Tips On How To Do Customer Service When Dropshipping

Last Updated on October 3, 2022

Providing excellent customer service is one of the most crucial table stakes for any business. This is especially important in an online business.

An excellent online store that wants to dominate the market can afford everything except one – a bad review. With that in mind, I created this ultimate guide that contains information about dropshipping customer service.

By the end of this guide, you should better understand why customer service is so important in dropshipping.

What Is Dropshipping Customer Service?

Dropshipping customer service entails responding to your customers’ queries, inquiries, and questions. It is a service that offers your customers assistance with their orders and their overall experience with your website.

Selling a product is one aspect of dropshipping; providing customer service is another aspect of your dropshipping business that will delight your customers. Simply put, good customer service converts prospective customers into loyal customers.

Is Customer Service Required for Dropshipping?

Yes. If you run a dropshipping store, it is very unlikely that you will not receive customer queries and inquiries. This is especially true if you work with Chinese clients or product sourcing websites such as AliExpress.

Why? This is because your customers will be uncertain about many things, including the following:

  • The actual appearance of products
  • How to Apply the Product
  • The credibility of your online store
  • Delivery times vary by region.
  • The products’ exact delivery date
  • Tracking information for packages

Sometimes, your customers simply need to speak with someone from the online store to determine whether or not they can trust the online store with their money. They would simply ping customer service to see if they received a valid response.

As a result, your customers will most likely want to contact your customer service. As a result, it is critical for a dropshipping business.

What Happens If a Dropshipping Company Doesn’t Offer Customer Support?


The real goal of online selling is to get repeat orders of the same products or to cross-sell other products to your current customers.

In the United States, up to 40% of customers stop purchasing from a company after receiving poor customer service. The same is true for the rest of the world.

If you don’t want to lose customers, you must also focus on providing excellent customer service.

Getting new customers is far more complicated than keeping existing ones. That is the key to success and profit in the dropshipping industry.

A few drop shippers will also agree to refund the product’s price while allowing the customer to keep the product. They do this in order to retain customers and build a good reputation in the eCommerce industry.

How To Do Customer Service When Dropshipping: Techniques

The following are the best and most common ways to provide customer service, regardless of which dropshipping platform you use.

Contact Page

Every good dropshipping website includes a Contact Us page. This is primarily a simple form that collects a customer’s email address and requests their questions. You receive an email with the same subject and respond.


We mean domain email when we say email. would be an example of this. This would reassure your customers about your legitimacy. Your customers will send you an email, and you respond with responses from the same email address.

Live Help

Live Chat is one of the most recent additions to websites, including online stores. This includes online retailers. For the same purpose, Shopify has apps, and Woocommerce has plugins.

You are not required to be available for the live Chat. You can configure the live chat app to automatically respond to customers and communicate the time of your return.

Telephone Number

Some customers believe that they can only be satisfied by speaking with someone on the phone. To help such customers, you should include a phone number on your website.

We understand what you’re thinking! “I don’t have a business phone number, and I can’t put my personal phone number on my website.” No worries.

You can use toll-free number service providers. Having a toll-free number on your website will boost your credibility significantly.

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Social Media Platforms

ceo movement social media training

Dropshipping and social media are inextricably linked. You must have social media accounts with your company’s name so that you can interact with your customers and prospects.

Each of your business accounts would require its own social media page. You’d need it to run ads, increase engagement, gather social proof for your products, and respond to customer comments and messages.

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How Do You Reduce Customer Service When Dropshipping?

Customer service may appear simple, but meeting your customers’ needs requires significant time and effort.

A good drop shipper collects as few customer emails as possible. If a customer is unsure about something, he should contact you. As a result, you must provide all relevant information to your customers so they are not left in the dark.

The following are some approaches to customer service.

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Take The Initiative.

Being proactive entails anticipating customers’ questions. Consider your products from the perspective of a customer. Consider the questions that may arise in the minds of your customers and try to answer them on your website.

Being proactive also entails providing your customers with information that they are likely to require. For example, your customers will likely inquire about the arrival of the products they ordered.

You can avoid their email requesting the current status of their order by sending yourself regular emails about the status or location of their products.

Give Your Products a Detailed Description

Evergreen products

A good product description anticipates many questions. Try to create a detailed product description so that your customers understand the uses and benefits of your products.

Go ahead and make a video if your product requires it. If your product is technical, include a “how to use” section on your product page.

If the product has other requirements for different regions, those details must be included in the product description. For instance, the charger for an electronic product may necessitate the creation of various adapters for different regions.

Provide Product Reviews that Include Photos and Videos

Most customer inquiries can be resolved simply by including photo and video reviews on your product pages. You simply need the best product review photos with detailed feedback, and your customers may be persuaded.

Each product should have a FAQ

A questions and answers section on your website is essential for reducing the volume of customer inquiries.

Including a Q&A page allows your customers to participate in UGC (User Generated Content). More user-generated content, fewer customer service emails

Try to include a FAQ page or p that answers frequently asked questions about that product on your product page.

Is it Possible to Outsource Customer Service?

As a busy drop shipper, you may not have enough time to respond to your customer’s inquiries. As a result, hiring a freelancer or virtual assistant to handle customer service on your behalf is always preferable.

There are numerous approaches to this. You can hire a freelancer or a virtual assistant from sites like Upwork and Fiverr. Many skilled freelancers on these platforms have previously completed similar tasks.

Numerous agencies provide comparable services at a lower cost.

Can Customer Service for Dropshipping Be Automated?

Yes. There are great ways to automate customer service while running your dropshipping store. It is an essential component of automated drop shipping.

You can’t handle all the work as your dropshipping business grows. You’d be too preoccupied to do everything. As a result, you’d need to figure out how to automate things.

There are several ways to automate your dropshipping customer service.

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Make use of automated customer service apps.

As previously stated, numerous customer service apps are available to help you manage and automate the entire customer service process.

You can save time by utilizing these apps.

Hire a Customer Service Representative.

You may have the resources as a business owner to hire customer service teams or a customer service provider for your online store. He must be well-trained enough to answer all questions politely.

If you cannot afford to hire a local assistant in your area, as previously stated in this article, you can hire a virtual assistant or a freelancer for this purpose.

Configure Automated Replies

Setting up automated responses also improves the efficiency of your overall customer service journey. You can’t always be online to answer your customers’ questions. You can program automated responses through your email and social media accounts.

The simplest automated response template is, “Thank you for contacting our company.” Monday through Saturday, we are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We will respond as soon as possible.”


Create a Ticketing System

The automatic ticketing system is very popular. When a customer sends you an email, you automatically assign them a ticket number.

This serves as a reference number for them to use when contacting your customer service team in the future. This appears very professional and assures customers that they are being treated with respect.

Final Thoughts

With market giants like Amazon and eBay, getting a customer is a true blessing for drop shippers. You can’t afford to let him go simply because of poor customer service.

With all of the advantages of dropshipping customer service discussed above, it is clear that your store cannot exist without providing exceptional customer service.

I hope this guide has expanded your understanding of the importance of customer service in dropshipping.


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