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Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is MindValley a scam? Mindvalley claims to be creating a global school delivering transformational education for all ages. This is honestly different from most education companies out there since it transforms education from the institutionalized curricula to a lifelong adventure without an end.

With MindValley’s bold claims and unusual approach as an education company, I caught myself wondering about it. I  thought to myself how great would it be to have a refreshing platform providing education that supposedly helps you make the best out of life.

This is not all you can receive out of MindValley, though. Believe it or not, MindValley also partners with those who share their passion for transforming education that pushes humanity forward through their affiliate program.

MindValley is not just a space for those who seek to make their life better, but it’s also for those who want to earn money! Cool!

With all of these too good to be true benefits, I wondered, “Is MindValley a scam?”. I bet you’re curious to the answers on that question too, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here in the first place!

In this MindValley review, we are going to delve further into this education company by knowing what it is all about, how it works, and if it will live up to our expectations.

Without further ado, let’s get into it right away!

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MindValley Review

Product Name: MindValley
Founder: Vishen Lakhiani
Logo: mindvalley logo
Product Description: Online Courses + Affiliate Program
Best For: Those who seek for personal development and share the same vision as MindValley
Mindvalley: A School For Humanity

If you become a Mindvalley All Access Member you can join Vishens interviews LIVE on zoom and get a chance to ask questions to the guest, and not only that b...

Recommended: YES


What is MindValley?

mindvalley homepage

MindValley is an education company which offers online courses, programs, softwares, and services with the aim to transform people into the best versions of themselves that will enable them to unlock an extraordinary life.

MindValley was founded back in 2002 by Malaysian – Estonian entrepreneur Vishen Lakhiani. Over the course of its existence, it has garnered 3 million students of all ages from over the world. Lakhiani even aims to reach out to 1 billion students by 2050. Talk about confidence!

MindValley has partnered up with prestigious universities in the world and top transformational leaders to come up with courses that really matter in today’s time.

What makes MindValley different and unique from its competitors is their desire to help you live a happier and healthier life by changing the way you think.

The courses provided by MindValley helps you prioritize on developing the mind rather than what is tangible and visible. Your problems on money, lifestyle, health and relationships all starts within your head.

Is MindValley a scam? Let us first know how it works in the first place.

How Does MindValley Work?

The MindValley Model

  • Global Campuses

Since MindValley is an education company that offers online courses, you can learn with MindValley wherever you are. Be it at your home or while you’re travelling, you can benefit from the online courses anytime you like. This is one of the best things about MindValley – education on the go.

MindValley also holds live local events at their rotating university campus. Every summer, the campus moves to a new city. If you are lucky enough for MindValley to visit your city, you can go to their university campus and learn more about their courses in the span of 30 days.

The best thing about this one is that it is available for everyone regardless of age. Everybody still has a chance!

  • Dynamic Curriculum

The world is advancing faster than ever and MindValley is catching up. Not only does MindValley courses and lessons exist in the cloud, but the content of the lessons are also diverging from the traditional and institutionalized education we are all so familiar with.

You will find that the courses included in the curriculum of MindValley tackles lessons we can all relate to in the 21st century. MindValley claims to turn learning into an adventure and that they outperform traditional online courses by 500%.

  • The Teacher’s Teacher

Of course, where else can you get high-end education other than best-selling authors and brilliant minds with the will to inspire and transform others?

You will find courses made and offered by Leading Expert in Meditation for Performance – Emily Fletcher; World Authority on Public Speaking – Lisa Nichols; Author of Conversation with God – Neale Donald Walsch; and even the founder of MindValley himself – Vishen Lakhiani.

Courses Offered

The curriculum of MindValley focus on 5 key areas of life. There are over 30 English language courses, some of these courses need to be paid for while others can be availed for free. The free courses are only accessible to you for a limited amount of time.

Take note, the paid courses can cost you from $199 to a whopping $900. Also, the pricing is dependent on the length of the course and whether it includes a completion certificate.

  • Career and Influence

The courses in this category is crafted for you if you want to improve more in terms of your career and your influence on other people.

mindvalley career and influence

An example of a course would be Robin Sharma’s mindchild ‘Equip Yourself With Key Habits, Techniques, and Skills To Turn Yourself Into A Super Performer at Life’. This one will cost you $545.

  • Lifestyle and Productivity

If you want to take the wheel to a different direction in regards with your lifestyle and want to develop a productive state of mind, MindValley has your back on that!

mindvalley lifestyle and productivity

Vishen Lakhiani himself wrote the course ‘Learn the Difference Between Means and Goals’. Since Lakhiani wants you to have a feel and experience of what MindValley courses are beforehand, you can avail this course for free.

All the free courses exist so that you can take a dip and realize for yourself whether availing a paid course would be worth it or not.

  • Mind and Spirit

The Mind and Spirit courses allow you to challenge your beliefs and free your mind from distractions. ‘Strengthen your Spiritual Muscles and Reconnect with the Essence of Your Being’ is created by transformational teacher Jeffrey Allen.

mindvalley mind and spirit

This is an example of a course that will have you pay an additional fee so that you can be issued with a completion certificate. The course initially costs $349, while if you avail of the completion certificate, it will cost you $399.

  • Health and Fitness

Living a healthy and fit life is not an easy task. For some of us, trying to lead a life as a healthy person does not go hand in hand with our cravings and sweet tooth. The Health and Fitness courses aim to help you as an individual live a health consciousness driven life.

mindvalley health and fitness

You can find a course entitled ‘A Roadmap to a Fitter, Healthier and More Youthful You’ by Ben Greenfield which costs $399 and $449 if you want to be issued with a completion certificate.

  • Love and Relationships

Not all of us have a healthy love life and for some, forming a circle of clean and non-toxic relationships could take a lifetime. MindValley also offers courses on how you can be the best version of yourself among the people around you.

mindvalley love and relationships

Psalm Isadora offers a course entitled ‘Limitless Love and Intimacy With The Ancient Art of Tantra’ for $295. If you also want a DVD on top of your digital access, this will cost you $495.

Refund Policy

To be frank, the cost of the courses are expensive. Some even costs up to $900. How crazy is that? If you have already purchased the course and feel that it is not worth the money, you can request for a refund. Now, the refunds differ depending on what kind of course you have chosen.

A lot of MindValley subscriptions let you take a dip before you dive any further with a 7-day trial. Just like how most trials work, you can’t be charged if you cancel the trial period within 7 days.

Aside from classic courses you can avail, MindValley also hold Quests that are special programs scheduled on predetermined dates in which you can learn simultaneously with thousands of other students.

The rule here is you can refund what you have paid within 10 days from which you have started the Quest.

For the paid courses, it has a 30-day refund policy.

Also, there are students who pay for an annual membership to MindValley’s online university. To get a refund, you must request for it within 10 days from your initial purchase.

MindValley App

MindValley also offers an app named MindValley: Education Evolved. The app offers courses that you can finish within 20 minute or shorter sessions.

It scored 4.6 stars with more than 100,000 downloads on the Google Play Store. The Play Store describes this app as your daily coach for mindfulness, goals, gratitude, motivation, and productivity.

The MindValley Affiliate Program

mindvalley affiliate program

MindValley is looking for affiliates that will help them shape a new vision for education and personal growth. If you are familiar with affiliate marketing , it works on a simple mechanism. You will earn commissions for promoting a product or service and having people avail of the product.

So, how do you get started with MindValley’s affiliate program?

It all starts when you first go through the requirements. Now, there are three key things they are looking for in an affiliate.

  • A well – established list of followers

MindValley requires you to have a minimum of 200,000 fans or followers.

  • Highly engaged audience

They also take into account your popularity, interaction rates, and relationship building with your followers.

  • Consistent traffic

MindValley analyzes not just your current traffic, but also the historical traffic as well. This is so that they can determine whether you are capable of reaching their desired volumes.

Take note, MindValley does not allow paid advertising. This implies that your traffic must organic.

If you have those requirements, proceed signing up on their website and submit your application. Once you are accepted to be an affiliate, throw yourself a party and log in to your affiliate dashboard.

On your affiliate dashboard, you are given the option to choose an offer you prefer. You can also select what method you want to promote with the use of tools from a range of free creatives of your choice.

You will be provided with an email copy, social media copy, banners, and links to the webinar or directly to a special offer sales page.

Of course, you will be given your own unique affiliate link in which this is what you’ll use to promote MindValley. You can dump this link on your website, blog, or social media accounts.

MindValley gives you a cookie lifetime of 30 days. This implies that your affiliate must sign up within 30 days from the moment he clicked on the link. As long as this is followed, you can earn a baseline commission of 30%. Is there a limit on how much commissions you can earn? Absolutely not!

You can receive your commissions through PayPal. As long as you have gathered the minimum cash out threshold of $100, you can receive your effort’s worth. Take note, MindValley only processes commissions on the 15th of each month.

If you are sometimes lost on your affiliate venture, don’t worry! You’ll be provided with a dedicated affiliate manager which will guide you in your campaigns.

Here are the benefits of joining MindValley as an affiliate.

mindvalley affiliate benefits

On top of all this, you can benefit from all of these privileges for free!

You can also join the MindValley affiliate program on AWIN or Rakuten Linkshare. Here, they pay you 20% commission. This is 10% lower commission than the affiliate program hosted on Cake.

Is MindValley a scam? You may want to find the answer to that question once you have read the next section.

MindValley Complaints

Continuous Charges

Of course, there are inevitable bumps along the way. Some students have trouble trying to cancel their trial period so that they wouldn’t have to pay for a subscription fee. However, it still ended up as a full subscription. The website does not really indicate how to cancel the trial period, so that needs to be addressed.

For some students, even if their monthly subscription has ended, they are still being charged for another  billing cycle.

mindvalley bbb complaint

mindvalley complaint

Strict Affiliate Standards

As for the affiliate program, the standards can be quite strict and of course, that is a hindrance to those who want to be their partner. However, considering that the program is free to join and there are lots of benefits, I think it is only just and fair to keep the standards at its peak.

What I Like About MindValley

Diversion from Institutionalized Education

With lessons on lifestyle and productivity, health and fitness, mind and spirit, love and relationships, career and influence, MindValley is changing how we define education. While other educational companies out there teach you about the world, MindValley teaches you to learn more about yourself which is essential in making the most out of your life.

Good Ratings

MindValley scored 4 out 5 stars on TrustPilot based on 363 reviews.

mindvalley trustpilot

And even though they are not accredited with BBB, the Better Business Bureau gave them a rating of A+, while customers gave MindValley a score of 5 stars. They only have 5 complaints over the course of 3 years. Now that’s how you run a business!

mindvalley bbb

High Commission Rate

MindValley offers a baseline commission of 30% as long as you are signing up for the program hosted on Cake. Nevertheless, even if you sign up with AWIN or Rakuten Linkshare, you can still earn 20% commission.

Free to Join

This is one of the best things about the MindValley affiliate program. If you are lucky enough to be an affiliate, you can earn and benefit from the privileges all for free.

Wrapping Up: Is MindValley a Scam?

No, I don’t believe MindValley is a scam. It is a legit and trusted company offering real online courses for those who seek to make their life better by getting to know themselves more. If you would like to improve yourself and change your mindset on life, you may want to consider availing courses with MindValley.

Plus, the affiliate program isn’t so bad, too. It is free to join, there are loads of benefits, and commission rates are high. However, it is not for everyone. From what I have witnessed from the key things they are looking for in an affiliate, they want someone who is already experienced in the field of affiliate marketing.

If you want to start with the basics of affiliate marketing, check out my number 1 recommendation!

Just keep one thing in mind, this won’t happen overnight! But if you are a type of fella that can follow a blueprint, if you are willing to take action, then you can turn your passion into a thriving online business!


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