Five Figure Niche Site Review

Last Updated on October 19, 2022

Yo, welcome to my ‘Five Figure Niche Site Review’! Still not convinced about the possibility of making five figures by just promoting products online? Yes, that is true, and the method is called ‘affiliate marketing; it’s definitely the widespread superb way of making money online!

In fact, I am currently making a significant passive income from affiliate marketing. That is why, over time, several courses have emerged and claimed that they would teach you how to start making five figures from affiliate marketing, and most of these courses turned out to be bogus, I can vouch.

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Just recently, my pal, Doug Cunnington, has released a course called Five Figure Niche Site. He affirms that he’s been able to teach in-depth Amazon Affiliate Marketing and start making at least $500 per month. And since this news became a buzz online, I received multiple email requests from my subscribers to extensively review and take this course for them.

I enrolled in this course not only to explore the whole program but also to put an end to whether this course is legit or just another scam. In this section, you will learn everything you need to know about the course, and in the end, it will help you decide if this course is worth the whirl and take this opportunity and put your online biz into reality. Alright, let’s start with a quick overview.

Five Figure Niche Site Overview

Product Name:Five Figure Niche Site
Founder:Douglas Cunnington
Product Description: Affiliate Marketing Course

What Is Five Figure Niche Site

The Five Figure Niche Site is an affiliate marketing program that offers the complete blueprint of teaching you to build affiliate websites and promote products, particularly from Amazon– which pretty much explains most of it.

It is a course that lasts for ten months with over five training modules, a lot of support, private meetings with the founder himself, and other essential trends that teach you how to completely control the affiliate concept and other things like selling your website.

Let me address this as early at this point; Five Figure Niche Site is legitimate. It covers the exact things I learned when I was still an amateur in online biz space and having seen success from that personally. With that, it’s natural to assume that Doug’s course will do the same for you. So who exactly is Douglas?

Five Figure Niche Site Homepage

Meet Douglas Cunnington

Meet Douglas Cunnington,

Douglas Cunnington used to be a project manager before actually converting into a full-fledged affiliate marketer. He’s a certified project manager in the US, and he regularly applies the methodology when discussing, building, and scaling affiliate marketing websites. Moreover, he has experience in management, business consulting, software engineering, and testing.

The success of his various works and blogs pushed him to quit his accustomed workstation, and at the moment, he’s entirely his own boss. He’s a successful internet entrepreneur and a course and general content creator. His affiliate marketing websites monetize, particularly with Amazon’s affiliate program, and he highly recommends the use of this platform.

Moreover, he has a Youtube channel, and he uses this platform to deliver content concerning the current trends and affiliate marketing topics. He uploads Q&As as webinars, and he does podcasts on the side.

Douglas” contents on his channel typically tackle about affiliate marketing and some interviews with his former students that have blossomed in the affiliate marketing industry. Today, his channel is neither the biggest nor the smallest with almost 21,000 subscribers.

How Does Five Figure Niche Site Works?

Five Figure Niche Site is a subscription-based course; you’ll need at least ten months subscription, according to Douglas Cunnington. This is why you can pay a total of $690, which covers the basic plan for ten months. The whole course comprises five modules of training, which include training ideas on Amazon affiliate marketing, and other affiliate marketing in general. Moreover, you’ll get support, and if you subscribe to higher plans, you’ll leverage the private sessions with Cunnington himself.

When I enrolled in the course, you cannot just avail your way at any time you want. Because to successfully join the program, you’ll have to go to the “waitlist” for free. Through this, you’ll get an invitation when there’s a vacant spot.

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So far, from what I have understood, Douglas encourages hands-on training for anyone who enrolls in the course. However, this does not mean that the program is flawless, or the results are sure-fire.

In general, you’ll learn how to build an excellent niche web and monetize it with Amazon. And this simply means that you will develop a website on a particular topic. This could include pet grooming, online money-making, lifestyle, sports, etc. You will then monetize these niches with various products from the Amazon, and this is how you will make money from the program.

Douglas Cunnington also teaches you how to make this particular type of website and have them sold for profit. Basically, it’s an excellent course with lots of supports and lessons for those who want to start and become a niche web enthusiast.

What You'll Learn Inside The Five Figure Niche Site

What You’ll Learn Inside The Five Figure Niche Site

Once you are inside the course, you’ll get access to what Cunnington calls the Unit 0: Setting the state. I like the class because you don’t directly have access to all the videos at once. The lessons are subdivided weekly.

Now, why this was crucial to me? Well, I’m pretty sure that you have done other training before, and typically, as soon as you pay, you’ll get to watch all these videos straight away.

Frequently, what happens to other courses is having access to the overall lessons from day one, and chances are you’ll go really overwhelmed and have them finished in a day or two without taking any necessary actions. And when you reached the end of it, it’ll feel like there were so many piled-tasks to do, and it felt almost impossible to begin from scratch and do all these works at once.

The deliverance of the lessons weekly really disciplined and helped many, because after watching one of these lessons, I had plenty of time to practice– almost seven days– and apply what I’ve discovered until the next rolling. Moreover, that will give way for Cunnington to answers any queries you might have in mind.

start your affiliate blog

Topics Covered In This Course

Week 1

• Introduction to Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program• How much money can be made with Amazon niche webs

Week 2

• Prospecting • Different trends to brainstorm • Generating ideas for your unique niche • Excellent keyword research and the infamous KGR method • What type of keywords you should use for as an affiliate marketer • Internet marketing tools and more

Week 3

•Niche selection •What to consider when selecting a niche •Necessary metrics to remember when doing your research •Doing competition analysis

Week 4

• Setting up your website

Week 5

• Creating and publishing your content

Week 6

• Action week two (This only means that there are no lessons for the week, and as the name implies, you need to apply all your learnings, and this is an excellent time to ask Cunnington your concerns and questions.)

Week 7

• Becoming an Amazon associate

Week 8

• Link Building, promoting, and outreaching

Week 9

• Scaling up– Creating more niche sites

Week 10

• Training on advanced link building

Week 11

• Introducing the beyond Amazon Associates: Other affiliate programs across the Internet channels

Week 12

• Tutorials on email list building • Introducing the beyond Amazon Associates: Other affiliate programs across the Internet channels • Six-Figure Exit

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Five Figure Niche Site course beginner-friendly?

Yes, this course is a beginner-friendly; in fact, Douglas stated in the first meeting that even without experience with affiliate marketing can easily pick up and understand. I have had enrolled my self in various internet marketing courses, and at first, I don’t even know what niche stands for or the purpose of these keywords. Those things are utterly unknown to me, and just like Cunnington’s program, it did enlighten me everything I should know as a start-up.

Is Five Figure Niche Site for me?

For me, hmmm, as long as you want to learn to build a profitable niche, you’re good to go. As I mentioned above, the course is beginner-friendly. Whether you already know so much about tech stuff, the internet, making money biz, and creating websites or not, Douglas Cunnington’s class won’t disappoint. Now is this course for pro marketers? Yes, however, for me, it’s more likely for the amateurs and intermediate fellas.

How much does it cost to join Five Figure Niche Site?

This is where it gets exciting because you will only need to spend at least $69 per month for the coming ten months. The basic plan costs only $69 per month or $690 in total. The advanced plan costs only $129 per month, while the premium plan costs $227 per month and have them paid for the entire ten months learning within the course. Unfortunately, there’s no free plan to test the program out and to make up your mind if it is the right course for you before you actually use your credit card.

Five Figure Niche Site Pricing

What I Like About Five Figure Niche Site

  • Affiliate marketing is a superb way to make money online. Today, it’s one of the most striking and legit trends that anyone can trust and hustle a side or passive income like I’m currently taking advantage of. Douglas Cunnington’s program will teach you how the entire game is done and start making figures from affiliate marketing space.
  • Backed by a Legit internet marketer! Some courses I have reviewed and taken in the past have either hidden schemes or fake testimonials or success stories from Fiverr. However, this is not the issue here. Five Figure Niche Site was founded by Douglas Cunnington, a reliable and legit internet marketer pal with a distinguished history.
  • No skeptical promises. At some point, I was thrilled to know that Douglas was very upfront with what you will earn from this course. There are no promises of instant-millionaire. I was amazed that he did not make any fake promises. Instead, he affirms that you can get ready to work and be prepared to commit to spending ten months in-a-row learning the whole process of this game.
  • Being Transparent. There are no hidden pitches. He made the price of the course and plans clear. And with that, you will determine how much you have to pay all in all at once. He also bluntly stated that this is not a one-day-millionaire program so that you won’t feel overwhelmed and expect false hopes.
  • All out support from the owner himself. Douglas Cunnington offers hands-on training and support. He’s very responsive to his email, and you will even have the chance to have a private face to face with him where you can ask him any urgent questions you might have.

What I Dislike About Five Figure Niche Site

  • No free plan. You cannot test the program before you join. If you want to become a member, you must pay the subscription fee first before exploring the course. This is the complete opposite of what goes on with Wealthy Affiliate, because in it, you will be given a several weeks to join the program enough to explore it completely for FREE.
  • It walks too long. I understand that Cunnington is just cautious about everything. However, ten months is too much just to learn Amazon affiliate marketing. For me, with a span of four to five months, you can master how the whole system works if you are really willing to commit and learn to give time at least three hours per day on the program.
  • Five Figure Niche Site is quite expensive, that prohibits small businesses. You will need at least $69 for the basic plan for every month of training. There’s no assurance of the success, of course. Plus, there’s no free option to test the course and ensure whether this program is for you or not.Even if you pay $69 per month, you still don’t get the entire access unless you upgrade to the premium plan that costs about $227 per month. This does not include other essential internet marketing tools you will need, such as hosting, landing pages, and web builder fees.

Five Figure Niche Site Review, Bottom Line

Douglas Cunnington’s program provides you, a sure, lot of information about Amazon Affiliate Marketing, and it will strengthen the foundations you need for your affiliate marketing biz.

It’s legit and has already helped many affiliate marketers from all Internet channels. Some already had become their own boss, and shared their worthy success stories, kudos to Five Figure Niche Site!

That ends my “Five Figure Niche Site Review,” and if you have any queries or something to add to the post above, feel free to drop them all in the comments section below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for stopping by and keep safe!


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