How do You Approach a Supplier for Dropshipping

Last Updated on September 28, 2022

Looking for the right dropshipping supplier for your online store is difficult. A Google search for “dropship supplier” produces over 800,000 results. How are you supposed to pick the best supplier for your store out of thousands, and how do you approach a supplier for dropshipping?

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing a supplier for your online store. Let’s look at a few of them.

How do you approach a supplier for dropshipping

It is ideal to take a more direct-to-the-point approach when contacting a supplier, especially if their website mentions dropshipping for retailers. Request a list of wholesale distributors from manufacturers. Then, check with the wholesalers to see if they dropship and inquire about opening an account.

Tips On How Do You Approach A Supplier For Dropshipping

Make contact with the manufacturer.

The most important aspect of your business is product sourcing because this is what your customers will see: your products. Once you’ve decided what you’re going to sell in your drop ship business, you can contact manufacturers directly and request wholesale suppliers. You’ll know you’re dealing with legitimate dropshipping suppliers and wholesalers who already do business with the manufacturers. You can also inquire about dropshipping programs from these suppliers.

Distributors of dropship products

You should also contact dropshipping wholesalers. You should contact dropship distributors when sourcing your products because they can be a great source of information. This is especially true if you are just getting started. Dropship distributors are wholesale businesses selling directly to drop shippers and dropship retailers.

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Finding a reliable dropship distributor can be the most difficult aspect of the dropshipping supply chain. This is because, as our first tip shows, they aren’t always known for their marketing prowess. Dropship distributors are also difficult to assess because, unlike dropship wholesalers and dropshipping suppliers, they do not sell directly to end customers. So, what are you going to do?

Asking around is your best bet for finding dropship distributors. Contact drop shippers or retailers you know are successful at dropshipping products. Inquire whether they’ve heard of the company and, if so, how they got in touch with them. Additionally, you can ask dropshipping questions on forums. Many dropshipping suppliers are looking for partners but are inconsistent in their marketing. The dropshipping supplier’s double-edged sword is reliability vs. marketability.

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Place an order with other drop shippers.

You’re probably not inventing the wheel with your new venture. If this is the case, and other people are dropshipping the product you want to sell, you can order from them and then Google the return address. Competitor research will assist you in generating leads from legitimate wholesalers that your competitors are already using. Finding legitimate dropshipping suppliers to order from is simple, but remember that not all drop shipping suppliers are legitimate. It’s also a good idea to look into their social media presence.

Look through member directories and ask around.

Member directories are a convenient way to find legitimate suppliers, but you must pay for the service. If you go this route, consider using guides like Shopify that outline the best supplier directories. You won’t have to worry about finding a good member directory and can concentrate on the suppliers instead.

It would help if you also looked for drop shippers for your dropshipping supplier list on Facebook groups or forums. This is a great way to find out if dropship marketers can recommend dropshipping suppliers they already work with.

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Conduct your research

Consider using third-party websites such as World Wide Brands and Alibaba while researching. These sites are helpful because they provide reviews on the legitimacy of dropship distributors, allowing you to see what previous drop shippers have to say about these dropship distributors before establishing a relationship.

Because the dropshipping market is unregulated and unknown, you should always exercise caution with your money and products. You’ll want to ensure that the drop ship supplier won’t rip you off or take an eternity to deliver your dropshipping products. No one wants to do business with dropship suppliers who overpromise and underdeliver, so take precautions before getting into dropshipping.

Remember that some dropship suppliers sell high-quality products but are less marketable due to slow shipping times or subpar marketing efforts. You need dependable dropship suppliers who sell high-quality products, so finding an excellent dropshipping supplier is critical to your success.

Final Thoughts

Dropshipping suppliers can make or break your success as a business owner. As a result, maintaining these relationships is critical. If you want to find the best dropship supplier for you and your company, you must be diligent and conduct thorough research. Dropship automation software providers and member directories can assist you in locating the best suppliers for your company.


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