How Many Posts Should I Have Before I Launch My Blog?

Last Updated on August 13, 2022

There are various types of blogs. Some people write to share their adventures, thoughts, and accomplishments in a relaxed/natural way. 

Others have a commercial intent behind their blogging agenda, but at the start, all think about the same thing. How many posts should I have before I launch my blog?

The typical “John Doe” starts a blog and only publishes a post now and then. I can further state that most bogs don’t have legal pages, which you should do right off the bat!

According to the “Hosting Tribunal,” there are around 600 million blogs worldwide, so if you want to start a blog that stands out from the crowd, you better do it right from day one!

How many posts should I have before I launch my blog?

There is no exact number on this, but according to my experience, you should have all of your legal pages published and around 15 to 20 articles drafted before launch. The idea behind preparing all that content before posting your blog will help you get traction with Google.

Remember, you must keep adding content regularly, especially answering questions that “real” people ask. Do this, and you will notice a traffic increase on your blog within “a couple” of months.

Benefits of starting a blog with content

Let’s go through some benefits of launching your blog with drafted content vs. with no content. 

Blogging is all about consistency. Set up a posting schedule and keep to it.

Let’s say that you are starting a blog and thinking of posting once or twice a week. You will need several weeks to have a decent content backbone. 

Launching your blog with 15-20 posts will make it easier for the Google algorithm to understand and categorize your content and build trust around your website. 

Creating good, actionable, niche-related content will also help you rank in the SERPs faster. 

Remember, you are not writing for the machines.

People often forget that we are not writing “only” for search engine bots. 

One should not be obsessed with finding the best keywords and over-optimizing content that overrides the human sense. 

Stuffing sentences with the keywords you are trying to rank just “for the sake” of on-page SEO will penalize you. 

The right way to do SEO is about creating content that other people will find helpful and that search engines will rank highly. 

To write for humans, you must ask yourself a series of questions. 

  • What is the purpose of the content? 
  • What are people trying to accomplish when they visit your site?
  • What questions do they ask themselves when they land on your site? 

Then, you can shape your content around those questions.

Helping people solve a problem is the shortest pathway to success!

Use Google autosuggest, Quora, or Reddit to find questions people within your niche seek.

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What to read next?

You have your blog online and just finished writing your first post. 

With a sense of fulfillment, you published and shared it on social media, hoping someone would click on it and start surfing your brand new site!

The problem is there is only “that” one post to read and no option left than bounce from your website.

Having 15-20 posts waiting to publish on the launch date gives plenty of content for new visitors to consume.

I’m not ranking yet…

New bloggers spend way too much time looking at Google analytics, waiting for the graph to grow instead of keeping the focus on the essential thing… creating great content!

Launching your blog with 0 posts and writing once or twice per week will hurt your chances of ranking on Google and other search engines. 

To publish high-quality content consistently, you need to have a system. Writing 3–5 blog posts per week will give you the best results. 

You can’t just expect inspiration to strike whenever it feels like it. You need to be prepared and have a process that makes it easy to get your content out there.

What if we set up a launchpad?

Think with me, what if:

  1. You draft some content (ideally 15+) ready to publish for the big day.
  2. Save a couple more drafts for the initial days to guarantee you keep up with your posting schedule.
  3. Keep pumping out content on a daily basis.
  4. Stick with this routine for half a year

You will be impressed with the amount of traffic you’ll grow!

Keep it simple, don’t waste energy thinking about esthetics, plugins, and other fancy stuff. Grab a fast WordPress theme, focus on one thing, and write helpful content!

How many posts should I have before I launch my blog, Final Thoughts

You must decide how many posts you should have on your blog when it launches. 

Having a few posts as part of your launch strategy helps you stand out from the crowd and create initial momentum for your brand. 

Don’t forget to be consistent and keep up with the posting schedule. You will see progress with the right approach! Whether you launch your blog with or without content, make sure that the content on the site is compelling enough to keep the traffic coming. 

The release date of your blog can also be used to promote your brand if you have the resources and budget to do so. 

The time invested now will pay off 5-10 times over later!


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