How to Find Affiliate Programs that Pay What You Deserve

How to find affiliate programs that pay you more than a lousy 3% commission? If you are tired of promoting products for pennies, this post is for you!  

In the next couple of lines, I will share the best ways to find affiliate programs that can earn you money!


Physical Products vs Digital Products

Before we get started on the affiliate commission hunt, I want to clarify this. 

Due to manufacturing and logistics costs, there is a big difference between the % of commissions on physical and digital products.

So when we compare an 8% commission with a 20% one, consider that.

The good news is that (with some exceptions) you can promote several affiliate programs on a single website and earn from multiple sources of income.


The Amazon Associates Program 

Amazon is one of the most, if not the most well-known programs on the planet.

They provide lots of tools for us marketers to market their products, but they also prey on our pockets by squeezing the commissions to a minimum.

Here’s a chart of Amazon 2021 fixed commissions per product category.

amazon fixed commissions per product category.

The reasons why so many people still promote Amazon are:

  • buyer’s trust
  • easy to use
  • lots of promoting tools
  • available almost everywhere in the world
  • thousands of items to promote

People purchase more from suppliers they know and trust.



Use Google to find the affiliate program you seek

By using some “advanced” Google search terms, you can easily find new affiliate programs for your niche.

I like to use this while using Amazon data!

Let me explain, I search for items that sell really well on Amazon and search for alternatives that pay better commissions working directly with the brand.

This works better with established brands and or high-end products.

Let’s say you have a fishing blog and you are on the lookout for some new products to promote. 

Go to Amazon and search for a fishing rod above $200, filter for the ones with more sales and higher customer reviews.

You will find a St. Croix Rod with 364 reviews with a 4.5-star rating!

If you promote this item from Amazon since it fits the Sports & Outdoor category, you will earn a 3% commission.

Now try this, type on Google St. Croix +affiliate program. 

affiliate program advanced research

As you can see in the first result you will find the brand affiliate program that pays you 6% right off the bat with a 90-day cookie duration against Amazon’s 24 hours cookie.

If you want to be more broad on the fishing niche you can search google for fishing +affiliate programs. 

As you can see in the image below, you got a list of the top 10 fishing affiliate programs according to the authority hacker blog.

broad google search for fishing affiliate programs

A couple of years ago when you performed a search like this you would get results leading you directly to the affiliate program/product page.

Now, most of Google page one results are from blogs with lists of top 10, 50, or even 100 affiliate programs.

If you want to filter out blogs, use this Google search query, fishing +affiliate program -blog.

remove blog posts from affiliate programs google search

This option removes posts (blogs) from Google search what makes you get fewer 
SERP results.

If you want to take your Google search to the next level, make sure to read my how to search the web like a pro post.

Join Affiliate Networks to find “tons” of affiliate programs

Another option you have is to join affiliate networks such as Awin, ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, Rakuten Marketing, Clickbank, and many others.

Some of these affiliate networks will require more than just your name and address. 

Some of them will ask you to provide your company details or VAT info.

The good about joining an Affiliate Network is that it’s a lot easier for you to find products to promote.

They have partnerships with dozens of affiliate programs and because of that, you can get auto-approval on some products.


The Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program Search

Finding affiliate programs from inside Wealthy Affiliate is simple and easy!

The Affiliate Program Search crawls multiple affiliate networks looking for products for you to promote.

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program Search

To find profitable products to promote you can:

  • type in a keyword of your interest
  • go through the popular categories
  • check the popular keywords
  • take a look at the trending opportunities

There is also a small spotlight on the Affiliate Program Search homepage of products sorted by:

  • High Commissions
  • High Percentage (conversions)
  • Top Rated (buyer reviews)

But the better is still yet to come! And I’m talking about the advanced filter.

You can fine-tune your affiliate product search in so many ways…

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program Search filter

With a couple of clicks, you can sort products by:

  • Country availability – choose the countries you are promoting to make sure the products are eligible.
  • Payout Options – choose the payment methods that suit you best. You can choose from Paypal, bank wire, cheque, ACH, Payoneer, or Direct Deposit.
  • You can choose to sort affiliate products by auto-approval. Some products or programs require you to apply.
  • Filter out by commission type or value by choosing products that pay you a % or a fixed amount of $.
  • Filter out affiliate products by ratings. Pick the programs that have the highest buyer score, consequently lower return rate.

Stay Away from Shady Affiliate Products

Some infamous affiliate networks host scam products, so word of the wise, stay away from them!

There are low-quality affiliate products and scam products, so make sure to always double-check your sources.

Being associated with a scam product can ruin the ages of your hard work.


How to find affiliate programs that pay – Final Thoughts

E-commerce is growing year after year. With it, companies and brands are opening affiliate programs. If you are an affiliate marketer, it can only get better from here.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, and how to build a sustainable online income working from home, make sure to read my build a passive income blog blueprint. Now is the time!

According to Statista, e-commerce had a 19,6% share of total worldwide retail sales in 2021. The trend is going up since 2015…

I hope these ideas will help you how to find affiliate programs that pay you better commissions. If you have any doubt, questions, or suggestions, let me know your thoughts and leave me a comment!


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Last Updated on May 3, 2022