What Should We Not Sell At Dropshipping?

Last Updated on September 27, 2022

What should we not sell at dropshipping? Dropshipping is a popular business model that allows entrepreneurs to sell products without having to keep inventory on hand.

It has recently gained popularity, and many people want to participate.

However, there are some products that should be avoided! In this article, I will discuss various products that you should avoid when dropshipping in order to keep your dropshipping business healthy and profitable.

What Should We Not Sell At Dropshipping?

Make sure to avoid diet products that are digestible such as diet teas, diet pills, and anything digestible that you don’t understand; Items bearing trademarks such as items with Marvel and Star Wars logos; and boring products such as watches and white beanies since they don’t have a scarcity appeal, nor do they sell quickly!

Common Products You Should Avoid Dropshipping

Skinny Jeans

Tight jeans are the first item on this list of items to avoid dropshipping.

This first product will not surprise you if you’ve ever had to return clothes due to sizing or fit issues. Online shopping has also increased the number of clothes that do not fit once they arrive. That means more potential returns and refunds for your company.

The first issue with tight jeans is the size difference between US, European, and Chinese sizes. Pant sizes differ between stores, even within the same mall. It’s no surprise that sizes from a supplier in, say, China will also vary. Chinese sizes are typically one to two sizes smaller than US sizes. If your US customer usually wears a medium, they need to order a size up.

You are welcome to include a size chart. However, most customers will order the same size. Including a disclaimer to order one size up can confuse and is not conducive to a positive customer experience.

Prepare for potential returns and refunds if your customers order jeans in the wrong size.

The second issue with this product is that customers are incredibly picky about how their jeans fit. Even if they order the correct size, customers frequently complain that the jeans do not flatter their figure as expected. That is why selling this product is so difficult. Even if you are particular about the size differences, there is a high possibility of returns.

So, what are you selling instead?

Consider selling stretchy leggings or pants. Although a size chart should still be included, the stretch will help ensure a good fit.

Customers are more likely to purchase loose or stretchy pants. Customers will feel more confident ordering a medium, knowing the material has some stretch. This means lower profits for you, the business owner!


Although you can sell furniture at a high-profit margin, it is almost certain to cause you a lot of trouble.

Selling furniture violates the most important rules for new drop shippers: never drop ship a product that cannot be shipped via ePacket! ePacket shipping is a cheap and quick shipping method from China.

Because of the size restriction, ePacket shipping is swift: A product must be 90 by 60 cm in size and weigh less than two kilograms to be eligible for ePacket. Don’t worry; the majority of products meet these requirements!

Furniture, on the other hand, not so much. This means you’ll have to choose another shipping method. Other shipping methods will be much more expensive, sometimes even more costly than the product itself. They may also take much longer than ePacket. That is not a positive experience for either you or your customer.

At the same time, home decor is a lucrative niche. So, if you want to stay in this niche, here’s what you should instead sell.

Consider selling bedding sets or other items that can be used as accessories to large furniture pieces. Consider throwing pillows for sofas and tablecloths for dining room tables. These items are in the home decor category, but they are small enough to ship via ePacket.

Products that are counterfeit or copyrighted

You’ve probably already seen this on the list of products you can’t advertise on Facebook.

The inability to advertise these products on Facebook isn’t the only reason you shouldn’t include them in your dropshipping store.

Another reason is that if people expect the product to be real, they may be disappointed in you and your store. Furthermore, if these companies discover that you are selling their product counterfeits, you will likely face legal consequences.

Of course, one exception is if you obtain a license from that company to sell these products officially.

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Face Masks

Why? If you carefully read Facebook’s Advertising Policy, you’ll notice that you’re not allowed to advertise health claims products.

Because health claims are so broad, this is a difficult rule to apply. Simply put, none of the products you advertise on Facebook can claim to improve someone’s health. That means, for example, you can’t say your face masks brighten people’s skin because Facebook considers that a health claim.

However, you must follow their rules to take advantage of Facebook’s massive audience. If you sell something and claim that it will improve someone’s health, your ad will be rejected, and your account may be banned. This is serious business! 

Don’t be concerned if you’ve discovered a winning product that cannot be advertised on Facebook. Find a complementary or related product in the same market. Promote that accessory on Facebook to drive customers to your store. Customers can then decide whether they want to buy more of the vanity or discover those face masks. You will not have to redo your store or branding and will not be banned from Facebook.

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When starting dropshipping, many people choose the watch niche.

I would advise you to avoid this market unless you have the necessary experience to deal with all of the competition in this niche.

Furthermore, many people associate these watch stores with “scam stores.” Most people who begin dropshipping use the free plus shipping method. And can you guess what kind of products they’ll most likely include? Watches

Final Thoughts

That’s all there is to it! Common products you should avoid dropshipping!

I hope you learned something from this list, and I hope you will do your research thoroughly if you decide to dropship any of these products.

Hopefully, you’re no longer afraid to begin or continue your dropshipping journey!


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