AmaLinks Pro Review, Is It Too Good to Be True?

Welcome to my Amalinks Pro Review. Amazon Associates is one of the oldest and biggest online marketing affiliate programs. It has over 2 million sellers and tons of people making money promoting its products. In this review, I will show how this great plugin can take an Amazon Affiliate Website to the next level.

Amazon affiliate links are used on over one million websites. If you want customers to choose your website over the countless other options on the market, you must add more glitter and glamour to your site. In effect, bolstering your site can lead to increased engagement and interaction and higher click-through rates.

There are dozens of WordPress plugins dedicated to assisting you in providing a better overall design for your affiliate links. These allow you to present the products in a visually appealing package, persuading your customers to check them out right away.

WordPress developers now provide a wide range of helpful plugins for this purpose. This review will look at AmaLinks Pro and how it can help Amazon affiliate marketers improve their game.

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What is AmaLinks Pro?

Amazon affiliate links are used on over one million websites. If you want customers to choose your website over the countless other options on the market, you must add more glitter and glamour to your site. In effect, bolstering your site can lead to increased engagement and interaction and higher click-through rates.

There are dozens of WordPress plugins dedicated to assisting you in providing a better overall design for your affiliate links. These allow you to present the products in a visually appealing package, persuading your customers to check them out immediately.

WordPress developers now provide a wide range of helpful plugins for this purpose. This review will look at AmaLinks Pro and how it can help Amazon affiliate marketers improve their game.

How does AmaLinks Pro work?

After going through the installation and configuration, AmaLinks Pro will do all the hard work for you in exchange for a couple of clicks. After you’ve installed it, you will see a button on your editor all you have to do is click on it, and a search bar will appear.

Search for products

Search for Amazon products from inside WordPress. On the search bar, you will type whatever Amazon products you want to promote. What it will do is, it will pull out all Amazon products related to your search query.

amalinks pro search bar

Pick the products you want to promote

From here all you have to do is to click on a product you want to add to your post or page, and it will go to the next page where you choose the type of promotion you want to create.

Decide which type of link you want to use

At this stage, you can choose from 4 types of links to use with your content.

You can use a text link which is great to hyperlink from your product descriptions.

You can choose an Image link, so people go to Amazon and then click on your product Image.

You can create a customizable CTA (call to action) button to put on strategic places of your review post.

Last but not least, is the showcase link, which is my favorite. This link will import from amazon API the full product description, product image, price, and customer reviews.

Another great feature is since it pulls data directly from Amazon API you are 100% compliant with Amazon’s policies so you won’t need to worry about “following Amazon’s strict rules”, image rights, or any other legal issue.

Why should you use AmaLinks Pro?

If you ask me to resume in one single word why should I use AmaLinks Pro, I would say productivity! But there is a lot more to tell about this great plugin, it’s undoubtedly a game-changer for anyone promoting Amazon products.

The simplicity and steadiness in how you can add products to your post or pages are incredible. Plus, it looks great too! With this tool you can create eye-candy product reviews, that will boost your conversions over the roof.

Searching for royalty-free product images? Never again, with AmaLinks Pro you have plenty to choose from with a couple of clicks.

Completely customizable, insert the product anywhere you want by using shortcodes, plus it’s fully responsive so it will look great on any device.

The only bad thing (no big deal) I found about AmaLinks Pro is that sometimes you have to paste the shortcode twice for it to work. I believe that this will be addressed in the next plugin update.

start your affiliate blog

Can AmaLinks Pro improve your chances as an Amazon associate?

I truly believe that this plugin will help you take your Amazon affiliate website to the next level. Using AmaLinks Pro will allow you to focus on content creation because adding affiliate products is just too simple. 

You can literally insert 10’s products in the same timeframe you inserted just 1.

This will allow you to grow your website, have more product pages, create bigger product comparisons, and get more visitors, therefore, more revenue. 

It will also give your website a more professional and organized look.

Why Should You Use AmaLinks Pro?

The process of becoming an Amazon Associate is simple. Everything that comes after is difficult. Amazon frequently updates its terms and policies to ensure that the affiliate sites that represent them provide only high-quality content that adheres to its codes of conduct.

It may be nearly impossible for an affiliate to keep up with these ever-changing rules. As a result, you’ll need a plugin that does the legwork for you and ensures that every affiliate link on your page is Amazon-compliant.

AmaLinks Pro is known for going above and beyond to ensure that your site is error-free.

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Aside from the product showcase features, the plugin also handles the following:

Amazon Complaint Images: Whether you use API or SiteStrip, images are pulled directly from Amazon to ensure that you are fully compliant.

Amazon Product Titles: Product titles, like images, are obtained directly from Amazon. You can edit it as you see fit to remove any unnecessary words.

Amazon Product Descriptions: Any description you display in the product showcases is extracted and listed in the API. These are presented in bullet lists; you can hide and customize them as you see fit.

Prime Eligible Badge: If the product you feature is eligible for Amazon Prime, include the “Prime Eligible” tag. This is text-based, however, because using the actual Prime logo violates the Amazon Associates agreement you signed as an affiliate.

Affiliate API Disclaimer: This section contains the completion date and time of the API call. This is critical when displaying information obtained from your Amazon API.

Up-to-date Prices: AmaLinks Pro’s pricing is also constantly updated to ensure accuracy. These prices cannot be changed, but you can choose whether to display or hide them in showcase boxes.

Link Localization: If you have a large international audience, you must redirect them to the Amazon marketplace in their respective country. Link localization enables you to provide geotargeting, ensuring that you do not lose commissions. AmaLinks Pro accomplishes this through integration with Amazon OneLink and Genius Link.

Google Analytics Event Monitoring

Google Analytics is built into the plugin to enable Amazon affiliate event tracking on your site. This feature allows you to keep track of all AmaLinks Pro interactions, including links, showcases, and comparison tables.

The plugin sends your page ID and title to track which pages visitors view. This will assist you in determining which links were clicked on various pages. You can also decide which links or display modes generate the most interest.

AmaLinks Pro Pricing

AmaLinks Pro offers four different pricing packages that are affordably available with AmaLinks Pro.

Blogger Plan for $67/Year

This is ideal for those of you who only use one site for the affiliate marketplace. Or, in other words, those who rely on affiliate marketing as a source of income. This plan includes all essential features as well as standard support.

The basic plan costs $127 per year.

This plan includes three WordPress installations as well as all of the benefits of the blogger plan.

Premium Plan for $197/year

The premium plan may be appropriate for you if you work full-time or are an experienced affiliate marketer. With this license, AmaLinks Pro can be installed on up to 25 WordPress sites.

You will also have access to priority support, which means your requests will be moved to the front line. There is also a bonus currently accessible to their long list of 2,796 niche ideas.

$797 for the Platinum Plan Single Payment

Yes, at this price, you can install the plugin on unlimited WordPress sites. You will also receive the previously mentioned bonus as well as priority support.

Although there is no trial version of the plugin, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee that you can take advantage of. This demonstrates that the developers are confident in their product.

Final Thoughts

As a top-tier affiliate plugin, AmaLinks Pro should exceed all of your expectations. It gives you a lot of freedom and dozens of options for displaying products in ways that are most relevant to your brand.

The plugin’s most recent update allows you to display affiliate links in a highly professional and sleek manner that matches any WordPress theme. The No-API feature is a handy tool even if you have a few sales.

As a result, you can use all of the features that will help you drive sales with or without an API. AmaLinksPro also includes comprehensive documentation to assist you in using the product.

You can also contact the team if you require additional assistance. Even its Premium plan is less than $20 per month in terms of pricing.


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14 thoughts on “AmaLinks Pro Review, Is It Too Good to Be True?”

  1. It was a great website loved it. I may even purchase the product. although I was not impressed with the immediate pop ups other then that good. Did you have social media icons I didn’t notice?

    • Hi Jaqueline.

      Thank you, I’m glad you liked my website and the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin. As for the popup is an exit intent popup and only shows once.

      As for social media, icons are on the header and footer of the website.


  2. Thanks Pedro, I promote Amazon products on my website and Amalinks sounds very amazing. Looks easy to once it is installed. Using it will save me copying the product code and saving it onto the text part of my website. It promotes conversation but does it drive more traffic to a Website? 

    • Hi Juliet,

      Amalinks Pro will not drive more traffic to the website by itself. But since you will be creating more content because it’s a lot easier to add products. 

      Your website will eventually get more traffic.

      What it will do for sure, because the way it’s built, is to increase your Amazon affiliate conversion rates.

      Wish you the best


  3. Hello. I really do not know about AmaLinks Pro till I’ve read your review. I’m also an Amazon Associate, and I admit I have quite a hard time finding products and it really takes time. It is good that with AmaLinks Pro you will have the best list at less time. I think this works great. Thank you for this review and I’m considering the AmaLinks Pro as an efficient tool to have more clicks that might lead to sales. All the best! 

    • Hi,

      Glad you enjoyed my Amalinks Pro Review. 

      I know what you mean, browsing through Amazon product list “hurts”…

      This is a game changer, will make our life a lot easier, with just a few clicks you are set to go;)


  4. Hi Pedro

    Really nice review. Amazon has so many tools for their vendors and marketers…wow.

    It looks really easy to use, setup and administer. Actually, I haven’t decided if I will use Amazon, but if I do, I will definitely look into this more.

    Are there similar products from Ebay or Alibaba, etc.?



    • Hi Dave,

      AmaLinks Pro is really really easy to use. It’s user-friendly and allow you to add Amazon affiliate products on the fly from inside WordPress.

      I don’t know of any similar product for eBay or Alibaba.


  5. No doubt selling on Amazon is the big deal and every affiliate marketer would want to maximize the huge traffic that visits Amazon daily. I have heard of Amalink pro plugin but needed to do my findings. Going by your review, Amalink pro would help affiliate marketers on Amazon do more at a shorter time, which would result in a higher conversion. The 30-days  money-back guarantees included by the company lay credence to its effectiveness. 

    • Hi Tolu.

      Yes, Amazon is one of the biggest affiliate programs out there with lots of people buying, selling and promoting their products.

      Such a plugin will allow “us” marketers to leverage our websites.

      As for the 30-day money back, nowadays is almost mandatory for any seller, otherwise, it will lose credibility.

      Thank you for your comment on my AmaLinks Pro Review.


  6. Thanks for this useful review of the AmaLinks Pro review, I have been looking for such a solution for a long time. I have used something similar for AliExpress for a couple of years now, and the concept behind it is exactly the same as with this plugin. Such a plugin is a definite timesaver. I have saved hundreds of hours using the AliExpress plugin.

    This AmaLink Pro plugin helps everything appear in a very professional and complies with all the Amazon rules. That is important because as you start making money from commissions, at some point your website will get reviewed. If you are not following their rules all your work will have been wasted. If it does not meet their requirements, you will be banned from the program. 

    With such an automation tool, there is nothing stopping you from creating a number of niche websites, adding some valuable content, and earn some great income. As an example of what can be done using this plugin, I have 20 e-stores in various niches. That would not be possible without a plugin like this AmaLinks Pro.

    I am so glad to have come across this review today, and I am ready to check out the middle priced version of the plugin, as I am thinking I will merge the AliExpress and drop shipping model I now use with this. I like that the delivery times will be faster and also the variety of products available. The AmaLinks Pro is well worth the money at any level in my opinion. 

    • Hi Dave!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my AmaLinks Pro Review and adding your valuable comment.

      I totally agree with you, the two more important traits of this plugin are time-saving and 100% Amazon compliance.

      Being able to insert products on “best of” posts in minutes is blowing my mind!



  7. Thanks for reviewing AmaLinks Pro. I have heard about the plugin and become curious about it since my affiliate blog start to grow. This plugin will be very helpful for my niche, because I find it it bored to insert my affiliate links one by one. Is there free trial or free plan first before I upgrade it to paid plan? Oh yes, does the plugin work with geolocalization links too? Thanks for your information

    • Hey,

      thank you for taking the time to read my Amalinks Pro Review.

      This is undoubtedly a great tool to have if you are running an Amazon Affiliate Store/Website.

      Right now they don’t have a free plan, but they have a 30% discount campaign going on click here to access it. 

      Plus they give a 30-day money back guarantee so if you don’t like it you can ask for a refund, no questions asked.

      As for the geolocalization links, yes you can set it up on installation.

      It’s worth a try!




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