My Honest China Cash Clone Review!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Welcome to my China Cash Clone Review! Everyone wants a life wherein they wouldn’t have to worry about money ever again and you can even go to places you have never been to before with your loved ones. What’s even better is that you can earn this money without having the need to hustle day and night and you can do all of that within the comforts of humble home. If I were given the chance, well, don’t mind me if I do! You think the same thing, too, right? 

While I was randomly surfing the web, I came across this glitch which apparently tells me that I  can finally live the life I have always wanted. In fact, they tell me that I can even make $5,000 everyday and millions of dollars on a daily basis with just the bare and minimal effort. It certainly caught my attention but there’s just one problem – it seems too good to be true and it probably is.

I don’t want to be the first one to fully believe and commit myself to China Cash Clone without digging deeper into this program. In light of that, I have dug up some dirt on this website and thank God I did! That was so close! I was not born yesterday to not think that if something seems too good to be true, it most likely is!

I am here today to deliver you all the truth, facts, and ugly lies behind China Cash Clone, and I’m going all out! If you don’t mind, then it’s story time!

China Cash Clone Review

Product Name: China Cash Clone
Founder: Daniel Barder
Logo: china cash clone logo
Product Description: Dropshipping and e-commerce store builder
Best For: NOBODY
Recommended: NO


China Cash Clone on The Surface

china cash clone homepage

China Cash Clone is a website which supposedly utilizes a so called glitch found on the Internet to help you gain access to the unexploited and untapped methods that the Chinese use to make at least $5,000 everyday. Each day that passes means another billionaire is created within China, and this website apparently teaches you every method possible to tap into all this cash and riches. Anybody can do it, even if you don’t have any experience as the introductory video on the website says. All you would need is an internet connection, laptop, and a desire to make your fortune online.

As I made my way through the China Cash Clone, it seems that this website is created and founded by none other than Daniel Barber. Sorry, that was awkward – Daniel Barber who? Well, nobody really knows. I’ll get back to this mystery man later on, but this person who is apparently behind all this said he used to flip burgers until he met Mr. Fong which introduced him to China Cash Clone and ever since then his life wasn’t the same old shithole anymore.

All you have to do is buy your way into the software, pull a few strings, sit back and relax, and then watch the money flood into your account. It’s as if Daniel Barber is pooping money every second just for you. Okay – now, I’m confused. Where does the money come from? How is all of this possible? Is there really a glitch that makes you all this money? 

Hold on! In this China Cash Clone review, let’s take things one by one. There is no way in hell that all these claims China Cash Clone is claiming is 100% legitimately true, something inside me just tells me not to fall into this rabbit hole. But of course, now that we have scratched the surface on this website, let’s understand with enthusiasm how things go out and about in China Cash Clone.


How Does China Cash Clone Really Work?

The Truth

Okay, first things first. China Cash Clone encourages you to enter your full name and your email address. Plus, you have to pay a start up fee of $9. Even though it’s only a small amount, China Cash Clone guarantees you can receive this money back within 60 days of initial purchase if you are not satisfied with their services. I must give them credit for that. They have confidence in this software they developed and to think that everyone will surely be satisfied with it takes guts.

china cash clone fee

Anyway, once you’re inside the platform you must be thinking – where the hell is the glitch China Cash Clone promised which will have you earn thousands of dollars? Well, there’s no such thing. Everything they told you are all lies, fake promises, false claims, and bullshit. 

In reality, China Cash Clone is a website that’ll teach you all about how to create your own ecommerce store. That’s right, it’s all about dropshipping tutorials and video content. There’s no glitch, and there’s certainly no unexploited and untapped methods that make the Chinese rich on this website. Here, you will be presented with training content in the form of videos which could reach up to 6 minutes in length. These videos will teach you how to use WordPress and dropshipping tools such as Alidropshop and Woocommerce.

Now, dropshipping is a legit business model wherein in the case of China Cash Clone, you will source the products from AliExpress and have it shipped directly to your customers without having the need to go through you. AliExpress will do the shipping for you which means you don’t have to worry about inventory and such. But of course, you’re still the one managing the store so you would have to take care of marketing, gaining customers, and dealing with operations. 

All The Upsells You Weren’t Told About

Before you can get to your dashboard, you would have to get pass through the upsells that China Cash Clone offers. Thought you’d get away by only paying $9 at the start? Nope! Daniel Barber will not stop until he has milked out all the money you have. Apparently, these upsells are all optional but of course, China Cash Clone will make you feel like you’re missing out if you don’t avail of these upsells.

china cash clone x

The first upsell they offer is the Cash Clone X. When handling an online store, you’re going to have to take care of a lot of things and it definitely won’t be easy. What particularly needs your attention and a lot of work is gaining traffic to your online store. This is the foundation of everything. You can have a pretty store layout and the best quality of products but this is all for nothing if you don’t get traffic to your website. Remember, no traffic equates to no customers!

And so my point is Cash Clone X will supposedly teach you how to drive traffic to your online store. You can gain access to this for $177. While the other upsell costs $147, it provides you with 3 ready made stores and what I really mean by a ready made store is that it’s only a duplicate of the stores they have provided to other members of China Cash Clone. Of course, you can customize the store yourself but for search engines, all of it are the same so it would be hard for you to rank on search engines like Google especially if there are high authority ecommerce websites such as Shopify or Amazon.

Your China Cash Clone Dashboard

china cash clone dashboard

On your dashboard, you will find a link which supposedly redirects you to a webinar by John Crestani teaching you all about paid traffic. Right, this link is a dead end. There’s nothing here but a link to the extremely overpriced and irrelevant affiliate system of John Crestani. You can disregard this one, please.

Then, you would gain access to all the video tutorials on how to create your own online store. It’s the basics – setting up the domain, hosting, processing orders, and WordPress among others. You can also find the upsells, if you bought them, on your dashboard.


Can You Really Make Money With China Cash Clone?

I believe that you can definitely make money with China Cash Clone – but not just in the way they suggest. They make it look like this website is some automated money making machine printing you thousands of dollars. Of course, what’s a better way than playing with the emotions of people and have them think they can now finally live the life they had always wanted? Smart strategy, but it’s a cheap and sick move. 

You can earn money with dropshipping and creating your own online store just like any other business ever, but it’s not as easy as breathing or blinking your eyes. You’re going to have to hustle and work your ass off. You need to be in charge of driving traffic to your store, winning over customers, sourcing products from AliExpress, tracking of orders, and I could go on, really. I don’t want to overwhelm you but that’s just the truth. 

China Cash Clone is nowhere near the claims they are making! In this China Cash Clone review, I am going to present you with all the red flags I dug up on this website! As if it’s not already crap by now, I am digging China Cash Clone a deeper grave.

China Cash Clone Red Flags Exposed

Daniel Barber is Fake

I searched for Daniel Barber on Google and on other social media accounts, and there is no result leading me to China Cash Clone. Plus, if he really created such a breakthrough platform which makes people rich, shouldn’t the Daniel Barber I am looking for be on the first page of Google? I searched the Internet far and wide for Daniel Barber of China Cash Clone, and there’s just no trace on him. 

The introductory video when you first set foot on the website will just tell you that his name is Daniel Barber – and there’s nothing else. No picture, no contact number, and nothing to help us know who he is. Heck, that name might not even be real for all I know.


Fake Testimonials

The introductory video feature testimonials of China Cash Clone members which states that they earned thousands of dollars without having to do a lot of effort and it didn’t even take up much of their time. Basically, the website makes you believe that it could work for you as well. But of course, I highly doubted this really worked for these people in the first place and so I had to do some homework. 

I knew it. Some of these people seemed familiar to me and it’s because these people are actors from Fiverr! No, they are not earning thousands of dollars. They are only being paid a few dollars for saying some nice things about China Cash Clone even if it means they have to lie. Oh, right, they’re only actors. Don’t believe any of these people. 

china cash clone fake testimonials

False Claims and Promises

china cash clone claims

China Cash Clone is extremely different from what it was supposed to be in the first place. Dropshipping and an ecommerce store is nowhere near an automated money making machine. In no realm and universe in time does an online store take up only 10 minutes of your time and in no way does it bring you $5,000 everyday. Dropshipping and building your online store is just like setting up your own brick-and-mortar store. You get the picture now. It’s not child’s play at all. 


Dates Do Not Make Sense

China Cash Clone is registered only this March 2019 as said on their domain records, but the testimonials are not adding up at all. As you would see, the members on the website joined China Cash Clone within the year 2018. How the hell is it possible to join something that is obviously not existing yet? I don’t know what they’re trying to pull off with this preposterous lie, but it’s not helping at all. 

china cash clone registration date

china cash clone members

The Scarcity Effect

The website will have you rush and immediately sign up to this software by making you think that you are running out with this damn timer set for 15 minutes. The idea here is you will lose your opportunity to gain access to the untapped and unexploited riches of the Chinese if you don’t sign up within 15 minutes. 

china cash clone timer

So, I patiently waited for that timer to run out and OH MY GOD! Nothing happened! I refreshed the page and guess what? The timer is running again. This scarcity effect is famous with scams like these and let me tell you, it’s just another cheap and sick strategy to trick people – particularly the innocent ones.

What I Like About China Cash Clone

Even if it’s crap, I must say, you’ll be getting a little bit of your money’s worth with the training content China Cash Clone provides. You may learn a thing or two about how to create your own online store but that’s just how far this cloud goes on. Everything else is just bluff.

Final Thoughts on my China Cash Clone Review!

There’s just too many red flags this website exhibits and it can’t just be disregarded or overlooked, and so I have come up with the conclusion that China Cash Clone is indeed a scam! Everything about it is fake – the owner, the testimonials, the registration dates, and even what the software’s supposed to be is all just a deception. I don’t think there is anything genuine with this website at all. They make you believe their software is a breakthrough money making machine of some sort without having the need to work more than 10 minutes a day when in reality it’s all training content on how to create your own online store. Like, it’s two totally different things! 

Although, there is nothing wrong with building your own online store and dropshipping is a legit business model, in no way does this earn you thousands on a daily basis and this one requires you to work and hustle like crazy as if you’re building a brick-and-mortar store. China Cash Clone will provide you training on this and that’s probably the only thing this website is good for.

Hey, do you know what’s better than dropshipping and building your online store? I have an idea – what do you think about blogging and affiliate marketing? It’s the same as creating your own online business except that you don’t have to worry about sourcing your products, shipping it directly to your customers, track and deal with lost orders. Like who needs to do all those! It’s all too much of a hassle, I tell ya. 

Though affiliate marketing also takes a lot of your time and effort, I can at least assure that affiliate marketing is a legit business model and the number one way to make guaranteed money online. In fact, it can even be your source of passive income – something China Cash Clone can never provide you! Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review now and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

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