Ultimate Guide: How To Dropship On Amazon From AliExpress

How To Dropship On Amazon From AliExpress? Dropshipping is a great way to get started as an entrepreneur. As you are all aware, finding the right dropshipping supplier for the niche you want to sell is one of the most important aspects of running a successful dropshipping business. 

The manufactured product supplied should be of high quality and low cost, allowing you to set a reasonable selling price and earn a significant profit. Getting orders for the product you're selling is the second part of this story. Both of these issues have a solution.

To locate suppliers or manufacturers, AliExpress, an Alibaba Group website, is an online retail service website for small businesses in China that sell to international buyers. AliExpress can be the best place to find a supplier or manufacturer for a specific product niche.

And while your dropshipping website is essential to getting orders, what if you can get orders directly from Amazon, one of the largest E-commerce platforms with a much larger consumer base? Customers typically prefer to use a platform that they can rely on.

Although Aliexpress is a major force to be reckoned with, people prefer Amazon because of its brand value and the trust it has built over two decades.

To combine the services these two platforms provide, the standard procedure is to purchase products in bulk from AliExpress and stock them in your warehouse. List and sell the products on Amazon. However, this is a time-consuming process, and it is not drop shipping.

How Does Dropshipping Is Better Than Other Amazon Selling Methods?

Dropshipping is one of many ways to get started on Amazon. Wholesale, private label, retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and bookselling are all famous – and potentially more profitable – methods of selling products on Amazon.

Wholesaling is when you buy goods in bulk from a supplier to resell to another retailer or distribute yourself as a retailer, arbitrage is when you buy discounted goods from other retail stores and resell them on Amazon, and private label is when you manufacture your own products to sell on Amazon.

However, dropshipping on Amazon has several advantages over wholesaling and private labels. Here are a few of them:

Low initial startup costs

Dropshipping, unlike other popular e-commerce methods such as private labeling and wholesaling, does not necessitate the ownership of your own inventory. Instead, once the consumer has paid you for sale, you simply use a portion of the proceeds to buy the product from the supplier and have it shipped to your buyer.

Simple to set up

Dropshipping on Amazon is quick and easy to set up because you don't have to own your own inventory. After all, you're not waiting for your inventory to be manufactured and/or shipped to the fulfillment location. It is complete. You only need a sale!

A completely automated business

Numerous online apps and plugins allow you to automate Amazon drop shipping completely. As a result, you can (almost) completely ignore your dropshipping business.

Dropshipping is permitted on Amazon.

According to Amazon's policy, dropshipping is "generally acceptable." Just make sure to follow Amazon's dropshipping policies.

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What are the Drawbacks to Amazon Dropshipping?

Naturally, as appealing as it sounds in terms of its benefits, dropshipping has some drawbacks to consider.


Because the entry barriers to dropshipping are so low, competition can be fierce. Furthermore, while your products may have some differentiation, other Amazon sellers may sell identical products.

As a result, price is one of the few levers you can use to differentiate yourself from the competition, resulting in a "race to the bottom."

Timely delivery

Dropshipped items on Amazon are frequently shipped directly from suppliers and manufacturers. Those suppliers are frequently located abroad.

As a result, shipping times from overseas suppliers can range from weeks to months.

Lack Of Quality Control

Because items are shipped directly from the manufacturer to the buyer, you cannot control the product's quality. When products travel 10,000 miles or more to their final destination, it's easy to see how they could be damaged.

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Steps On How To Dropship On Amazon From AliExpress

The idea behind AliExpress Dropshipping on Amazon is that you, as the merchant, will go to AliExpress and look for a product or supplier for the product you've already decided to sell.

The merchant will then list that product for sale on Amazon. When a customer purchases a product from Amazon, the merchant orders it from AliExpress and chooses to ship it directly to the customer's address.

This is what Dropshipping on Amazon from AliExpress entails in a nutshell. So you, as the merchant, don't have to buy the product before dropshipping, so you save money on inventory.

Step 1: Conduct product/supplier research.

To begin, you must decide what product you want to sell. Here, your research should be thorough in order to determine which trending products on Amazon are likely to sell well. If you already know what you want to sell, you can use AliExpress to find the right supplier.

What to Look for in AliExpress Suppliers:

Ratings & Reviews - Ratings above 4.5 stars are acceptable.

Products sold - The greater the number of products sold by the supplier, the better and more dependable it is.

Step 2: Amazon Sales Analysis

Once you've decided on a product and a supplier on AliExpress, you should investigate who the seller is on Amazon and what sales figures they're achieving for the specific product.

To get a sense of this, scroll down on the product page you're looking at on Amazon and look for Best Seller Rank. The lower the Best Seller Rank, the better because it means the product is selling well on Amazon.

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Step 3: Create An Amazon Product Listing.

Now you must set up an Amazon seller account and create a listing for the product.

Step 4: Collect Amazon orders and ship AliExpress products.

This is where you will wait for orders from your Amazon listing. When the merchant receives orders from Amazon, they place an order for the product on AliExpress and set up a shipping address for the customer.

Tips On Making Your Amazon Dropshipping A Success

Of course, starting a dropshipping business on Amazon is simple. However, success with Amazon dropshipping requires a little more effort.

In any case, here are some pointers to assist you in your dropshipping endeavors.

Make your listing known.

To maximize sales, you must drive traffic to your product listing. This can be done in a variety of ways.

To begin, Amazon Pay-Per-Click is a corporate sponsorship program (PPC). PPC allows you to create product advertisements that appear higher in Amazon's search results for specific keywords.

Following that, you can use third-party methods to drive traffic to your Amazon product listing, such as Facebook ads, social media, blogging, email marketing, and so on. While this method is more challenging to implement if your brand does not already have a following, it can assist you in distinguishing your product from competitors.

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Wondering "Is Dropshipping Really Worth It" ? There are some things you should know...

Pay attention to the customer.

Dropshipping on Amazon eliminates many of the more challenging aspects of being an entrepreneur. You don't need to manufacture or ship your product. All you need to do is ensure the customer gets it and is satisfied.

Dropshipping allows you to devote your time to customer service rather than running your business.

Furthermore, positive product reviews are influenced by excellent customer service. Positive product reviews can also make or break your products on Amazon.

Pay attention to your brand.

As previously stated, the main disadvantage of dropshipping is that you will be selling a product over which you will have no control over the development or design. In addition, other sellers will have access to the same supplier.

As a result, you have a slight competitive advantage and must focus on the brand.

Collect samples

Before listing your item, make sure you understand it. Take the plunge and place a pre-order. It's even better to do it without the supplier suspecting you're a drop shipper.

When the sample arrives, inspect it. How did it appear when it came? How long did it take? Were the products exactly as they were described?

These minor details will help you predict how your customers will receive the product once you begin Amazon drop shipping.

Cast a wide net

Because there are no start-up costs, dropshipping allows you to cast a wider net. To put it another way, you can list multiple products simultaneously.

Some will come up short. Others will achieve success. Simply do more of what works and less of what doesn't.

As long as you follow Amazon's rules, this method is perfectly legal. Keep these tips in mind, and remember to stay organized.

How To Dropship On Amazon From AliExpress FAQ

If products are cheaper on AliExpress, why can’t customers buy them there directly?

Yes, the customer can purchase products directly from AliExpress. However, the majority of customers prefer to buy from a trusted source, which is usually Amazon. Customers are wary of purchasing from unknown websites.

What should the merchant do if shipping takes a long time?

The customer must be informed of how many working days the product will take to be delivered to them.

What if the customer wishes to return the item?

However, if your product is good, the majority of customers will accept it. However, suppose the customer wishes to return the product. In that case, the merchant must arrange for a return from them to AliExpress directly, and the merchant must undoubtedly provide a refund to the customer.

What if the product is out of stock on AliExpress, but you continue to accept orders?

To deal with this situation, you must keep an eye on AliExpress and maintain contact with the supplier. If you continue to accept orders for unavailable products, you must pay a return to the customer.

These are the only things you'll need to consider if you want to start Dropshipping on Amazon from AliExpress. This business model will also have ups and downs, but the key is to keep experimenting and seeing what works best.

There are a few Dropshipping tutorial videos on Amazon. You can get them from Aliexpress.


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Last Updated on September 27, 2022