Is Carvertise a Scam?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Hey! First of all, I would like to welcome you to my Is Carvertise a Scam review. Who would have thought that you can earn money just diving along the streets? For sure, you have heard about that kind of business opportunity with Carvertise, and that is one of the reasons why you end up checking on this review. Most of us are only familiar with Uber or Grab as a source of income using your own car, but it is not just them and Carvertise is here. But the question is, is Carvertise real?

Questions in your mind will be left unanswered unless you will continue reading this uncensored review. In this review, I will let you discover all the facts about Carvertise to help you decide if this is something you can do or not. So I don’t want you to keep waiting, let’s get into details now!

Product Name: Carvertise
Founder: Mac Nagaswami
Logo: is carvertise a scam
Product Description: This is a company that will let you earn money through the use of advertisements for their clients or campaigns in your car.
Best For: People who do have a car that they normally use outside either for work or for personal errands. Someone who is looking for an extra income that loves drive along with the city.

Carvertise is an advertising company created at the University of Delaware by Mach Nagaswami. Originally named PenguinAds, he agreed in 2012 to change the name to Carvertise. For nearly 10 years they have been in this company and they pay drivers who have successfully registered by putting removable publications on their vehicles.

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What is Carvertise?

Carvertise is an advertising company that was founded by Mac Nagaswami when he was still studying at the University of Delaware. It was originally known as PenguinAds and he just decided to change the name to Carvertise in 2012. They have been in this business for almost 10 years now and as an advertising company, they are paying drivers that were successfully registered and passed their requirements by placing removable ads on your cars.

There are some ways like Uber and Grab that lets you earn money by driving your own car but there is something different from Carvertise to the others, which you will discover in the coming segment.

is carvertise a scam

How Does Carvertise Work?

Like what I have mentioned earlier, there is something different from Carvertise compared to Grab or Uber. Once you are qualified and approved as one of their drivers, you can earn around $100 per month with Carvertise, and the question is how? Once you are a driver of their company, you will be given a campaign ad that you can put that on your cars and drive like you normally do. Simple right? Unlike with Uber or Grab that you need to pick up and drop off a passenger, with Carvertise all you need to do is drive to promote a specific campaign.

Speaking of the campaigns that are given to their drivers, each campaign can run for 3 to 6 months and you will able to earn around $300 to $600 per campaign that you will get.

is carvertise a scam

Carvertise requirements.

Of course, before you can enjoy all the perks and earnings that I mentioned above, you need to submit an application to Carvertise and before that, it is better if you will have the idea about the requirements that they have so you will not waste any time and effort.

The first thing is you should have a clean driver’s record, this is for the security of the company as well as the is always the first thing that a driver should have. Since you are also expected to drive at least 25 miles per day, you should have a car that at least 2005 model in order for you to qualify as their driver. These are just simple requirements but it is a must, once you missed one requirement then you are automatically not approved as Carvertise driver.

is carvertise a scam

When it comes to the application process, it is very simple just like signing up for a membership. You just need to go on their website and click on “Become a Driver”, you will be asked to provide personal information like your name, email, age and of course, your car model and year. It will not take that long to answer those questions and they will just notify you if you are approved or not.

I am sure that there are some who still think that this way of earning money is not for especially if you don’t know how to drive a car. But you don’t need to worry, there are a lot of alternative ways that you can do in order to earn money online.

Can You Make Money With Carvertise?

This is the most awaited part of every review, I think earning money with Carvertise is easy and not that complicated and earning money with them is also possible. However, this will only work if you are a driver or someone that knows how to drive because if not how are you going to do the advertisement right? And not just that, you have to make sure that you qualify the requirements, that is where it all depends.

Earning money is never an instant thing, you must have a passion for skills in order to perform and get the earnings that you want to achieve. And for me, working with Carvertise can be considered as a part-time job since your earning each month is not stable and still depends on what campaign they will give.

What I Don’t Like About Carvertise.

Based on the facts that were mentioned above, it seems that Carvertise offers a good way to earn money. But there are some things that I know you should be aware of and try to think of it first before trying Carvertise. Here are the things that I don’t like about Carvertise.

They are not offering work from home.

For sure most of you who are checking on this review are looking for work from home opportunities and unfortunately, Carvertise is not offering that kind of work. To be honest, the way Carvertise works looks appealing to me but what if I don’t know how to drive and I really want something that I can do just at my house? Then, Carvertise is not for me and might just look for other comany who offers work from home posts.

Incomplete information about the payment.

Upon doing research, I found out that they are giving you $100 per month or you can be paid by a campaign you will have that will run for months. However, they did not mention how and when are you going to get paid. It is like, you know how much but you don’t how you will get. I hope that Carvertise can answer this soon so it will be clear to all of us.

Just a part-time income.

Like what I have mentioned earlier, for me, this is just a part-time job. The earning is not stable, so if you are planning to replace the current full-time work that you have then this is not the replacement for that.

What I Like About Carvertise

There are also things that you can look forward to joining Carvertise. Here are the things that I like about Carvertise.

They are for free.

The registration or application is free. You will not be asked for any amount prior to joining them. This is a big factor especially if you are someone who is just starting and does not want to invest any amount on a membership fee.

Less complaint about the payment.

Of all the company or websites I review, Carvertise seems to have less amount of complaints about the payments. They were able to pay their drivers on time and no delays, this is really important to know since the reason why we are working is to get paid.

is carvertise a scam

Is Carvertise a Scam? My Final Thoughts.

After all the research that I have for this review for Carvertise, I can say that they are not a scam. They really have jobs to offer for the drivers out there, maybe because this will not work for everybody and they are lacking some information, people easily think that they are just a scam which is not.

Though I cannot recommend this to someone who does not know how to drive a car because it is the main requirement for this job. However, don’t lose hope you can check on my Wealthy Affiliate Review and discover ways to earn money writing about things that you are really passionate about.

I hope that this “Is Carvertise a Scam” review serves its purpose to you if you have any concerns and suggestions feel free to leave that on the comment box below. Cheers!


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