Can You Host A Course On ClickFunnels?

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

Can You Host A Course On ClickFunnels?

Although this sounds fantastic, it is essential to note that ClickFunnels is not a course design platform.

Because this is not its primary purpose, its functionality in this context may be limited compared to a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS). However, it is still possible. So if you’re curious about how it is done, keep on reading!

Can You Host A Course On ClickFunnels?

Yes! In fact, ClickFunnels tools and features can be used to create, build, market, sell, and host online courses. The platform can also be used to host webinars, deliver content, and keep track of memberships and affiliates.

Is ClickFunnels Appropriate for Online Courses?


ClickFunnels enables the creation of course content as well as its automated administration. While optimizing CSS, you can use the page builder to edit elements, rows, video overlays, images, buttons, and text.

Domain hosting is possible by registering custom domain URLs, allowing easy access to content.

Membership Funnels handle all aspects of student life, from registration to course completion.

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Lessons, modules, and other drip content can be released on a set schedule to encourage student participation.

A progress tracker monitors students’ progress through and completion of course material.

Features of ClickFunnels for Online Courses

ClickFunnels includes all of the components required to host a fully functional, simple online course.

Membership funnels, customized lessons, progress tracking, and special access pages are all options for users.

Domain Hosting

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Users can use ClickFunnels to register a new domain. This feature makes your domain and online course hosting services the same.

With the two links, you can run your online course from a single platform, eliminating the need for additional moving parts.

This means you can register a different domain name for your brand and specific online courses, making it easier for students to access websites.

Students can access their online course using the unique domain URL rather than clicking through multiple links and pages.

Funnels for Membership

When administrators use membership funnels, they provide a timed and trackable course. This means that students will only be able to access certain sections of the course at specific times.

The membership funnels feature is excellent for:

  • Limit membership access.
  • Monitor the progress of the lesson.
  • Areas for testing membership
  • Membership lessons should be delivered gradually.

Administrators can add, remove, and change membership details for a more organized course.

Members can access relevant materials and track progress by logging in to their special portals.

The system allows multiple courses to link to the page simultaneously.

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An admin user can add lessons to the platform to break down content and adhere to a specific curriculum or lesson structure.

The lessons feature an excellent tool for structuring content and organizing the entire course. Customization allows for the creation of new lessons:

  • Sections of the lesson
  • Names of lessons
  • Page layouts
  • Drip pauses

Lessons can be added to ClickFunnels accounts in conjunction with membership funnels.

As a student, you’ll be able to access specific lessons while keeping track of specific modules easily.

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Content Drip

Because it allows you to release modules and lessons at specific times, the Drip Content feature is a great tool within the online course feature.

Scheduling lesson release dates and times allows you to upload all content once and publish it on the desired dates.

Depending on your course outline, members can access specific parts of the online course daily, weekly, or monthly.

This is an excellent way to increase interaction and continuity while also assisting students in sticking to a schedule.

Access Restrictions

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The success of an online course is determined not only by the content’s quality but also by its execution. Some lesson content may be restricted to members who have paid the full fee.

Alternatively, you could gauge interest by offering a brief free trial to prospective members. Here’s where the restricted access tool comes in.

The restricted area is not only a great way to secure valuable content, but it also prevents unpaid members from accessing certain areas of the course. This enables future upsells.

Progress Tracking Admins can view their members’ progress by using the progress tracking feature.

The completion percentage is shown next to the member’s name.

This accurately indicates the student’s progress and how far they are from completion.

This feature is ideal for students who want to track their progress and the number of lessons they’ve completed. It’s a great way to keep everyone on track.

Final Thoughts

ClickFunnels is far better at marketing online courses than building them. Regardless, the platform includes all the necessary tools and features to create a high-quality online course.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can supplement your favorite online course builder with ClickFunnels’ expert sales strategy tools.

Many online course creation platforms work well with ClickFunnels, resulting in a high-quality online course that you can market expertly online.


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