Is Wholesale2b A Scam?

Hey, welcome to my Is Wholesale2b a Scam post.

First of all, if you’re searching for a legit dropshipping outlet that can refer a trustworthy supplier and millions of products to choose from, then probably you have come across with likes of Wholesale2b. With over 90 suppliers worldwide and 1.5 million available products, you can set up your business with an array of selection in such categories.

Depending on the platform you would like to trust your online biz, diverse plans are suggested with state-of-the-art tools and services. In Wholesale2b, the placement of your products is completely free of charge, and also, its rates are standard compared with other direct companies.

Meanwhile, phone and email assistance are out of reach, but a live chat for abrupt problems is always underway. Despite these lapses, Wholesale2b has continuously received new online entrepreneurs day by day.

In this post, let’s take a closer look at Wholesale2b, a dropshipping platform that enables you to connect with millions of products into your dropshipping store. Whether you already have an existing dropshipping outlet or just a freshly-ish looking for an online dropshipping store to jumpstart your venture, Wholesale2b won’t disappoint. 

Without further ado, let’s take a quick overview.

What Is Wholesale2b?

Wholesale2b is an online provider of drop ship products. They allow people to connect– those that would like to start online biz but don’t want to transact or store stocks– with wholesale suppliers searching for means to convert more customers.

The Wholesale2b domain caters over one million dropship products from various suppliers in the US and other countries globally.

Wholesale2b Homepage

Their service includes product content data, marketing tools, and sales, and inventory assessment, together with direct integration of online sales platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and eBay, to mention a few.

How Does Wholesale2b Works?

One thing that caught my attention and a factor that pushed me to check about Wholesale2b is that you can join even without surrendering any credit card information and then have full access to view the complete listing of available products once inside.

I have reviewed dropshipping platforms for the longest time. The issue here is that the internet is full of less than reputable providers wanting to sell people's accessibility to wholesale suppliers. That situation is really is a ticking bomb.

With Wholesale2b, you can signup using your email and freely choose what kind of products you would like to connect with, and again, free of charge.

Moreover, you can decide which plan you would like pick depending on what type of store you want to set up and launch in the digital world. Honestly, it was thrilling to converse with diverse suppliers to finally initiate which sort of venture you would like to take and develop with appropriate resources

Eyeing For Products & Suppliers

With Wholesale2b, eyeing for products and suppliers is straightforward mainly because everything is laid out clearly, and ultimately the search interface works very intuitively.

All listings are searchable by a keyword, UPC, and ASIN. Once you have decided on a potential category, you can then proceed to browse products by image.

Remember that this will cost you nothing and gain access to all of these details. Even for research purposes, if you are looking for a profitable dropshipping business, signing up to Wholesale2b and then exploring the various product lists for free is advantageous.

The Wholesale2b network is incorporated with over a hundred dropship suppliers, and at last tally, with over 1.5 million products. Here, the prices are competitive as well. There are huge discounts presented to you as a merchant. In other words, you can build a practical business connecting with such suppliers. And the profit margins are evident there.

Here, the earning potential relates to a go-cart, with a price tag of $282.99 and a wholesale supplier price of just $95. You could still confidently place the item at a considerable discount and make money through it. High ticket rated things like this are most followed due to the increased potential for better profit margins.

Automated Application with Suppliers

Another fantastic quality within the Wholesale2b network is the degree of automation between the application of orders on your site and your chosen supplier responsible for delivering the products.

Just a one-click is enough for the item to be requested to the supplier; please note that you don’t have to monitor which supplier deals with which item, for example.

Also, there’s no need for descriptive emails or for requesting address information, etc. All essential data is submitted to the supplier, and the staff at Wholesale2b will take care of the rest.

Monitoring Codes & Returns

One side where dropshipping can seem challenging is the problem of returns. If there’s an issue with a flawed product, or non-delivery, etc., the customer will surely come straight to you with their complaint.

This has to be expected, and so long as you have an option to use the contact page and respond to emails promptly, the customer-oriented side of any form of a complaint should not be an issue here.

Fortunately, the logistics of such mishaps are well-taken care by the wholesale2b network. Monitoring codes for delivery are managed within the interface, as is the agreement and tracing of any return demands. 

So as you can see, it really does make launching a dropshipping business smooth-running as it could potentially be.

What Type of Products Can I Sell with Wholesale2b?

Product Catalog

The Wholesale2b supplier directory allows you to access with over 1.5 million of products from 90+ wholesale suppliers. It has an immense selection compared to other dropshipping platforms. Moreover, there are heaps of categories in their catalog, from apparel and electronic equipment to collectibles, medical essentials, and even groceries.

Here, you can explore products by category and determine according to the expected profit margin. Plus, you have the opportunity to narrow it down to the most requested products or items with a MAP (minimum advertised price).

Supplier Details

Always care to check the supplier rating details to get an idea of each supplier’s overall performance. Online reports signify that some suppliers have low cancellations ratios or may even demand a monthly or annual membership to resell their products or items.

How To Sell Products Inside Wholesale2b?

1. Set Up & Carry Out Orders

When a customer purchases a product in your store, they have two choices:

Work under the supplier. First, you must have an approved reseller account of the supplier, like a valid commercial license. You are also responsible for monitoring shipments, updating order status, and handling your orders’ returns and cancellations from time to time.

Whether you know the shipping charge on or before the other and get a 100% profit, Wholesale2b handles it for you. You charge an application fee of 3%. This lowers your profit magazines, but you acquire some resourceful advantages. In other words, you do not have the necessity for a commercial license.

You don’t have to bother about other features of direct cooperation with suppliers. Plus, you will also determine the shipping charges right away.

Depending on your chosen plan, you can set up and carry out orders with one-click, or you must execute them manually.

2. Tracing & Product Delivery

With Wholesale2b, product tracing codes are instantly recovered through the Amazon Plan or among the four ingenious Whalesale2b apps. If the order was dealt with on another platform, you must demand the codes from the supplier.

3. Returns & Refunds

If you have resolved to outsource the placement of your order via Wholesale2b, you will be satisfied to receive returns. Just slide to their contact when that situation emerges.

On the flip side, if you complete the process yourself, you must contact the supplier straight away and request an application. Please note to discuss a supplier’s instructions beforehand to be ready for these mishaps.

What are The Services & Their Prices Inside Wholesale2b?

The Wholesale2b pricing plan works differently than others. The baseline is free, enabling you to view the complete Wholesale2b product catalog and determine its prices. You can even register without surrendering your credit card details.

Nevertheless, you can’t sell Wholesale2b products with the baseline alone. You must decide one of the available plans to start selling. Here, each plan is connected to an e-commerce platform with special pricing and features.

eBay Plan

The eBay Wholesale2b plan costs $24.99 per month, enabling you to display your products on eBay. You can build an endless number of bids and set your prices. Here, there are 240 pricing models to decide.

Amazon Plan

The Amazon Wholesale2b plan costs $37.99 per month, enabling you to display thousands of products into Amazon. Kudos to this comprehensive import tool. Catalog updates are entirely automated. Plus, you can make orders in just one-click. Product monitoring codes are instantly loaded into the control panel, helping to arrange everything smoothly.

You can also have access to a maximum of 10,000 everyday products, and if you want to cut this restriction of limits, you have to pay more.

Dropshipping Website Plan

Wholesale2b can also build and host your online store. For $39.99 per month, you can have your own domain, email address, and shopping cart. Plus, have access to the central server where you can tailor-make your shop. Moreover, automated catalog updates are also provided.

But, it is limited to up to 3 providers only. If you want to increase this limit, you have to pay more.

Dropship Datafeed Plan

Wholesale2b dropship Datafeed plan costs at $24.99 per month, enabling you to send product offers (including images with descriptions) to other similar platforms such as Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more.

Wholesale2b has an intuitive feed that displays all of its suppliers’ products into one easy-to-navigate CSV or TAB file. Plus, you can build three custom-made shops for specific demands.

For supplementary custom shops, you can avail of $8.99 per month.

4 in 1 Plan Availability

You can also avail of the four packages for only $82.99 per month. This plan is a great deal that you should consider when deciding to splurge on multiple platforms.





So far, these plans, except for the Shopify app, you can pay upfront and enjoy a generous discount of 40% a year.

Wholesale2b DIY Plan

If you don’t resonate with any of the plans above, you can choose the Wholesale2b DIY plan that costs $67 per year. With this, you can resell your products within the platform of your choice.

Please note that you can still use your Wholesale2b account to execute and place orders. The only difference is that you have no more extended access to your promotional tools. Plus, you are asked to manually upload your products to your store and the pictures and descriptions in such a case.

Wholesale2b: Pros & Cons

  • Free access to the entire product catalog. You can register and have access to view the product and the complete Wholesale2b catalog without giving out your credit card information.
  • You can display products to all major e-commerce platforms. With Wholesale2b’s promotional tools, you can publish your products to the largest e-commerce platforms in just easy clicks
  • Resilient plans. Wholesale2b offers diverse plans to help you choose what resonates with you the most in such distinct needs and appropriate resources.
  • Free shipping. Unlike other direct companies that ask a payment or two to browse their product catalogs, Wholesale2b allows you to explore your potential suppliers and products freely.
  • Trustworthy operators. Wholesale2b employs operators like UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL to carry out orders. You can be confident that those packages reach your customers within the appointed time.
  • Small-scale product catalog. The Wholesale2b product catalog is much undersized than other direct companies.
  • Poor customer support. At the moment, Wholesale2b doesn’t offer phone or email assistance to help address those abrupt problems or issues.

Is Wholesale2b a Scam, The Bottom Line

Therefore, is Wholesale2b a scam? Absolutely not. Wholesale2b is a legit online provider of dropship products that has connected hundreds of suppliers with millions of products that you can sell online without purchasing an inventory. 

Wholesale2b provides competitive prices and heaps of customizable plans. Moreover, they have intuitive selling tools to help streamline uploads and order completion. But these qualities are yet to be employed after paying a subscription fee. Plus, a small product catalog and poor customer support are expected once inside.

Grow your dropshipping biz with Wholesale2b today

While Wholesale2b offers heaps of flexibility and automation, many of its competitors work a more satisfactory job. If you’re looking for a better income opportunity online, make sure to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review to prove that writers (like you and me) can make great money!

That ends my ‘Is Wholesale2b A Scam’ post. If you have something to add to the post above, slide to the comment section below, and I would get back to you as soon as possible.


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