Is Volusion a Scam?

Greetings and welcome to my Is Volusion A Scam post. It seems like today (if you haven’t noticed it yet), the e-commerce solutions have totally laid out and expanded the opportunities for people to launch and build real businesses online appropriately.

With such a rise of entrepreneurs who continues to explore these e-commerce platforms, the demand for quality, and ultimately, a user-friendly website builder also pervades.

As we know it, website builders are made with the primary purpose of enabling people with zero coding experience to support building a modern-looking and professional online business. 

Also, the main goal of these e-commerce solutions is to find a straightforward way to offer costumers an uncomplicated, convenient interface along with comprehensive tools and some customizations on the side.

Not every website builders and e-commerce platforms can provide precisely like that, but perhaps Volusion can pull that off? That’s what we’re about to discover.

Allow me to address for once and for all that Volusion is legit, and together let’s separate the facts and the rumors circulating online about this e-commerce solution. Are you with me?

In this guide, we’ll go closer through its overall features, marketing materials, pricing plans, and everything else you need to know, which are very important, especially to a potential customer like yourself. But before we actually start our agenda for today, let’s read this brief overview below.

What Is Volusion?

Volusion is founded by Kevin Sproles’s humble abode located in Austin, Texas, in 1999, making it one of the oldest running online store platforms in the e-commerce game.

This full cloud-based app is one to consider in your shopping cart, and with a good intention, basically, it’s a Payment Card Industry (PCI) certified and included on Visa’s highly-suggested provider’s list.

Volusion Homepage

Ever since its inception, it has produced over $21 billion in sales and now single-handedly holds more than 40,000 online businesses worldwide. Volusion has supported thousands of customers worldwide and other well-known brands such as Disney, Chicago Tribune, Motorola, and even the 3M.

How Does

Volusion Works?

Volusion takes pride in generously providing users with carefully thought-out features, focused on getting the most out of your online business, and prioritizing sales.

Articulate Themes

Volusion’s themes are first-rate. There is an array of designs, a little over 300 of it, but not enough to intimidate you. 

Every design is articulately made, so you would know you are trusting your business up for success. Some themes are free, and others come with a charge, but there is a right combination of both. 

Overall, Volusion templates provide not only lovely aesthetics, but they also help you to set up for a simple assembly of your online biz.

SEO Solutions

An important feature, Volusion SEO, boosts you to rank well in SERP. While there is no distinct formula or code to crack for SEO, Volusion provides optimization recommendations that will help you establish for development when it comes to the breakthrough of SEO.

Reliable Email Marketing

Building and running a customer-based website is made simpler with Volusion’s email integration called MailChimp. You get to rely on it; mainly because MailChimp and Volusion are meant to work hand-in-hand, so you can access your customers and their shopping history data to forward post-order emails, top of minds, promotions, and many more.

Superb Speed

The loading period of pages is usually a swim or sink factor for a client’s retention and a higher ranking (obviously). Google will tear you down in the algorithm if your website doesn’t load naturally enough that customers leave without even performing their intentions

Patience is not known in the e-commerce game.

However, the good news is with Volusion; it is well-developed for a superb speed as its websites are hosted on servers that are mainly intended to carry heavy traffics in the internet channels and ultimately loads quickly.

Solid Customer Management

From tracking your customer’s history to handling customer contacts, the Volusion customer dashboard makes things more convenient. There’s even incorporated analytics, so you can monitor the essential metrics and acquire insights into customer’s behavior that will prove advantageous for marketing strategies and managing clients in real-time.

Mobile Responsiveness

All themes and websites; everything is configured to be responsive on mobile devices or even on desktop. Since adaptability in the platform visitation, either desktop, mobile, or iPad, is essential for retaining customers, and not being too concerned about this quality definitely is a big deal.

Inventory Management

Without a doubt, one of the most crucial components of any e-commerce website operating at the moment is how comfortably you can add and handle products. With Volusion, adding the latest item for sale is streamlined and easily tracked. You begin by setting up some necessary information and uploading a picture after that Volusion walks you through description with a step-by-step process.

Fantastic Onboarding

Offering a hand in helping to organize things means you aren’t left on your own if you’re not a hundred percent sure of what to do next in the first place. Right from signing up, Volusion offers to guide questions to ensure and determine what type of site you’ll want to set up and the unique kind of offerings you’ll be dealing with.

Who Is Volusion Best For?

  • If you’re someone whose seeking an e-commerce solution that offers a lot of support for start-ups or fresh from the online world, Volusion would be an excellent choice. It comes with no extra charges to be of concern about any plan on offer, along with email marketing tools, affiliate programs, and other beneficial features provided on every tier there is.

Volusion Pricing

Even though Volusion used to be a cheaper option for competitors like BigCommerce and Shopify, in September 2018, it carried out unlimited bandwidth plans with higher prices. These new plans provide endless bandwidth numbers, and product storage is underscored by the level of sales activity you can notice. Let’s take a peek at them one by one.

Personal Plan

The Personal Plan: price starts at $29 per month and can help businesses with up to $50,000 in annual online sales. Some of the features covered in this plan are the inventory management system, automatic tax calculator, the ability to offer coupons, and an available number of products and bandwidth.

Professional Plan

The Professional Plan: price starts at $79 per month and can offer businesses up to $100,000 in-line sales each year. With this plan, you’ll get everything in the Personal Plan plus the abandoned cart recovery, the power to gather and manage reviews, accept phone orders, and synergize with fulfillment centers.

Business Plan

The Business Plan: price starts at $299 per month, and it comes to support up to $500,000 annual online sales. Together with all the perks in the previous plans, you’ll also gain access to a dedicated group that will assist your overall business and account management gaming.

Prime Plan

The Prime Plan: is Volusion’s tailor-made solution for enterprise business levels. This plan is best suited for large companies looking to make colossal development and offers a unique and branded encounter. Together with all the perks mentioned above, the clients who availed in this plan will gain direct support via Slack. The pricing is quote-based. For more details, contact Volusion via their official site.

Please note that Volusion provides cheaper monthly charges if you choose a one-year contract. Now, if you have multiple stores registered inside Volusion, you can apply for a 10% discount on every store you have under them– and keep in mind about the 14-day free trial.

How To Make Money With Volusion?

Volusion is an e-commerce solution that allows small businesses to build, manage, and enhance their online stores. They offer customers with specialists to assist them every step of the way, including support with domain purchases, web design, SEO, cart integration, and even protection from attackers.

Affiliates can be rewarded a 200% commission on the referred client’s first monthly payment, playing around from $29 up to $299 (or even higher with their Prime Plan). 

As an affiliate, you’ll also gain access to marketing tools to help in your promotional measures. Affiliates directly access their product catalog, exclusive marketing tools, and a unique promo tracking code. 

Moreover, Volusion employs Impact Radius to handle its affiliate program.

Together with their referral program, they also provide a reseller discount. Web designers and e-commerce business owners get discounts up to 35% on monthly fees of hosting plans, unwavering support, and an additional discount on selected services.

Why Should You Promote Volusion?

It would be best to promote Volusion simply because it is a complete e-commerce solution with a very high commission rate and exclusive marketing tools to scale up against your competition

Together with their very abundant commission rates, Volusion also provides its affiliates with a large selection of marketing tools to support them increase their conversion rates from time to time.

Volusion: Pros & Cons

  • Overall Features You’ll Ever Need. Volusion’s features listing is understandably long and enough. Even better, with plenty of very beneficial features like SEO solutions and additional discount services available on all plans. That said, this doesn’t exist with every e-commerce solutions out there, and a unique advantage Volusion has.

  • Proficiency At Its Finest. Volusion has been in the e-commerce world for 20 years (1999-2020), making it the older man on the street. Thus being old also determines you have racked up years of knowledge. This is reflected in the training and guidelines in the Volusion help center, where you can face answers to an array of questions concerning the creation and management of an e-commerce business.

  • Volusion Reviews. Volusion acquires four stars out of five on TrustPilot, with 57% of its 369 reviews rated “excellent.” In these reviews, customers flocked about Volusion’s customer support, articulate themes, and various functionality.

  • Increased Pricing. Even if Volusion did provide more when it upgraded its plans, the latest pricing means it charges roughly the same as BigCommerce and Shopify. This is a strict reason to consider, given that BigCommerce and Shopify are more popular brands. Although that does not automatically make them better solutions, I must say that their height has afforded them more alliances with third-party apps across the digital world.

  • Sales Limits. Identical to BigCommerce, Volusion also has sales limits on every plan on offer. However, unlike BigCommerce, it is not vividly explained what will happen if you overstep your annual sales limit. Before Volusion has limited bandwidth plans, they usually charge customers $7 for each extra gigabyte they grant over their allocated number for the month. I would think a similar type of charge would be imposed here. Anyhow, this is not ideal for developing businesses, for the small ones to be exact.

  • Unsatisfied Customer Reviews. Even though many pleased customers testified the excellent side of Volusion on TrustPilot, there were also some exceptions. Among the reviews of Volusion, I saw some people having difficulty understanding how to use this solution, with limited integration options, outmoded features, and even bugs from here to there.

Is Volusion A Scam, The Bottom Line

Therefore, Volusion is legit and a good option, although I can’t call it the best. Volusion’s limited integrations make the solution less extendable than I would like it to be. 

In this respect, I can only recommend Volusion to small business owner out there with limited experience and not so broad expertise in e-commerce gaming. If that sounds like you, take a leap of faith and accept Volusion’s 14-day free trial for a spin.

Try Volusion 14days free trial today

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Thanks for reading! That wraps up my ‘Is Volusion A Scam’ post. If you’d like to add something in-line on the post above, comment it down below, and together, let’s help people of the online world decide a more informed buying decision.

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