How to Search on the Web

How to Search on the Web

When your surfing the web for something more specific or technical and the simple google search don’t get you the answer you need, you find  yourself asking how to search on the web? Most of us had this thought at least once, let me explain to you how to search on the Web properly. Tips and tricks for how to get the most out of search engines.

In order to understand how to search on the web let me tell you this, search engines are pretty simple “minded” they like plain, short and simple text. It will be easier to show you some examples.

Concentrate on keywords of things you want to find, for example, you preparing your wedding and you want to rent some chairs, the wedding party will be in the vicinity of Los Angeles. Let’s check below the different search options.

Usual John doe would search for party rental company, thing is, if you just want chairs you don’t need to waste time browsing party company websites.  

You could also search google for chairs for weddings this might get broad since you might stump in people selling furniture for weddings, or people just writing blogs about weddings. The right thing to do would be chair rental weddings tip:don’t place for, to, in between the main keywords, like I said before search engines like it simple.

learn How to Search on the Web

Now we have other problem, google is now showing me several models of chairs and all party rental across the globe. Since this is a rental service that we pay per chair and transport service the nearer the party rental company is from me the better/less expensive the service will be.

I will tight up the search results right now, i have made my mind and i want a silver chair for my wedding, i will google for silver chair rental Los Angeles this would go exactly what i’m looking for, i call this a long tail keyword, google and others search engines love them. Thig about long tail keywords is the high conversion rate since people usually get exactly what they looking for. check below.

How to Search on the Web properly

Another nice tip is the use of “ “ , those will tell google to search an exact match of what’s in between. Ex:

You looking for a song you don’t know the name, but you remember part of the lyrics you listen to the radio earlier, “KISS HONEY LIPS FELT” paste that on google and it will search for those words in that exact order not in a random isolated word search.

How to Search on the Web tips

Using long tail keywords and exact match searches will get you better and faster results. Master this couple of search techniques and help your friends and family how to search on the web properly. If you need any further help or have any doubt about anything written above, drop me a comment i will get back to you. Hope you liked those how to search on the web tips.

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  1. Excellent post on how to properly conduct proper web searches. I liked the tip on using quotation marks, I find this helps greatly in targeting results. With so much information on the internet that is essentially useless, it is good to know how to search properly. I find also that inserting a plus between words is a good way of finding affiliate programs. Have you used this particular strategy?

    • hi Cole, yes I have, is a very good way to find afiliate programs

      I will update this post with couple more tricks including that one, thank you for bringing it up 😉


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