How To Decrease Your Dependence On Google For Traffic?

Last Updated on November 17, 2022

Do you get a lot of Google search traffic? It is most likely the primary source of the traffic to your website. Are you concerned about your reliance on a single source of traffic? How To decrease your dependence on Google? These questions will all be answered on this post!

Ignoring Google, regardless of our feelings, is a bad idea. It controls 67% of the search market. Your Google traffic is a valuable asset to your company. Google will be the primary source of your traffic in the near future.

To continue to benefit from Google traffic, practice good SEO, optimize your website, and create quality content. However, with the penalties and algorithm changes, you may become vulnerable. Google makes mistakes as well, which can lead to severe problems.

Increase the relevance of your website to Bing and Yahoo. Follow these guidelines to avoid a drop in Google traffic.

How to decrease Your dependence on Google For Search Traffic


Concentrate on producing high-quality content and building a solid reputation.

The first step toward reducing your reliance on Google is to concentrate on creating better content. The old method of creating content for search engines (rather than users) is no longer viable. Google’s AI can tell you the score, sort of.

If you create both useful and interesting content, you will build your reputation and become the go-to source for information in your niche. This method will usually result in the following:

  • More social media shares
  • Additional email subscribers
  • Additional backlinks
  • More traffic equals more revenue.

True, even if you publish great content, it will be seen. You will still need to market your content. However, without sufficient content, you will sabotage future growth.

Brainstorm post ideas that will be useful to your readers and will help you stand out from other blogs in your niche.

Create a publication schedule to determine how many posts you want to publish each week or month. Allow enough time in your daily/weekly schedule to research, write, and edit the posts to fit within your desired publication schedule.

Begin to form your network

Establish A Strong Network

Your choice of company will significantly impact your ability to grow your website and your business.

There are numerous advantages to having a strong network:

  • Assist with social media promotion
  • Relationships with affiliates
  • Creating connections
  • Friendly guidance
  • New possibilities

For example, if you notice a drop in traffic and have an SEO expert in your network, you can contact them for advice. They can point you in the right direction or refer you to someone who can help you with the problem.

Alternatively, you may be launching a new product and need to recruit affiliates; one of your contacts may have an audience you can reach through an affiliate partnership. The beauty of having a large network is that you never know what opportunities will arise as a result. Here’s how to network:

Make sure to identify influencers in your niche that you’d like to add to your network. Be open to the most well-known people in the niche. Those who run smaller blogs or are reputable but not as well known are still valuable members of your network, and making connections with them is usually much more feasible.

Comment on their blog posts on a regular basis so that they become familiar with your name and begin to interact with you. Follow them on social media and communicate with them via their social media platforms. Share links to their posts, retweet and +1 their posts, and use your social profiles to increase their exposure.

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Introduce yourself to them via email, contact form, or a message on a social network. Keep it brief, but let them know you are aware of and appreciate their efforts. The quickest way is to join their email list and interact with them in their inbox.

Continue your journey. With more interaction, you can strengthen your existing connections while also making new ones. In some cases, you can offer a guest post on their blog or discuss a potential affiliate partnership.

Return the favor. Relationships should not be chosen solely on the basis of someone’s influence. Allow someone to try to develop a relationship with you. Good things can happen no matter who it is or where their business is at.

What is an email list, exactly

Invest heavily in building an email list.

Some believe that email has had its day, but the reality is that there are more than 5.5 billion active email accounts worldwide as of 2019. While social media should be noticed, email is far more effective at reaching people.

This is why Email is both immediate and personal. When you obtain someone’s email address, they permit you to contact them. That takes a lot of faith (or a significant incentive).

Consider email marketing to be a professional network extension. Your goal should be to keep your promises and then exceed those expectations when they sign up. That way, when it comes time to promote your own products (or those of your affiliates) or share something important with your list, they’ll be more likely to listen.

You’ll need to select an email service provider to power your email list. You should also provide some incentives to encourage people to sign up. This is commonly referred to as a lead magnet. They can range from a free PDF to a checklist to a coupon code.

Then, you’ll need to include email signup forms on your website. Some email providers provide opt-in forms, but a purpose-built tool will provide more value.

Maintain an active email list

More than building an email list is required; you also need to keep it up to date.

This entails sending emails to your list on a regular basis so that your subscribers do not become “cold” or forget who you are. You must maintain the relationship.

What you need is an email list of subscribers who are interested in what you have to say. Participation is essential.

You should include value in every email you send, not just product pitches or affiliate promotions. Include useful advice, interesting content, and recent blog posts. Also, involve your subscribers.

This will ensure that your email list continues to grow into a powerful asset capable of driving traffic and revenue to your website, reducing your reliance on Google.

Create and sell your own digital products.

Evergreen products

The monetization strategy you choose will determine how reliant you are on Google’s search traffic.

For example, if you rely on ad sales and/or AdSense revenue, your income is likely to suffer if you lose a significant amount of search engine traffic. The same is true for affiliate revenue if search traffic primarily generates sales.

Selling your own digital products is one of the best ways to overcome this challenge. Because they are your products, you have complete control over how they are sold, including pricing, discounts, payment processing, and conversion optimization.

For example, if you need a quick boost in income, you can always run limited-time sales. Alter your pricing as your product grows in popularity.

Then, by recruiting affiliates, you can take your digital products to the next level. The benefit of recruiting affiliates is that you get people to market your products and pay them based on their success.

Affiliates are critical to making this strategy work without relying on Google; even if search traffic drops, they will continue to send highly targeted visitors, allowing you to make sales.

And, if you follow point 3 about creating an email list, you’ll have a solid base of potential customers to email about your new product.

You could write an ebook, which would allow you to sell it on Amazon, or you could write a physical book at some point. Alternatively, you could use a WordPress plugin like MemberPress to create an online course or a membership site.

Determine what types of products your target audience requires. Search sites like Quora and Reddit to see what problems your target audience is facing or look at what products are being promoted through advertisements on popular websites in your niche.

To gain a better understanding of your audience’s needs, conduct a survey. Sending out a survey to your email subscribers and social media followers is a great place to start. Create your first item. You must decide whether you want to create a course, an ebook, or a subscription service.


Provide an EXcellent Affiliate Program

Selling your own products and offering an affiliate program, can stabilize your revenue.

Offering a high percentage commission to your affiliates will increase your chances of attracting affiliates and making sales. If people are going to go out of their way to promote your products, it must be worthwhile for them to do so.

The commission offered by others in your niche is a good starting point. This will give you an idea of where to begin.

You’ll also find it useful to provide banners, swipe files, promotional tips, coupon codes, and so on. You could provide free review copies to affiliates so they can test the product. Here’s what you should do:

Create banners and marketing materials. You might want to make some for yourself, but your time would be better spent developing and marketing your product. Consider hiring a flat-rate design company like DesignPickle – they only require a brief to work from and are reasonably priced if you have ongoing graphic design needs. You could also use a platform like Fiverr.

Create an enticing landing page to attract affiliates. Just as you must sell your product, you must also sell people on the advantages of promoting it.

Make a list of prominent bloggers in your niche and contact them. Determine those with large email lists and large audiences; you may want to offer a tiered commission structure to those who can send more traffic.

Concentrate on profit rather than traffic.

niche profitability

It’s easy to become obsessed with traffic statistics, but traffic does not always equal profit.

Switching your focus to profit (rather than traffic) will give you a much clearer picture of your efforts’ effectiveness.

I became too focused on traffic when I started making money from my blog. As a result, it diverted my attention away from marketing activities that would have helped me grow my business more quickly.

Begin by examining how you are currently making money from your website. Also, consider whether there are any other revenue streams you could pursue. Diversify!

When you concentrate on profit, you can increase profit even after losing traffic.

Final Thoughts

The only way to reduce your reliance on Google traffic is to diversify your online presence. Do not expect your target audience to find you. Make yourself visible. Join their communities, answer their questions, and provide them with what they need outside of Google search, and you will become less reliant on it.

Simultaneously, use all the tools Google provides to strengthen your online business. Use Google Plus Local, Google Plus Business pages, Google Earth maps, and PPC advertising through Google AdWords. Your overall activity will establish you as a valuable asset and reduce the likelihood of a mistaken identity error.

Use your other channels to broaden your reach and attract relevant visitors to your site. Your email marketing campaigns are your best performers. Mobile traffic is your best investment. Social media represents your most excellent opportunity.


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