Why Do Most People Fail In A Drop Shipping Business?

Last Updated on October 6, 2022

Starting a dropshipping business is a difficult task. It’s challenging if you’re getting into it for emotional reasons, like hearing that it made someone a millionaire. After all, a lack of experience complicates everything. It is estimated that nine out of ten dropshipping businesses fail within the first four months. Those who succeed spend most of their resources on advertising because paid marketing is the most effective way to promote a drop shipper’s products. 

Why do Most People Fail In A Drop Shipping Business?

Most drop shipping businesses fail because they use the incorrect platform for marketing their dropshipping stores and products. Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and Google Adwords are three of the most popular channels for marketing your dropshipping products.

Reasons Why do Most People Fail In A Drop Shipping Business?

1. Inability to persevere or be patient

Some people enter the dropshipping business to make a quick buck. When they face setbacks, they give up and blame the dropshipping business model for their losses.

They fail to recognize that no business success can be achieved overnight. Whether it’s dropshipping, affiliate marketing, or another business model, having the right mindset is the first step. When you decide to start your own business, you are in charge of your own success and failure. To be successful, you must be patient and persistent. Setbacks should not overwhelm you. You can grow your business by running regular tests and optimizing it.

2. Wrong market

Another reason some people fail at dropshipping is that they choose the wrong niche. Choosing which niche to sell in can make or break your dropshipping business. If you’re new to dropshipping, I recommend avoiding the following three types of products:

• Low-profit margin products: Some dropshipping beginners go after products that everyone knows about because they appear to have a large market share. However, in my experience, they are frequently accompanied by fierce competition and low-profit margin products.

When pricing your dropshipping products, you must consider the product costs, packing and shipping fees, advertising and marketing costs, taxes, possible refunds, and other factors. That is why I advise beginners to avoid low-profit margin products regardless of the market size.

• Copyrighted products: Avoid copyrighted or trademarked products, such as t-shirts for a popular television show. You are usually not permitted to sell these products unless you have been authorized to do so.

• Restricted products: Restricted products are not illegal but must be sold according to strict guidelines. Alternatively, they may be legal in some areas but illegal in others, such as cannabis. These products may appear appealing at first glance if they are sold by a small number of people and have a high-profit margin. However, selling restricted products can increase your business risk and limit your advertising.

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3. Using a Subpar Supplier

Some dropship businesses perform flawlessly, but their dropshipping supplier fails them. I’ve noticed some suppliers who take an abnormally long time to process and ship products, do not provide updates on customer orders, and so on. These factors can lead to low customer satisfaction and a gradual loss of customers’ trust in the dropshipping store. As a result, you can never be too careful when choosing a dropshipping supplier. Compare various dropshipping suppliers or platforms, and, most importantly, place trial orders to test the service.

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4. Inadequate conversion rates

Drop shippers have many visitors to their online store but only a few orders, indicating that the website has a low conversion rate. Their customers visit the website and browse the products but do not make a purchase. To avoid this, I recommend optimizing three aspects of your website:

Product descriptions: Make sure your product descriptions are clear and accurate to avoid turning off customers with grammatical errors. Also, keep in mind that a good product description tells stories and demonstrates how the product can be used in everyday life. It should also answer any questions your customers may have.

Product images: People make purchases with their eyes. Rather than simply downloading random images from your supplier, try to look for the best available images for your product and make sure your product images are crisp and compelling, have a clear background, and can be viewed from various angles. If you can’t find any suitable images, learn how to use photo editing software.

User experience: A poor user experience can hurt your sales more than you think. If your site has broken links everywhere, a clunky add-to-cart system only accepts a few payment methods, and so on, it can be difficult to build customer trust and may result in low conversions. The best solution is to go through the entire purchasing system yourself and identify any issues. If you discover a problem that may prevent your customers from purchasing, address it immediately. You can also compare various website themes to find your website’s most appropriate responsive design.

5. Inadequate customer service

Make use of the product or services

Customer service is an important consideration that I believe many drop shippers overlook. You could have a profitable niche, a great supplier, and an easy-to-use website. Still, if you don’t provide your customers with a positive customer service experience, you may experience low customer loyalty. To avoid this issue, you should serve your customer promptly.

Respond to emails when they arrive, live chats when they arrive, phone calls when they call in, and so on. If you can’t do all of these things on your own, especially as you grow, don’t be afraid to hire help. In my experience, you must provide enough assistance to visitors in order for them to convert into customers and increase customer loyalty.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, although dropshipping is a relatively low-threshold business idea, it is never just “easy money.” To succeed in dropshipping, you must also work hard and remain persistent. Only when you are determined to drop ship, regardless of any odds and obstacles, will you win the market competition and survive in the business.


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