Is Mommy Jobs Online A Scam? Don’t Be Fooled By This!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Mommy Jobs Online a scam? Let’s face it. The world is changing and opportunities are available wherever you go. Now, you are also given an opportunity to work within your comfortable and humble abode.

If you are a mother or even a father, you will see the opportunity to work at home a blessing because you could be with your kids whenever they need you. You don’t have to travel for long hours and be apart from your kids. Your room is your workplace.

However, since opportunities are expanding, more people are also taking advantage of these opportunities to scam other people.

When finding jobs online, it is a must that you be extra cautious and look over your shoulder all the time. Most websites like Mommy Jobs Online are scams.

This leads us to the question, Is Mommy Jobs Online a scam?

In this Mommy Jobs Online review, I am going to take you through what this website is all about, how it works, and if you can really find a job with it.

To answer the question ‘Is Mommy Jobs Online a scam?’, we first have to define its nature.

Mommy Jobs Online Review

Product Name: Mommy Jobs Online
Founder: Unknown
Logo: mommy jobs online logo
Product Description: Online Database for Work at Home Opportunities
Best For: Online Job Seekers
Recommended: NO


What is Mommy Jobs Online?

mommy jobs online waste of time

Mommy Jobs Online is an online platform which gives you a database on all the available work at home opportunities out in the internet.

This online database has been up and running for 14 years ever since it has set foot in Oklahoma City. They are also accredited since 2016 by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which gives off a bit of a sense of remarkability.

However, the founders of this Mommy Jobs Online are unknown. The website is registered anonymously. Hmm, seems fishy, doesn’t it? Plus, the address they registered is a P.O. box only. For some reason, this makes me think that they maybe hiding something.

Well, that escalated quickly.

We are only at the first part of this post and we have already detected a red flag.


How Does Mommy Jobs Online Work?

For you to start finding online jobs with the help of Mommy Jobs Online, you will have to be a member. Now, here’s the catch. You are going to have to pay for that.

When you log in on Mommy Jobs Online, you will be presented with a list of all the job categories you can choose from. The remote job types include data entry specialist, email marketing specialist, freelance job promoter, customer service representative, transcription jobs, virtual assistant, medical coders, and clerical jobs.

The thing is, you have to pay $85 for you to access the list of job postings for just one remote job type. Crazy, right?! Good news is this membership is for a lifetime and will never expire. There are no other reoccurring fees, just a one-time fee of $85.

You are also given the option to pay a mind-blowing $210 if you want the whole package. With $210, you get the Full Job Bank Access which basically includes all the job listings for all the remote job types offered for just $85 each.

You are not given the option to try the website for free. So, if you are going to buy all the job listings of a remote job type, unless you want your money to be wasted, I think you really have to work your ass off for you to get hired. If not, you can simply just bid goodbye to your money. That’s the risk you are going to have to take.

The list of categories would look something like this.

mommy jobs online review

If you do the math, going for the Full Job Bank Access will save you a ton rather than buying another remote job type if you deem that you can not find a job for you with the remote job type you first bought.

However, I think that even if you buy the whole package, it still a heavy and massive amount of money. For one thing, you can find all the job opportunities listed in Mommy Jobs Online on other online platforms for work at home opportunities for free. No sign up or membership fees. There are also no other reoccurring fees for you to worry about. Even if you are not accepted for a job post, you will not regret because your money is not in the line.

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You have to take note and remember that Mommy Jobs Online is just a portal. Even if you pay a hefty amount, there will be no guarantee that you will be hired immediately or even get hired for that matter. The duty and purpose of Mommy Jobs Online is only to have you apply for the job postings. After that, they will get their commission and that’s just it. It is totally up to you on how you would present yourself to the employer and how you will sell yourself so that you can be hired for a job.

With such a high membership fee, you would expect to be hired but there is actually no guarantee of income. Mommy Jobs Online states that it is not their fault if you do not get hired and that they can’t do anything about it. No refunds and no apologies.

mommy jobs online not legit

Mommy Jobs Online also hosts virtual job fairs to provide you more job resources. Hold on to your seats because this also comes with a price. Attendance at this virtual job fair will cost you an outrageous $100. Again, other websites offer you this for free, as well.

Take note that the application form you fill out online is a 1099 form. This form is to actually get information about you as a contractor. This means that you are not an employee, but a contractor. Since you are a contractor, the membership fee you pay also covers background verification which ensures that you are working within the premises of the law.

The Voice of The People: Mommy Jobs Online Edition

If you would search Mommy Jobs Online on Google, you would see that most of their ratings range from 1 to 2 stars only. Complaints are also more dominant than reviews of customers who actually benefited from this online platform.

Since I have not experienced using Mommy Jobs Online firsthand, I may have no right to complain, but customers do. Let us take a look at review websites and see what they would have to say.

mommy jobs online is a scam

In this complaint posted on BBB, this customer complained that she has attempted to contact Mommy Jobs Online, but they have not shot back a response. Even if she is qualified for the position, she is not receiving any response.

From what I see, when they receive their commission and pay from your money, that’s just it. They really meant it when they said that they are just an online database. Even if you have problems with the website, it is all up to you.

This is why the founders are not known, and the website is registered anonymously. It is so that they could run away with your money and not be found by customers and authorities.

mommy jobs online total scam

“Never mind the expensive membership fee, as long as I get to be hired and be paid fairly.” That’s what most of us would think. However, this is not the case. One customer stated that not only are the job listings misleading, but they make you do a large amount of work. For all your efforts, you will only be paid little, or probably nothing at all.

is mommy jobs online legit

Let’s admit it, most of the jobs you will see in Mommy Jobs Online’s job listings are found elsewhere in other online platforms for work home opportunities. Even better, you can access their database for free.

The job listings all come from the same employers, and all of these online portals gain money from the commission fees the employers pay them. I don’t really understand the point of having job seekers to pay a whopper when it’s all the same.

This all just smells like capitalism.

What I Would Like to Change With Mommy Jobs Online

Website Interface

If you would take a peek at their website pages, it is not really the best layout. You’d be welcomed by a dark and not-so-professional look. It feels like the website is not that well thought of. I mean, it’s not that this matters so much, but let me give you an example. When you enter an office with a dirty and unattractive vibe and look, you will not get a feeling of reliability. The same case applies to websites. A website with an unprofessional look will have you thinking twice before you even click on something.

mommy jobs online scam


Expensive Membership Fee

The membership fee is not reasonable at all. I think it would be reasonable if you will definitely land a  job and if you’ll get paid well. But that is not the case at all. All Mommy Jobs Online do is serve as an online database for you to find work at home opportunities. So, you are left all alone once you have applied for a position and when they earn their commission and pay. It seems to me that it’s not an equal bargain.

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No Income Guarantee

When it comes to applying for online jobs, there really is no guarantee that you will always be hired… and that’s okay. That’s just life, even when you are applying for an 8 to 5. However, if you are paying a lot, shouldn’t that price at least give you the comfort of being hired?


Outdated Job Listings

Mommy Jobs Online boasts of having at least over 5000+ job listings. While that may be true, it doesn’t imply that all the jobs are available. Some customers claimed that most of the job listings are already outdated and occupied by other job seekers, leaving new job seekers with few to none options.

No Trials

It’s a one-time membership fee of $85 that will last a lifetime. You either pay this amount or go home crying without even having the privilege to try it out.

No Refund

mommy jobs online fake

“If you don’t get hired, it’s your fault and we don’t have anything to do about it.” All of Mommy Jobs Online’s statements may sound professional but if they were to be honest, that is what they actually want to say to you. Their only part of the bargain is to provide you a database, and that’s it.

Green Flags of Mommy Jobs Online

Lifetime Membership

At least the $85 or $210 is worth a lifetime, as long as you do not forget your username and password.

So, Is Mommy Jobs Online A Scam?

For me, yes, Mommy Jobs Online is a scam. Everything about it does not add up to me. The website interface does not give you a sense of reliability. Plus, not knowing who the founders are and the website being anonymously registered is all just too shady for me. It looks like the works of a professional con artist trying to hide from the authorities.

The membership fee is not reasonable because it does not give you the guarantee of a fairly paid income, or being hired at all for that matter. Also, why should you pay for job listings when you could access a database of thousands of work at home opportunities for free on other platforms?

What also does not add up in my head is the fact that these online portals gain income from the commissions the employers pay to them whenever someone applies for a job post. What is the membership fee for?

Lastly, customer service is a flop, or it probably might not even exist. It seems to me that when you pay the membership fee, they will run away with it and leave you hanging.

The Final Verdict, Is Mommy Jobs Online a Scam? YES, it is! So, do not get fooled by Mommy Jobs Online! If you are looking for a real make money online opportunity
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Hey, I won’t lie to you, It won’t happen overnight but, if you are a type of fella that can follow a blueprint, if you are willing to take action, then you can turn your passion into a thriving online business!

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