

Take Day Trips Whenever You Have Time

Another suggestion for starting a travel blog if you cannot travel, mainly due to a lack of time, is to take some day trips. Take baby steps at first and explore some places when you have time. Instead of watching TV or wasting your time on the weekend, see something.

After that, you can write an article for your travel blog about it. The goal is to create as much content as possible and gain as much inspiration from travel.

Take short road trips on your days off.

If you’re broke, get a second job and save as much money as possible. For example, I always worked long hours after my University classes to supplement my income. Then I kept it and waited for an opportunity to go on some road trips around my neighborhood.

You can permanently save money if you want. Save your money instead of going to the party and spending it on drinks. Alternatively, save money instead of purchasing an extra piece of clothing you do not require.

The world constantly tempts us to buy something. The sad thing is that we don’t require any of that. So stay strong and save money for more important things, such as travel. If you really want to start a travel blog and need content, finding ways to save money for travel is quite simple.

You don’t have to travel far. Concentrate on the things you can explore and write about in your country. Remember to consider your niche, which we will discuss later in this article.

Research the perfect domain name

Find Inspiration in Others

Look to others for inspiration if you’re stuck for ideas on where to go or what to write about. Examine YouTube travel channels to see what kind of content they produce. But, please, never plagiarize anyone else’s work.

What I mean by this is to get ideas for places to visit or things to do even in your own country. Look it up on the internet or watch some YouTube videos. Then go ahead and create your content. Please never plagiarize someone else’s work.

If you’re looking for ideas for road trips, check out my travel itineraries; you won’t have to spend much time planning.

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Share Your Friends and Family’s Travel Experiences

As in the previous example, ask your family and friends where they’ve been on vacation if you’re stuck for ideas. Inquire about your grandfather’s travels and experiences. You could, for example, conduct an interview with a friend or family member about his travel experiences and then publish the results as an article on your website.

The possibilities are limitless. You only need to open your eyes to receive them. As I’ve previously stated, if you genuinely want to do something, you will find a way to make it happen (like a travel blog).

Full Guide On How To Write A Travel Blog Without Traveling

One thing to remember is that it does not have to be perfect right away. At first, turn off the perfectionist in you and start working on your travel content. The most important thing is to start blogging about travel.

You can always change things up and improve your strategy after that. To begin, it is critical to create as much travel content as possible and perfect your blog posts to be visible in Google Search.

So, let’s get started with a step-by-step guide to starting your travel blog. You’ll learn how to get web hosting, create your own website, write perfect blog posts to help your site grow, and eventually earn money from your site.

Find a low competition niche

1. Choose Your Travel Niche

You may have heard about this step because it is widely discussed on the internet. However, it is the foundation of your travel blog and the path to success. You’ll get visitors to your site if you have a good niche because you’ll attract a specific type of audience.

A good niche will also ensure that you make money from blogging in the future. A good niche is essential.

You want to start a travel blog, but that isn’t enough. Because there are thousands of travel bloggers, you must think more specifically to succeed. This is the essence of a niche. Finding a travel-related topic and writing about it. So you must decide what kind of travel blogger you want to be.

You can concentrate your efforts on family travel, adventure travel, or cultural travel. Then you can only select one continent or region. For example, you could write about adventure travel in the United States. After that, you can narrow it down even further by deciding who you want to speak with: students, families, people on a budget, or luxury travelers. So, for example, your blog could be all about budget-friendly adventure travel in the United States.

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2. Create a Name and Domain for Your Website

Congratulations on finding your niche, one of the most challenging aspects of starting a blog. The next step is to register your domain name. A domain is your website’s address so visitors can find it on the internet. It is your website’s URL (the code for your website in the search/URL bar).

You can have any domain name, but it must include your blog name. So, before you create your domain, give your blog/website/blogging business a name. Your blog’s name should reflect your niche.

So, try to come up with a name for your blog now. After you’ve obtained it, incorporate it into your domain. The domain name, in my case, is 

There are currently some disagreements regarding the domain name extension (.com, .eu, .org). I believe that ‘.com’ is the best. It is ideal for international use on all subjects. It also shows that your website is secure, giving it a good reputation.

Congratulations, you now have a specific travel niche (travel topic about which you will write), a website name, and a domain name. We can finally begin working on your website.

3. Create Your Very First Blog Post

You have now completed creating your travel website—a wonderful occasion to celebrate. Take a deep breath and examine your work. Don’t spend too much time on the design because you can always change it. The most important thing that will happen right now is content creation.

Remember that you made your website so that people could learn something. As a result, your content is an essential aspect of all. Spend as little time as possible on the design. Make your site look professional, but don’t sweat the small stuff.

Your blog posts will aid in the growth of your site. So it’s time to start making the first one.

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4. Create Categories

Once you’ve written a few blog posts, you’ll need to categorize them. It makes your site and content more organized and suggests what to read next to your readers after they finish reading an article.

‘Categories’ will appear when you click on posts in the left sidebar. Make a few and categorize your posts accordingly.

5. Keep Producing Content

As previously stated, your content is the heart of your website. So keep writing as many blog posts as you possibly can. Choose 80 to 100 articles for your site, and you’ll see your first significant results.

Remember that each blogger is unique, so there is no set time when your travel blog will be successful. However, it will undoubtedly attract visitors if you have excellent content written following best SEO practices.

6. Become An Affiliate

So you’ve been blogging for a while, published several articles on your site, and the first visitors have begun to arrive. Readers are clicking through your pages, wondering how you can all monetize them.

Affiliate marketing is the first option. When you join an affiliate program for a company or another business, you will write about their products, services, or software.

You will receive a commission from the business if your reader clicks on the link on your site and purchases something from them. One of the income streams you can establish as a travel blogger is through affiliate marketing.

Just don’t write about anything you don’t like. Only recommend products or services you use or know are excellent and beneficial to your readers. Your visitors are astute and can tell whether you are promoting someone’s product because of the high commission rate or because you genuinely like and use it. So be cautious.

7. Make Your First Dollars From Your Travel Blog

I recommend that you begin with just one source of income. Affiliate marketing is an option. You can start earning money from your travel blog in other ways once you get better at it, see some results, and increase your traffic. These are some examples:

  • create your own products
  • write paid guest posts
  • advertisements on your site
  • sponsorships & partners

Final Thoughts

These are the best ways to start a travel blog without traveling and a complete guide to doing so. Even if you can’t travel right now, I want to encourage you to pursue your dream and start your travel blog. Perhaps it is even a good thing because it allows you to focus entirely on content creation and site growth. When you can finally travel, your website will be operational, and you will be able to earn money while doing so.


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