Instant Cash Solution Review: Another Pyramid Scheme?

In this Instant Cash Solution review, we will delve behind the hype and take a close look to determine if it can achieve what it claims or is just another type of scam.

According to Rich Meyer's promotional video, making money online has never been easier or faster thanks to his approach; simply copy and paste his tried and tested advertising on Facebook and Craigslist and witness the commissions roll into your PayPal account.

Instant Cash Solution (ICS) has an unpleasant-looking website that makes outrageous claims: "All you have to do is post the pre-written ads in the cities where we've had the most success, and then sit back and watch the money roll in!"

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⚙️What is it: Instant Cash Solution is Rich Meyer's multi-level revenue earning program that operates in the manner of a pyramid scam.

?Pricing: Four membership options are available, with costs ranging from $100 to $500. There is also an administrative cost of $29 or $79.

✅Pros: Nothing to mention.

⛔️Cons: No refunds, out-of-date training, and deceptive advertising.

?Final verdict: Instant Cash Solution is a fraud that you should avoid. This is not a long-term way to gain money because the income will cease once recruitment dries up.

What Exactly Is Instant Cash Solution?

Instant cash solution

Instant Cash Solution is advertised as a tried-and-true "copy and paste system" that allows beginners to earn up to $1500 each week by publishing ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Rich Meyer's Instant Cash Solution product is a "Member to Member Instant Pay System" that can allow you to earn life-changing amounts of money within minutes of signing up.

But how? By selecting one of four membership levels ranging from $100 to $500. (plus admin fees).

After you've paid, you'll be able to access your done-for-you landing page in the Instant Cash Solution members area.

The pre-written adverts will then be copied and pasted onto a job board and social media site to bring people to that landing page. You will profit if anyone registers up.

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Instant Cash Solution: Pricing 

Instant cash solution pricing

Instant Cash Solution offers four membership levels:

  • Bronze level costs $100 plus $29 admin fees
  • Silver level costs $200 plus $29 admin fees
  • Gold level costs $300 plus $29 admin fees
  • Platinum level costs $500 plus $79 admin fees

Each level provides additional training and marketing tools, but members upgrade primarily to make money from recruits that join beneath them.

How to earn in the Instant Cash Solution?

Instant Cash Solution is a pyramid scheme that demands you to pay a one-time membership fee and recruit new members to recoup your investment.

The only way to gain money is to refer others to Instant Cash Solution, the same program you just joined!

In a nutshell, here's how Instant Cash Solution works:

  1. You come across a job posting promising work-from-home opportunities.
  2. To join ICS, you must spend between $100 and $500.
  3. You copy and paste advertisements on social media.
  4. You profit when someone joins under you.

Is It Possible To Get An Instant Cash Solution Refund?

Refunds are not given by Instant Cash Solution.

There is no way to cancel your subscription or get your money back once you have joined Instant Cash Solution. An actual program would not be concerned with refunding members, but I believe they are aware that their refund rate would skyrocket if they issued refunds.

Is it Possible to Make Money With Instant Cash Solution?

While you may be able to get others to join, making money with Instant Cash Solution will be a difficult task, and chances are you'll become discouraged, give up, and wind up worse off than when you started.

Here are the three most important reasons why making money with Instant Cash Solution is unlikely:

  • Their advertising is misleading.

Misleading information

According to Pyramid Scheme Alert, 88% of people who join a pyramid scheme lose their entire investment, which is why pyramid schemes are outlawed in most nations.

Rich Meyer's program is designed such that the very few at the top make a lot of money while everyone else loses out.

When you consider that Instant Cash Solution has a ZERO refund policy, your only alternative is to trick others into registering.

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  • It is an entirely unsustainable business model.

unsustainable business model

Pyramid schemes, such as Instant Cash Solution, quickly become unsustainable.

Assume, for example, that someone joins ICS and manages to recruit six other people to join his downline. These six then recruit another six, and so on until you've reached the size of a small town.

Before you know it, you've reached level 13, and there's no one else to recruit from, so the pyramid collapses, and everyone on level 12 (the great majority of people) loses out.

Reasons Why Instant Cash Solution a Scam?

  1. You Must Pay Before You Can Promote

Before you may advertise the packages to others, Instant Cash Solution requires you to pay for them.

Memberships are also not inexpensive, with costs beginning at $100 and gradually up to $500.  The entire pay structure is meant to push you up the membership tiers, giving you more money at each stage.

If you sign up as a Bronze member and someone you bring into the ICS pyramid joins as a Bronze member, you get compensated. However, there is a catch:

If you recruit a Silver member while you are still a Bronze member, you will receive nothing because you are only entitled to payments up to the level you are paid in.

Sure, they'll tell you that upgrading will give you even more training access, but trust me when I say that nobody pays $500 (+$79 admin charge) to watch a few more low-quality training videos...

They go Platinum because the system is set up so that the maximum level of commissions can only be obtained by "going all in."

Rich Meyer says it eight times in the ten-minute sales video:

"I would strongly advise you to join at the highest level if you can afford it; otherwise, you risk losing money."

This is what makes this scam so dangerous — it preys on people in desperate financial situations, promising them an instant cash bonanza before tempting them to commit more and more money to recruit others and recouping their investment.

  1. They entice you with promises of quick and easy money.

Rich Meyer paints the notion that his approach is the simplest way to make money on autopilot on the planet. He claims that regardless of your skill level, with just a few minutes of labor per day, you'll have money streaming into your PayPal account.

Rich will tell you whatever you want to hear to part with your money. Do yourself a favor and stop seeking overnight success with the click of a mouse! This is the kind of mindset that will always leave you vulnerable to scammers.

  1. The only way to make money is to recruit others.

This is a straightforward fact that even the most fervently dedicated ICS member cannot deny.

According to Investopedia, "The great majority of pyramid schemes rely on recruiting fees and rarely include the sale of the actual products or services with its inherent value."

Sure, they'll try to spin it by saying they have a training program, but they'll overlook the fact that the entire Instant Cash Solution training is focused on how to recruit people into the program.

The question is if you can live with yourself knowing you're making money by recruiting others into this scheme.

The internet is awash with fake positive reviews informing you how fantastic this non-existent product is so that they may get a commission off of you. They've probably used their credit card to pay the $579 Platinum membership fees and are desperate to get part of that money back.

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Instant Cash Solution Review—Conclusion

I'm sure a few people at the top are making money through Instant Cash Solution, but like other pyramid schemes, most people are wasting their money.

I don't want that to happen to you!

This is absolutely a scam because there is simply no product here. You simply sign up and pay to market it using spammy and old traffic methods that are no longer effective.

An excellent question to consider is when was the last time you saw a spammy Facebook link, clicked on it, and paid a $100 or more membership fee?

That is precisely my point. If you want my honest advice, forget about short-term shortcuts like this that won't bring you the results you desire and start thinking about how to develop a long-term and sustainable internet revenue stream.


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Last Updated on May 13, 2022