Is Validately a Scam? Dirty Secrets Exposed!

I would like to welcome you to my Is Validately a scam review. I know that in our generation today there are a lot of ways for us to earn money especially online, which is more convenient to some of us. Some of the websites right now are offering different ways for you to earn like answering a survey or even offering your services like being a Virtual Assistant. I am very sure that one of the reasons why you check on this review is you have heard about Validately, a website that pays you by testing a website or an application.

With this uncensored review, I will let you know if Validately is a good deal or not. Is Validately a legit website? This is one of the top questions that you have in mind and you got the right page to look for the answers. And I will make sure at the end of this review you will end up with the right decision. I don’t want you to wait for more so let’s get into details!

Product Name:Validately
Founder:Steven Cohn
Logo:is validately a scam
Product Description:An online website that will let you test another website or application and they will able to pay you for doing that.
Best For:People who are that tech-savvy and has more interest in testing out applications and website.

It was validly created in 2013 and was developed in New York by technology entrepreneur Steven Cohn. This is a research company that helps people to test online websites and other software with the corresponding number.

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What is Validately?

Validately is founded by a tech entrepreneur Steven Cohn in 2013 and was based in New York. This is a research company that lets people test out websites and other applications online which has the corresponding amount that they can get.


is validately a scam

Companies nowadays are into testing out things wherein they will an idea of what to improve on their services or products to get more sales. And this where Validately gets the spotlight, those companies will contact Validately to do crowdsourcing and get a lof insight from people about their product or service.


How Does Validately Work?

Like what I have mentioned earlier, the other companies are dealing with Validately to get other’s people thoughts about their products. This plays a big role in their business as people’s reactions are important in order for them to have an idea of what else they can do more to attract more sales. That is why Validately is looking for people who can do testing of the websites or applications and share the experience that they have. But of course, you will able to get something after testing out a website or any application.


Before anything else, you need to join Validately to start your journey in earning money from them. The good thing about joining Validately is the membership fee is for free, and I know that not all of the money-making websites are providing a free membership. All you need to have is a working email address and a password but you can also join using your Facebook account. When it comes to how secure it is to use your Facebook account, I cannot provide information about it so I recommend to just use a working email and a password.


is validately a scam

Just like the usual membership process online, they will ask you some personal details like your name, marital status, location, etc. They will also ask for the type of equipment you will use can be a computer or a mobile, however, after answering the questions that they have you need to pass another test wherein it is something about the equipment you will use. Once successfully done with the last test, you will have another set of questions to answer as their follow up.


The result of the application will be given through the working email that you provided at first and when it comes to how long you will wait for it, I cannot give you an exact number of days for the processing of the request. If you are one of the successful persons to pass the tests, Validately will start sending offers or jobs on your email. Sad to say that a lot of people are not passing the equipment test, it seems that they need high specifications to do the job online.


is validately a scam

If you think that the process to join Validately is something that you are not into, there are a lot of options out there as an alternative. See how you can start your online business today with a simple and proven 4 step method.


How Much Can You Make With Validately?

And let’s discuss the part that can make you excited, the Validately pricing. I know that you want to know if joining Validately can sustain your monthly needs or if this can be your full-time job. There are two ways for you to earn money with Validately, it is either by live talk sessions or webcam-based sessions. Since the job is all about giving insights they will need to require you to share your thoughts live, that is also the reason why they have a test for the equipment you will use for the job. 

For every 5-minute live talk session, Validately will pay you $5 to $10 then for a 30-minute webcam session is for $25. So it means that you will able to get two reviews from Validately each day, the lowest income is at around $10 to $15 per day. The payment will be sent through Paypal every 7 days of completing a review or test and the good thing about their payment is they don’t have any threshold to cash out.


What I Don’t Like About Validately.

You may notice that everything seems to be okay with Validately but just like the other companies out there, Validately also has its downsides which are normal in every business. Here are the things that I don’t like about Validately.


Not accredited by Better Business Bureau.

At this time that I checked if Validately is accredited by BBB, it seems that they are not accredited. This has a big impact especially for those who are basing their decisions on the ratings and reviews they read at BBB.


is validately a scam

They only have one payment method.

The only way that you can cash out your money with Validately is through Paypal. However, not all parts of the world are supported by Paypal, there are also some countries that Paypal does not operate.


High-standards needed for the equipment.

There are only a few people who passed the test for the equipment that they will use for doing the job with Validately. And this shows that you really need to invest in the types of equipment you will use in order to do the job which I know as well that not everybody has the capability to do that, especially for the beginners.


What I Like About Validately.

If you are going to ask me if what I like about Validately, I can only answer that with one thing and that is the decent pay that they give with their members. It is not easy to join their company so it is good to know that they are paying a reasonable rate for every test or review you will do and given the fact that they are not setting any threshold to cash out your earnings.


is validately a scam


Is Validately a Scam? My Final Verdict.

After doing a lot of research and feedback about Validately, I can say that they are not a scam. They really offer the service that they have and there are real people who earn from them. This might not be for everybody especially for the beginners so I can recommend this to you. There are a lot of options that you have over the internet that is easy to do.

And if you decided to look for more options to earn money online, you can try to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review to learn more about making money online in a legit and easy way just like writing your hobby on a daily basis.

I hope that this “Is Validately a Scam” review has served its purpose to you. If you have any questions, concerns, or just feel like adding something to this article, feel free to leave a comment down below. Cheers!

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