High Ticket vs Low Ticket Dropshipping: Which Is Better?

You may have never heard of high-ticket vs low ticket dropshipping, even though these strategies are pretty simple to grasp. Before you begin your retail drop ship business or expand your offerings, you must determine the value of the products you will work with.

To summarize the differences between the two strategies, we can say: that dropshipping with a low price margin is known as low-ticket dropshipping; and high-ticket dropshipping is the practice of selling expensive products with a small profit margin.

Even if you sold fewer products, your income could be the same or higher if you use a high-ticket dropshipping strategy. However, the recipe for dropshipping contains more ingredients, and to achieve a significant and profitable result, you must consider more details.


Many people believe that high-ticket dropshipping is more profitable, but this is not always the case. It would be best if you were experienced and confident in managing a business in the online market.

Furthermore, since we're talking about dropshipping, please keep in mind that you can't get rich without investing any money in your dropshipping business. You will undoubtedly need some capital investment, but running a dropshipping business is far less expensive than stocking products in your warehouse before making any sales.

High-ticket dropshipping is defined as selling products for more than $200. There isn't really a price ceiling here. We've sold items for more than $5,000. In general, anything over $200 is acceptable. With low-ticket dropshipping, you sell products at retail for less than $200.

What is High Ticket Dropshipping?

Selling higher-priced items had to be equivalent to providing premium, high-ticket items. However, even if you add a high markup to your products, be careful not to overprice them. This business model has the potential to be highly lucrative. It should be noted; however, that high-value item are more challenging to sell.

With high-ticket dropshipping, you only need to target a smaller number of people with marketing. Also, in this model, you need to convert fewer people into genuine buyers because one buyer can generate a higher income than 30 buyers in the low-ticket model.

You don't have to convince people to buy from you all the time because high-ticket dropshipping pays well after just one order. Furthermore, you sell expensive products that can be used for years. It has long satisfied people's needs.

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When people buy expensive items, they think about it for days or weeks before making the purchase. To ensure that your visitors do not leave, you must provide them with as much helpful information about the products as possible in order to persuade them to buy from you. Answer all of their questions before they even think of them.

Furthermore, provide the best possible customer service in the shortest amount of time. Because it is high-ticket dropshipping, you will most likely have fewer customers, so dealing with support activities will be quick.

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Advantages of High-Ticket Dropshipping?

The benefit of dropshipping, in general, is that there is no need to invest money in physical inventory. This factor is more significant in high-value products. You will not face many competitors, so you will not be one in a billion. Every day, you do not have to sell hundreds of products. You can sell fewer items and earn more money.

Because your profit margins are typically higher in high-ticket dropshipping, you will have a larger marketing budget. Even though most people believe that high-ticket dropshipping products cost more than $300, this is not always the case. According to some, the limit is $400, $1,000, or $3,000. If your strategy is to sell expensive, high-quality products, you engage in high-ticket dropshipping.

Bicycles, furniture, large-scale home decoration, cameras, watches, automotive equipment, home electronics, and high-ticket hobby items are a few examples of high-ticket dropshipping products. 

This list is only meant to inspire you. The market has reached saturation. Find something distinctive, your own niche. Sell products that your target audience requires. Furthermore, if your primary focus is not on what is currently trending, you have a better chance of remaining in the market in the long run.

In terms of suppliers, you must find the best partner to ensure that your expensive products do not go missing during shipping. Giving a large amount of money back is not suitable for your company's wallet. Find a partner you can rely on, one who will not vanish without a trace, one with a generous refund policy and excellent customer service.

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It is best to work with a partner in the United States, Europe, or Australia to ensure that the product is of high quality, unique, and cannot be found in every other store, and that delivery takes only a few days. Choose according to your location.

What is Low Ticket Dropshipping?

Traditional dropshipping is defined as low-ticket dropshipping. It is what most people envision when they consider this business model in general: obtaining low-cost products from sites such as AliExpress. Every day, these businesses sell a large number of low-cost items.

More buyers are required for low-ticket dropshipping than for high-ticket dropshipping. In this case, you must focus on converting your customers into long-term fans while regularly attracting new customers. This is how low-ticket dropship businesses can survive and thrive.

Phone cases, jewelry, trending products, underwear, stationery items, cheap clothing, candles, and simple home decoration are a few examples of low-ticket dropshipping products.

Retailers choose this model because more people visit a website selling phone cases than one selling high-end road bikes. They are focused on increasing orders but require more purchases here than in high-ticket dropshipping. Furthermore, they could earn more money with nearly the same amount of work with fewer sales under the other model.

What is another significant disadvantage of this model? Customers must wait weeks to receive items purchased from sites such as AliExpress. It creates a negative customer experience.

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Transitioning from Low-Ticket to High-Ticket Dropshipping


You might be reading this and thinking of transitioning from low-ticket to high-ticket dropshipping. I understand what you're saying, and your business might not be profitable. Customers are dissatisfied because shipping takes too long. 

The good news is that if you already have a Shopify store, you can upgrade from low-ticket to high-ticket. I advise slowly moving up the ladder if there is a higher-priced product range with what you sell. Concentrate on higher-priced items while discontinuing lower-priced items.

Maybe you can't do it now. Perhaps what you're selling lacks a high-ticket price product line.

If that's the case, you can simply create a new Shopify store using your knowledge of how you built the first one. This time, however, concentrate on a high-ticket niche and stick to where the real money and opportunity are.

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Which model should you go with?

I can say that using the high-ticket dropshipping model has the potential to be highly profitable for your business.

Whatever you do, make sure you carefully select your niche. Sell one-of-a-kind, high-quality items with expedited shipping. It is best to avoid purchasing products from AliExpress and other similar websites. You must find a genuine, local supplier with a short lead time to provide the best retail service to your customers.

In terms of low-ticket dropshipping, you can use the products from this model to find buyers for your high-ticket dropshipping items. It would be similar to a hybrid model. However, you cannot do so with every product. It's impossible to have versions for high- and low-ticket items for everything, or it wouldn't be worth it. Do not attempt to combine the two models by selling Gucci bags alongside fluffy, low-quality Alibaba phone cases in the same store.

You can help smooth out sales volumes and have a consistent source of income by creating a well-designed hybrid of low- and high-ticket dropshipping. Cheaper items can be used as a starting point.

There is, however, no good recipe. Nobody can say which model is the absolute best for everyone.

You must position yourself on the market as a one-of-a-kind store with one-of-a-kind offerings. Discover your style, and don't forget about professional branding. A strong brand identity is essential. Examine your competitors to see how you can outperform them and be different and better than them.

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High-ticket dropshipping is a more stable model that I recommend if you want to build a brand and business that people will take seriously and trust.

The Bottomline

That concludes our comparison of high-ticket and low-ticket dropshipping, as well as an explanation of why we prefer high-ticket.

Hopefully, you can see why high-ticket dropshipping is the way to go now. If you need a refresher, or if you want a quick recap, here it is:

  • High-priced items are those that cost more than $200.
  • It is better to sell high-ticket items because you'll spend less time selling but make a lot more money.
  • It is doable to transition to high-ticket dropshipping, but you may need to create a new Shopify store using the knowledge you gained from the first.

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Last Updated on September 29, 2022