The Best Email Automation Platform Is The One That “BEST” Suits Your Needs!

The best email automation platform consistently surpasses all other marketing channels in terms of Return on Investment (ROI).

It's also excellent for building a sense of community and engaging one-on-one with clients. Suppose you don't have the proper software and platforms to handle your email marketing.

In that case, you won't be capable of reaching your subscribers and clients in the way you need to promote engagement, build those crucial relationships, generate more leads, and improve sales.

This is a list of the most excellent email marketing systems accessible. Each email marketing platform on our list has its features to delve into before choosing the best one for your needs.

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How to Choose the Best Email Automation Platform?

  1. Establish Your Priorities

The purpose of email marketing is to achieve marketing success. Identifying your goals will help you find a tool to help you get there. The following are the most frequent marketing objectives:

  • Drive site traffic
  • Leverage automation
  • Improve click rates
  • Increase open rates
  • Nurture leads
  • Increase leads and sales conversions
  1. Match Goals with Features

Now that you established what you want to accomplish, it's time to explore platforms that can help you get there. Hundreds of platforms are available, and gathering data is the only way to produce actionable intelligence. Make a spreadsheet with your requirements and add platforms as you discover them.

  1. Choose the Best Strategy

A few aspects are prevalent in email marketing plans. Here's what to expect when matching your budget to your preferred tool:

Pricing Alternatives. Email platform cost is often divided into monthly and annual categories. Pricing is usually based on a pay-as-you-go approach, which means there are no long-term contracts, and you can cancel at any moment.

Annual plans necessitate a little more thought. A word of advice: try your new platform before committing to a yearly plan. Demos are fantastic, but we encourage trials that include all of your required features. In this manner, you can identify your limitations before committing to a year-long commitment.

Counts of Subscribers. Plans are frequently based on the number of customers. As a transactional business, email marketing platforms calculate how much to charge you for the accessibility to features and capabilities based on the number of emails and subscribers you'll send.

The Best Email Automation Platform of 2022

You'll need to select the best email marketing software platform for your organization to successfully build and execute your email marketing strategy. Here is the best email automation platform that is ideal for your every need, budget, business, and priority:

Overall Best Email Automation Platform


Mailchimp Email Automation Platform

One of the most well-known email automation platforms accessible is Mailchimp. It comes with email automation, data segmentation, templates, personalization, A/B testing, lead capture forms, and CRM integration, making it ideal for beginners and businesses.

While the platform started as an email-only service, it now has more to offer. You may create a free website, run paid ads and landing pages, buy a domain, send printed postcards to any address on the earth, and share social media posts.

Pricing: For up to 2,000 contacts and one audience, Mailchimp offers a free plan. Monthly plans start at $9.99.

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ConvertKit Email Automation platform

Both eCommerce firms and creators will benefit from ConverKit. Its feature-rich design and sleek interface make for a pleasant experience. Landing pages, opt-in forms, tagging systems, email workflows, automation, data management, personalization, list segmentation, and many other features are included. ConvertKit also has functional interfaces with other systems that designers and developers are familiar with, such as Woocommerce, PayPal, Stripe, and WordPress.

Pricing: For up to 1,000 subscribers, ConvertKit offers a free service. Monthly plans start at $29 per month.


Engagebay Email automation platform

Apart from a standalone Service Bay solution (which covers activities like live chat, helpdesk reports, and tickets), EngageBay offers three products:

  • Sales Bay & CRM
  • Marketing Bay 
  • All-in-One Package

Although CRM email integration is part of the CRM & Sales Bay, email marketing is featured in Marketing Bay and the All-in-One Suite. A landing page builder,  free email automation, rich text formatting, email marketing templates, and more are all included in their email marketing system.

Pricing: For up to 500 contacts and 1,000 branded emails, EngageBay is free. When purchased biennially, their All-in-One Suite (includes both Marketing and CRM & Sales Bay options) starts at $8.99 per month.

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Best For E-Commerce Email Automation Platform


Drip email automation platform

Drip is among the most advanced email marketing platforms on our list, and its smooth interaction with eCommerce platforms like  WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento makes it ideal for eCommerce enterprises. Using eCommerce CRM data to create tailored marketing, you may segment your email list based on variables, including clicks, purchase history, email opens, and more.

Drip also includes SMS marketing, putting it in a league of its own among email marketing systems. SMSs can be delivered for various purposes, from abandoned cart reminders to promotional bargains.

Pricing: Drip provides a risk-free trial. The monthly fee starts at $19.



MailerLite is a strong challenger in the creators and small-medium company categories. It includes features like surveys, automation, popups, and landing pages necessary for effective email marketing. MailerLite also integrates with various eCommerce and marketing platforms you're probably already familiar with.

Thanks to its simple design, it appears to be one of the most subdued platforms. The platform is built for growth from eCommerce campaign features to automation, segmentation, promotional pop-ups, and the ability to develop landing pages.

Pricing: For up to 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails each month, MailerLite is free. Monthly fees begin at $10.

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Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact makes building professional-looking email marketing campaigns a breeze. It includes an intelligent email editor that makes personalizing and designing attractive emails that look great on any device a breeze. Other features that appeal to small businesses and non-profits include automation, social marketing for lead generation, and the ability to create websites and landing pages. Constant Contact offers specialized email marketing for eCommerce technology to help your online store succeed. Contact lists from  Outlook, Excel, Salesforce, and other contact management systems can be imported.

Pricing: Constant Contact provides a free one-month trial. Monthly fees begin at $20.

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Beginner-Friendly Email Automation Platform



Omnisend is a comprehensive email marketing automation platform that also serves eCommerce businesses. With segmentation, automated email, and SMS possibilities, you can build on your newsletters and enhance sales. To help deliver efficient buyer engagements, it contains pre-built automation for cart abandonment, welcome series, and transactional emails.

Pricing: Up to 15,000 emails per month / 2,000 per day are free with Omnisend. The monthly fee starts at $16. SMS has additional charges, while higher subscriptions include SMS credits.



SendPulse is a multi-channel email and messaging marketing software that makes it easier for you to send emails and SMS and build Facebook and Telegram chatbots. It may sound like a mouthful, but these qualities may help brands provide shoppers with more robust and more engaging brand experiences when combined.

SendPulse allows you to send many types of messages alone or combined with Automation 360. It comes with email marketing tools that may help you collect user information, generate responsive templates, and set up automated workflows.

Pricing: For up to 15,000 emails to 500 subscribers, SendPulse is free. When paid annually, the price starts at $5.28 per month. Extra marketing channels come with different prices.

Best For Medium Business Email Automation Platform



Although Keap is officially a CRM service, it offers comprehensive email marketing, automation, and sales tools, earning it a place on our list of the best email marketing platforms. Keap provides automation and processes, email, quote, invoice, proposal templates, and integrations with your other business tools and apps. The main strengths of this platform are its CRM capabilities and automation. These are simple and will help you convert current consumers into repeat customers. Keap also has a connection with your other favorite business apps and tools, making it an excellent choice for small eCommerce businesses that want to expand.

Pricing: A free trial is available from Keap. Prices begin at $79 per month.

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SendX is a low-cost, user-friendly email marketing platform that lets you create, schedule, and track email campaigns to increase sales. You can import an opt-in email list, launch broadcast email campaigns, and generate reports to track clicks, opens, and conversions, among other things. You can automate your email marketing with a robust rules-based interface based on user behavior, audience segmentation, etc.

Pricing: A 14-day free trial is available from SendX. When paid annually, the price starts at $7.49 per month.

Best Email Automation Platform For Affiliate Marketers


Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign is a cost-effective email marketing tool ideal for small marketing teams and content developers. Segmentation, automation, email funnels, triggered emails, A/B testing, autoresponders, and scheduling are among the capabilities included. You get managed deliverability, multi-user editing, and geotracking of your subscribers.

Pricing: The monthly fee starts at $9.



AWeber is an excellent email marketing software for teams, small enterprises, and entrepreneurs. It comes with templates, automation, workflows, a drag-and-drop email editor, segmentation, autoresponders, A/B testing, etc. Like the others on our list, AWeber has a landing page builder. It's simple to use and drag-and-drop, making it ideal for anyone who needs to rapidly create and launch a landing page and an email campaign.

Pricing: For up to 500 subscribers, AWeber is free. Monthly rates begin at $16.15.

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The Bottomline

Most email automation platforms provide the necessities for creating a simple email newsletter. Still, there are fewer possibilities if you want a variety of high-end capabilities like complete customization, live assistance, and data analysis.

As a marketer, you might want to merge your email marketing service with a CRM to get even more capabilities that can affect your email marketing and other marketing, sales, and service initiatives. However, the best email marketing tool for you will ultimately rely on your team's goals and specific needs, so start by reviewing the options above and the services' product and pricing sites.


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