Abundance Network Review

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Hi! First of all, I would like to welcome you to my Abundance Network Review. Let’s all find out if this system is really legit. So what’s in your mind when you say Abundance Network? Yes! Some of you think that they are scam or phone-based gifting schemes or another platform that will give headaches. But there are some other people who think that this is really a big catch which you can definitely enjoy, learn about techniques in marketing, and most especially earn a lot. Today I will be giving some insight into the company, their product, and their compensation plan.

People may not know the real meaning or the company’s ability. In this network, some individuals gave them misinformation about the system. Now, aren’t you excited? Knowing a little secret from the company and why people stay for a long period of time? I know there are thoughts running inside you right now so then let’s see what the company is capable of?

Product Name: Abundance Network
Founder: Jeff Long
Logo: abundance network review
Product Description: SMS and voicemail program is the abundance network. A text message is basically sent to different numbers and gives a call person a phone number.
Best For: People who are looking to earn money online.

See what the Abundance Network is if you hear networking people claiming its pyramid. Why are you there somehow? Since you need to access the Abundance Network and have a $150 fee. The organization also uses marketing techniques that are commonly used by many firms.

Product Currency: USD

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What is The Abundance Network?

Now! Let’s see what Abundance Network is when you hear networking people will definitely say that it is pyramiding. Somehow you are correct why? Because in Abundance Network you need to join and they have a fee of $150. So the company uses marketing tools, which other business companies normally use. However, the Abundance Network is promoting ways to earn money by using their own system.

Well, this company lacks a retail customer base which is why they are having a problem with the FTC. These are the list of products that Abundance Network has: Multiple Lead Capture Pages, Professionally Written Sales Letters, a team of people to close sales for you, built-in a text message system, contact, and lead manager, tracking system, training, and opportunity vault.

abundance network review

Let me give you a brief explanation about the company products. So first, the Multiple Lead Capture Pages is an MLM Software that allows you to give access to the company’s modules, etc. It is easy to operate when you are new in this industry, it saves marketing resources because the company is secured, it also helps you to see the level of your system. Secondly Compensation plan, professionally written Sales Letters, and a team of people that close sales for you, people inside the company will provide your needs.

Lastly built-in text message system, contact and lead manager, tracking system, training, and opportunity vault well for me, I consider this as part of one tool because those are some examples of the event on how you use their system.

How Does Abundance Network Work?

Basically, Abundance Network will not offer you a specific product that is handy but instead, they are offering a phone service or a system for your phones like voicemail and SMS service. And another thing that I just discovered about them is you will only get access to their sales pitch once your name is already on their leads. 

Everything about building SMS and Voice Message Leads is the Abundance Network. And one more interesting thing about them is you will get a chance to get your own phone number once you already an official member of the company and that number is the one you will use in order to pitch sales to your target leads.

abundance network review

Can You Make Money With Abundance Network?

And now let’s go to the most exciting part of this review, is it really possible to earn money with Abundance Network? Their most common way for you to earn money is to recruit people in their 2-way Unilevel Pay Plan wherein you can able to get commissions in every referral you will have. This is why it will be best if you have good skills in doing the promotion of a business as well as encouraging people to join a company or what they called a sale talk strategy.

To answer the question, yes, it is possible to earn money with Abundance Network based on what I have research, however, you just need to have a lot of patience as well as hard work in order to earn your desired earnings. And I know a lot of you are still thinking if this is really for you or not but don’t worry there are a lot of alternative ways to earn money online.

abundance network review

What I Don’t Like About Abundance Network.

Every company has its own flaws, that is the reason why people are saying that a company is a scam. And here are the things that I don’t like about Abundance Network.

FTC Approval

We all know that each company needs approval from the Federal Trade Commission. Abundance Network has a program that heavily favors recruiting affiliates and FTC considers this to be one of the main signs of an illegal pyramid scheme. They are also popular in selling unlicensed security programs that they have.

The main focus is all about recruiting.

Not all of us are capable of doing referring people to join a company especially if your someone who does not have any idea how to encourage people to join or maybe most of you do not have the confidence to do it. I hope that the Abundance Network will not just focus on recruiting.

abundance network review

What I Like About Abundance Network.

And now let’s talk about the things that I like about Abundance Network.

Compensation Plan

Abundance Network has a strong compensation plan, which is why I like the business for some reason. Passed up and their 25% commission on direct referral, which you can easily increase your earning when you make people join and become your direct recruit. You get paid on both your direct sales and the ones you passed up. When you think that you’re having trouble with your set up, or most of the people think that they can’t generate leads and sales. The company will definitely provide some solutions that can help you.

Referral Commission

Well, of course, we will be having our referral for us to earn more. The question is how can I earn money with my referral? I will give some quick overviews that I really liked about their referral policy. Your 1st, 3rd and 5th recruited members, you will save a 100% commission for the sales made from your recruited member. 2nd and 4th recruited members are different because at the level you will have to pass up the commission of this member to your sponsor. Eventually, when the company is able to recognize the system’s growth you will be able to get another commission.

They have real owners.

There are times that you will encounter a company that does not have any information about the real owner, that is why a lot of people are easy to judge that they are just a scam. But the good thing with Abundance Network is it is proven to have real owners and it will also appear on Google as you search for it.

Abundance Network Review. My Final Verdict.

After all the research and comments that I have read, I just want to be honest but for me, Abundance Network is a scam. The fact that I really don’t get how they work and how they can able to pay you in referral you get. So now, I came to the point that I cannot recoomend this to everyone or should I say that you should really not join them as it is a waste of time and effort.

There are a lot of ways to earn money online that you can check, like my Wealthy Affiliate Review wherein you can discover things that you can do in order to earn money, it is just simple as writing your hobby in a daily basis and get something out from it. But again, the decision is still with you if you are still going to try this or not.

I hope that this “Abundance Network Review” serves its purpose to you and was able to answer the questions in your mind. If you have any concerns and suggestions you are free to leave that on the comment box below. Keepsafe everyone, cheers!


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