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Are looking for ways to make money online? Do you want to start an online business but have no clue where/how to start? On this post I will share with you a FREE online business training that will boost your chances of success!

Hey, don't get me wrong, I don't have a miraculous way to make money online, what I do have is the ability to take action, and the ability to find something that works for others and make it work for us!

What I'm about to share with you is a proven formula that worked for thousands of other people, "THE" #1 Online business training that will allow you build the foundations of your online business.

Online Business Training » Getting Started!

This is a 100% FREE 10-lesson course that is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification. The core of this training is to lead you to build a flourishing online business with baby steps so any layman can follow.

Anyone Can Accomplish Success Online. There are now 4.5+ BILLION people using the Internet, regardless of the direction you head online there is a very large number of people there that you can connect with and leverage to create a business online. 

Kyle ‧ Wealthy Affiliate Owner & Co-Founder

Lesson’s Outline

Lesson 1 » Getting Rolling!

Walkthrough to get you used to the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Help setting up your account profile and an eagle eye "site tour" to get you used to the platform environment and tools.

Lesson 2 » Understanding How to Make Money Online

There are several ways that you can make money online and multiple ways in which you can conduct your business. The most profitable and the one that has been taught at Wealthy Affiliate for the past 14 years is Affiliate Marketing.

Lesson 3 » Pick A niche

A niche is a group of people that share a common interest.
Practically anything you can think of is a niche, and that is why you should choose YOUR niche based on things that you are drawn to.

Choosing a niche that you love makes it easier for you to create content that compels others that share the same passion.

Lesson 4 » Build your own website

Long gone are the days that building a website required long hours of coding. Inside WA, you don't need to worry about hosting or any other tech-side process.

At Wealthy Affiliate, building a website takes less than 60 seconds literally, plus, it's FUN!

Lesson 5 » Setting up your website

Now it's time to configure your WordPress website, activate and update plugins, remove template default pages, and get used to your site's back office.
No worries because, like usual, this will be a simple walkthrough process.

Lesson 6 » get your site google ready

It's time to get into the "FUN" stuff. Ever heard of SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization, its what allows your website to be found on the internet immensity. Getting your site visible on search engines equals to targeted traffic = revenue!

Lesson 7 » Content creation

Search engines feast on quality/relevant content. Your goal is to communicate with your audience (niche) in a friendly and helpful way like you would talk to a friend or family member.
Emphasize on helping people, and you will build trust within your niche. This is crucial for long term sustainable online business.

Lesson 8 » customizing your website

One of the most important things to keep a visitor inside your website, apart from the quality content, of course, is the user experience.
Providing your visitors with an easy to navigate website is a must.
This lesson focus is on creating custom menus, widgets, and site navigation.

Lesson 9 » understanding & leveraging keywords

What is a keyword, and why should I target a keyword in each article?
This lesson focuses on finding, understanding, and leveraging quality keywords to boost your website traffic.

Lesson 10 » the foundations of your online business

WOW, you have already achieved A LOT.

In just a few days, you have laid the foundations of what will become your online business. 

Things like choosing a niche, build a website, optimizing plugins, search engine optimization, keyword research... is DONE! The question is, are you ready to take this to the next level!? Start your own money making website!

Enroll in the Online Entrepreneur Certification 10 Day Course.

This is 100% FREE to join  » No Credit Card Required «

Is WA just another make money online SCAM?


I've been a Wealthy Affiliate member since 2016, and I can tell you honestly from my experience, this is the best place to be if you aspire to become an online entrepreneur.

If you want to learn more about me, feel free to take a peek into my personal profile.

I will not hide it, I am promoting this platform, if you click on any of my affiliate links, I will receive credit. 

The thing is that I don't recommend products just to generate revenue, I only recommend products that my audience can benefit from!

WA is the biggest online marketing community, with over 2 million members. If you want to learn more about this life changing program, make sure to read what is the Wealthy Affiliate post. 

Back then, only the "tech-savvy" type of fella could aspire to make money online, nowadays any layman can do it! All you need is the proper mentorship, and that is the kind of thing you get inside Wealthy Affiliate. 

Being able to network, interact, and follow the steps of successful digital marketers, boost the success chances of your online business.

This 35 amazing Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories (there are many more) will change the way you see online marketing. See how regular people started from scratch and now earn 5 and 6 figures passive income per month.

For the more skeptical, won't blame you I was there, make sure to read my detailed Wealthy Affiliate Review

I really believe this "#1 Online Business Training" can work for you if you are on the fence for a make money online opportunity. Just keep in mind that like everything in life, it requires effort and dedication... otherwise it won't work!

If you have any doubts, questions or simply want to add something, please leave me a comment down below!

Last Updated on May 3, 2022