Is Club Cash Fund a Scam? It’s A Skip

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Club Cash Fund a scam? You may have found your way here to this review due to a conspicuous invite you have received from your friends and family to a system that makes you money on autopilot – Club Cash Fund.

I don’t blame you, though. In fact, let me give you a virtual pat on the back for doing your research first on this system that allegedly gives you money for free while doing just the bare and minimal effort. If there’s anything I have learned in my life is that if something seems too good to be true – then it most probably is. 

I mean, in this age when you’re constantly greeted with financial demands, why the hell would some random website give me money for free? I only know scams are they type to spew out nonsense like this. 

With that in mind, could it be that Club Cash Fund is nothing but another outright scam that should have been canceled by now? That’s just what we’re going to find out in this Club Cash Fund review!

Without further ado,  let’s dive further into this website once and for all!

Club Cash Fund Review

Product Name: Club Cash Fund
Founder: Chad (it’s a fake name)
Logo: club cash fund logo
Product Description: Pyramid scheme disguised as an MLM
Best For: NO ONE
Recommended: NO


What is Club Cash Fund?

club cash fund homepage

Club Cash Fund presents itself a website that gives you
free money in your mailbox on autopilot. This website seems to make earning money as easy as opening your mailbox and magically finding hundred of dollars in there without having to do anything at all. How awesome would that be?

It follows the business model of direct mail cash gifting scheme. In this so-called mailbox based scheme, money starts to flow when you send cash through the mail and wait for the cash to return to you in bigger amounts. 

It’s easy as that, or at least that’s how it’s supposed to be if we are going to base our inferences on the claims of Club Cash Fund. But let me tell you this, there’s no such thing as a money-making machine that runs on autopilot unless you put in the craziest effort you could ever give.

On top of that, Club Cash Fund makes it look like this is some kind of legitimate direct mail cash scheme when in fact, it revolves on a completely different and notorious business model.

Is Club Cash Fund a scam? That we don’t know for sure just yet until we uncover how this website really works from the inside!


How Does Club Cash Fund Really Work?

In order to be a member of Club Cash Fund, you’re going to have to buy your way in with $80. You get nothing with this amount but the sole right and qualification to recruit other people into this system. The real climax here is that each time you recruit somebody else and they sign up to Club Cash Fund with your access code, you get to earn a commission of $20.

Your journey with Club Cash Fund first starts when an affiliate tries to recruit you to buy into the system through email, social media, or phone call among others. If you try to access Club Cash Fund on your own, it’s a dead end.

club cash fund access code

Once you click on their link, you will be urged to sign up with your name, email, and unique access code from the person who recruited you. When you are finally within the platform, there are 3 steps for you to enroll in Club Cash Fund.

First, you have to dial the number on the website then fill out the form on the page which asks you for your billing information to have your free starter kit delivered to you. Apparently, this kit teaches you on how to generate leads in your recruitment ventures.

Lastly, you get to pay the $80 sign up fee and right then, you start recruiting others into the system through your own website, blog, social media accounts, and other forms of media.

So you see, there’s no direct mail cash scheme here. Club Cash Fund is nothing but a multi-level marketing business. MLMs usually feature tiers in its business model. Club Cash Fund, in particular, follows 3 tiers

Remember the $80 you have to pay to get into the system? This begs the question, where does this money go to? No wonder why people ask is club cash fund a scam?…

This $80 gets divided into 4 portions. 20 goes to you, 20 goes to the person who recruited you into the system, 20 goes to the person who recruited him, and finally, 20 goes to the company behind Club Cash Fund. As you can see, money flows upward just like how any multi-level marketing company works.

club cash fund recruitment

All there’s happening to Club Cash Fund is recruitment, and that’s more problematic than you think. One of the reasons why most people steer clear of MLMs is because some are actually pyramid schemes in disguise.

There’s a clear line and distinction between multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes. Both business models have the same aspect of recruitment. MLMs are legitimate and legal due to its incorporation of selling products and services to people all the while recruiting others into the system. 

Pyramid schemes, on the other hand, are illegal because all the money comes from one single aspect only – and that’s recruitment. There’s no product or whatsoever to sell, making the people at the top of the pyramid richer and fatter while the mass of people accumulated at the bottom is left with nothing.

However, some companies get innovative enough to blur the line between MLMs and pyramid schemes by throwing in a random product to cover up the dirty scam they are hiding. They could be selling some kind of useless training material with the littlest amount of use and information in the making just to say the business model they are employing is legal and legitimate.

In the case of Club Cash Fund, they do offer their own training on how you can generate leads through different forms of media like email marketing and Instagram among others. However, this training seems to be more like just thrown in as a cover-up because the Club Cash Fund highly focuses more on the recruitment aspect than this. With this in mind, it could be possible that this company is nothing but a pyramid scheme.

As I am writing this review, Club Cash Fund might already be on a timebomb. But if you still think this website might work out for you in the meanwhile, you might be wondering if Club Cash Fund can really make you money because at the end of the day, cash is what we’re really here for.


Can You Really Make Money With Club Cash Fund?

Yes, you can make money with Club Cash Fund but not in the way the website tells you to. They make you believe this is some sort of money-making machine running on autopilot but that’s just not the case at all. 

No matter which way you look at it, the recruitment is not done for you. You are still the one making all the calls and pulling all the strings to generate leads.

By all means, it’s not impossible to make money with this website but I’m also not saying you could make a lot of money with Club Cash Fund either. You can literally make just $20 for each person you recruit. Plus, if you think that recruiting is a piece of cake, then you are making a big and grave mistake. 

Good luck promoting this fishy and suspicious system to your friends and family if you want to lose them forever. On the other hand, if you don’t really want that to happen, you can always resort to paid advertising on different forms of media like Google, Facebook, and Instagram, among others to direct people to your affiliate website.

But the problem is you will never have the guarantee of your money coming back to you. You can lose a lot of money and have no cent in return but that’s just the risk you have to take. Plus, all the time you have spent on your paid advertising campaigns could turn out to be time wasted in the end.

club cash fund time wasted

On top of all these, considering how this might be a pyramid scheme in disguise, most of the money just flows upward the pyramid and before you know it, you are already left with absolutely nothing.

Is Club Cash Fund a scam? You may find the answer you are looking for once you have read the next section below.

Reasons Why Club Cash Fund Should be Avoided

Might Be a Pyramid Scheme

Sure, they do offer some training alongside the recruitment system going on but all these content is really just casually thrown in there to make this website look less of a scam. Club Cash Fund mostly just focuses on the recruitment aspect of the business, one of the main key features of a pyramid scheme. 

As far as I know, Club Cash Fund is already on a timebomb and I don’t it’s worth the risk.

Ridiculous Claims

club cash fund is a pyramid scheme

Club Cash Fund makes it look like you can magically find some cash within your mailbox when in reality it’s nothing like that because this is a pyramid scheme disguising itself as an MLM. On top of that, they claim you don’t have to do anything to earn the amount of money you desire. 

But then again, at the end of the day, you’re the one doing all the talking in the hopes of recruiting at least one person. All these claims exist because Club Cash Fund has a good and cunning marketing team.


Lose More, Earn Nothing in Return

You could possibly jeopardize your relationships between your friends and family because you literally just promoted them something illegitimate and that’s just embarrassing. Plus, if you opt for paid advertising, you could be broke and left with nothing – but still not even receive one cent in return. 

I mean come on! Ask yourself, if you were in their situation, why would you even buy your way into something fishy and suspicious? It just doesn’t make sense unless you’re high on coke or something. 

Also, people are getting smarter by the second. The moment they lay their eyes on this review, it’s game over. Don’t worry, I’m doing this in your favor anyway.


What I Like About Club Cash Fund

Nothing. I don’t really find anything worth it about Club Cash Fund at all.

My Verdict! Is Club Cash Fund a Scam?

Club Cash Fund definitely tends to lean more towards the scam side rather than on the legitimate side due to the fact that it resembles a notorious and illegal business model none other than pyramid schemes. It dresses itself up nicely but we all know what’s really happening here.

Actually, even if this wasn’t a scam, I still wouldn’t recommend for you to sign up with Club Cash Fund at all. You could potentially jeopardize your relationships with the people you love by promoting this scam to them, or if you just don’t want that to happen, you can always opt for paid advertising. 

The bad news is that you could be broke from spending all your money on campaigns and still not have anything in return. I don’t think I’m up for all this risk, pain and hassle just to earn $20 for every person I recruit if there’s even someone who might be interested. 

You see, your internet marketing skills should not be wasted on scams like Club Cash Fund. You could put your internet marketing skills to good use if you channel it to build your very own online business. 

But don’t worry if you don’t know where or how to start because there’s this massive affiliate network I know of which would be up for the job to guide you step by step on how you could build an online business into an empire.

Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review now to see more of what I’m talking about!

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