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Last Updated on May 4, 2022

On the lookout of an unbiased ‘MailChimp Review’ in 2020? Say no more because you’re in the right place! You know, I can completely relate if it’s sickening to see reviews that are too obvious to be biased and some pitches on the side. Let’s get real and take things more seriously, especially if this involves your financial independence.

Once a niche website is up and live, it’s time to start running traffic towards it. These can be done in several acceptable ways, and one of which is by the use of an email service provider that is proven effective over the years.

The only question that most people are bothered with is: how do I trust and start with a legit email service provider? There are many platforms in which you can start and place your trust; however, there are bogus and are dressed altogether with the legit platforms, so where does Mailchimp stand? Let’s find out!

Product Name: MailChimp
Founder: Mark Armstrong, Ben Chestnut & Dan Kurzius
Logo: MailChimp Logo
Product Description: Email Service Provider
Best For: Small businesses online with whatever email marketing needs.
MailChimp is an all-in-one email provider that transforms small businesses’ markets smarter to grow faster even without purchasing a paid plan through them. It puts your audience at the center so you can send multiple marketing emails at bay.
Recommended: YES


What Is MailChimp?

MailChimp Homepage

MailChimp is an email service provider founded in 2001 by Mark Armstrong, Ben Chestnut, and Dan Kurzius, who also owned the Rocked Science group. It’s the top and the most intuitive email service provider in the space, so what makes this platform really great?

What MailChimp sets apart from its sworn competition is its feature-set that continually upgrades each time I check it. MailChimp’s branding is likely the most reliable in the email service provider industry. The company’s wide range of options is abundantly generous, making it problematic to outdone with no one in the industry dared to threaten yet.

Paid users take advantage of the high-level marketing features like autoresponders, spam filter diagnostics, list segmentation by region, and multiple tools for social networking integration. With over sixteen million members ranging from community groups to high-profile companies, such as TED, Vice UK, and the Economist, MailChimp, sends out billions of emails per month.

What I truly appreciate is that, despite this excellent reputation and being the giant in the industry, MailChimp has its never-ending modifications to improve its services to make it more intuitive, unique, and friendly.

What You’ll Learn Inside MailChimp

Here is the sneak peek of what you can learn inside MailChimp, particularly its best features:

A/B or split testing

A/B or split testing can help you determine which subject lines are the most effective, what name should be in your field and the possible times that affect the click rate. This feature enables you to determine the size of your sample group and make three unique versions. It sends the winning email to the recipient of your contact list.

Comprehensive Analytics

Even with the “forever-free plan,” you will still get a valuable set of metrics. The reports dashboard notifies you who opened your email, what emails bounced, who unfollowed or unsubscribed, and what linked they clicked. 

The reports also cover the successful deliveries, the number of sends, clicks per different opened, and spam-related complaints. MailChimp also tracks subscribers with the most open, and the engagement of your campaigns– the numbers of reports are presented in graphs, making the data easy to understand.

Excellent Automation

With automation tools inside MailChimp’s, your emails are getting to the right people at the right time. You can also target campaigns to contacts matched on behaviors and interests. When you create automated campaigns, you can select from done-for-you workflows or create your own with custom rules. 

MailChimp’s automation constitutes a welcome series, notifications for new blog updates, and a happy birthday email that is good for occasional purposes. Others are available based on the subscriber’s engagement, e-commerce involvement, and more.

Builds Ads & Landing Pages

In MailChimp, creating Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads are within reach. Moreover, you can create well-optimized mobile landing pages. MailChimp has two unique landing page templates that you can experiment with to create and publish landing pages the way you want.

Versatile Email Editor

MailChimp’s email editor is straightforward. To get started, begin with a basic layout, with or without a themed template, or code your own email. Its models and designs are responsive to all devices, including the mobile or desktop setup. With the email editor, you can customize the “to” field with each contact’s first name, surname, or both. 

You can also set how the sender will be listed and which subject line will be with your email. When it comes to designing your email, drag-and-drops tools are also integrated to make things easier to customize the evert aspect of the text; texts, images, videos, dividers, social shares, and the social follows.

Moreover, you can add your favorite pictures, such as logos, and your image gallery, so everything is easy to find and insert various pictures. And before sending your email to each subscriber, MailChimp ensures and scans the error that may occur and cause some spam-related problems. All that has been mentioned are shareable on both Facebook and Twitter.

Multiple Integrations

MailChimp integrates multiple applications, including a hundred of e-commerce applications like Shopify, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. By combining these e-commerce stores, you can easily capture order information, build targeted campaigns, and ultimately automate follow-ups and send unique notifications.

The MailChimp Pro

MailChimp Pro is a feature with advanced tools, it costs $199 per month, and it comes with more list segmentation options, additional fields, and TimeWarp. With the regular plan, you are only allowed 30 list fields, however with Pro, you can access 50 more areas. These extra fields enable you to personalize and target your campaign content. 

TimeWarp uniquely schedules deliver of email campaigns based on subscribers’ region. Another that sets MailChimp apart from its competitors is its high flexibility in the A/B or split testing tool. 

For example, you can preview your email and know what it will look like once you forward different email clients and on different devices. While with the regular plan, comes with A/b or split testing, the Pro plan also includes a better version that lets you test multiple uncertainties and see how these changes affect different aspects of your campaigns. 

On top of that, MailChimp Pro offers better analytics, including brief reports, compliance insights, delivery information, and even halting the delivery if there’s an issue arises.

MailChimp Review Narrated Version

MailChimp’s Pricing

MailChimp's Pricing

That presented, MailChimp comes into four pricing plans, which I will explain to you one-by-one.

The “forever-free-plan” includes one audience with 2,000 contacts, 10,000 forwarded monthly emails, seven marketing channels, one-click automation, templates are all basic and a marketing CRM.

The “essential plan” provides three audiences, 500,000 forwarded monthly emails, email temples, the A/B or split testing tool, personalized branding, and 24/7 customer support. Price starts at $9.99 per month, with 500 contacts only to $259 per month with 50,000 connections.

The “standard plan” offers five audiences with 100,000 contacts, 1.2 million forwarded monthly emails, retargeting ads, automation, personal templates, and advance audience analytics tools. Price starts at $14.99 per month, with 500 contacts only to $499 per month with 100,000 contacts.

The “premium plan” includes unlimited audiences with 200,000 contacts, over 3 million forwarded monthly emails, advances list segmentation, multivariate testing, and phone support. Price starts at $299 per month with 100,000 contacts to $1,099 per month with 200,0000 contacts.

Customer Support & Service

MailChimp has an uncomplicated yet in-depth customer support process. To start, users can visit the contact page and pick the topic of their inquiry or needs, including technical support, billing disputes, account access, legal and privacy queries, or more.

Users are then led to the knowledge-based, which constitutes brief documentation that answers frequently asked questions. If more help is needed, support prompts straightforwardly direct the user to the right contact form. Moreover, users can also log in to their customer portal to raise assistance or inquiry.

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Pros & Cons of MailChimp

Pros & Cons of MailChimp

The Good

1. Intuitive to use: Even if you’ve never had an experience in email marketing platform before, rest assured, with MailChimp, everything is easy to learn and use. The dashboard is intuitive, and it’s simple to select the features and tools you need. 

Its email creator provides in-depth, step-by-step directions, so it’s difficult to miss a step. Moreover, MailChimp provides drag-and-drop tools that support creating emails, inserting pictures, and personalizing emails.

2. An online knowledge-based: If you have queries, you can directly browse through Mailchimp’s knowledge-based and blog that provide answers to multiple frequently asked questions. It has tutorials on how to create an email list and how to build marketing automation.

3. It has a mobile app: MailChimp’s mobile app enables you to build and send campaigns through your phone or tablet on the fly. Moreover, you can manage lists, add new subscribers, and assess reports wherever you are. The app can forward sales notifications and regularly summarizes the growth of your campaign.

4. Excellent automation: With MailChimp’s “forever-free-plan” version, there are more than enough analytics to utilize and figure out which is the winning email campaigns and which is not.

The reports explain who is opening your emails, what links are being clicked, who unsubscribed, and what email address bounced.

The Bad

1. Limitations with the “forever-free-plan”: The forever-free-plan doesn’t offer ongoing customer service. However, you get access to email support for 30 days, and a live chat is not provided at all. But there is an extensive knowledge-based and blog that can answer multiple questions.

2. Deliverability with Gmail is poor: My second concern with MailChimp is how emails are delivered in Gmail. MailChimp affirms that it doesn’t have any control over the placement of its email through Gmail.

When I forward an email to Gmail accounts, some of them landed in the promotions tab. While the promotions tab is way better than having your email spammed, users are more likely to ignore that tab as often as the primary tab in Gmail.

MailChimp Review, the Bottom Line

Why choose MailChimp

If you only need to send out the occasional set of emails, then MailChimp won’t disappoint. It’s an intuitive platform with a drag-and-drop email builder that is easy to use and understand. But sad to say, it doesn’t offer advanced segmentation and automation features, in my opinion, that are essential when doing email marketing at bay.

For me, email marketing is at the center of my biz, and MailChimp doesn’t come close to satisfying the features we need. After trying multiple email marketing providers, I settled on Constant Contact, which I continually use for all email needs.

MailChimp, however, stands firm in the industry for how long and is a continually capable platform for sending out occasional emails or follow-up emails but doesn’t do much in transforming a clear email marketing strategy into a better sales process, which is the whole point for corporate brands.

That ends my MailChimp Review! I hope I gave you the heads-start and the necessary info about the platform. If you want to insert some details above, feel free to drop a comment or two in the comment section below! Are you interested in making money online? Explore my web for more!


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