What Is Elite Blog Academy? All you Need to Know

What Is Elite Blog Academy? Is it a Scam? Right off the bat I can say, NO it's not! But, there are things that you MUST know!

First, I need to congratulate you for taking the time and effort to do your research study before purchasing or subscribing to any "apparently great" product.

That's undoubtedly the best method to prevent fraud and find a legitimate program to make money online!

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Elite Blog Academy Review, Scam, or Legit?

The Definition

What is Elite Blog Academy? EBA is defined as a blogging course that claims that it can take an individual's blogging to the next level. 

The owner is a famous blogger named Ruth Soukup, who created this course geared towards new and established bloggers. If there is someone who may want to take their blogging to the next level or what to venture into the business of blogging, then Elite Blog Academy is the place to seek assistance, or maybe not... let me break it down for you the pros and cons of EBA.

What Is Elite Blog Academy

The Good Things about Elite Blog Academy

The designation of the program is user-friendly and favors almost every person. It is not overwhelming… and it is finishable first, which one may notice from this site that it is not overwhelming. It takes 30 weeks to finish the module, but it's a course designed so that anyone undertaking the module does not give up easily.

Networking Opportunities

The reality is that someone can be one of the best writers globally, with the best content, best ideas, and the best looking, but still do not get any traction. 

This is where networking (AKA relationship–building) becomes essential. There is always an exclusive free VIP ticket to an upcoming Networking with Purpose Live event, where one is taught how to build a robust network of peers who can help one grow audiences faster.

Live Q and A Videos

In Elite Blog Academy, Ruth always ensures that there are Q and A video chats every month. In so doing, any interested party can ask her anything related to blogging. Many people have praised this platform for allowing individuals to ask relevant questions on blogging.

Ruth takes it to the next level.

Honestly, individuals who have taken any course of Elite Blog Academy can testify that it is not only about blogging. Ruth also covers product creation and selling advertisements, and affiliate marketing and, in the end, shows one how to turn blogging into a business venture. Many have found this surprising but indeed very helpful in the long run.

It has been built through Facebook.

EBA has managed to build a valuable community through the use of Facebook. Through this platform, upcoming bloggers meet and interact with other bloggers who have made it. It gives everybody a chance to ask questions, share ideas, ask for advice, get support pro, video encouragement, and interact with other bloggers.

Organized information

As is typical with courses like this, much of the learning materials can be found freely online if there is someone who may want them. For new bloggers and bloggers who are lacking in direction, EBA always gives them a jumpstart. There is also lifetime enrollment, where one can access current and future versions of the course.    

What Is Not "That" Good About Elite Blog Academy 

Some contents might be overly simplistic.

Some people have criticized some of their topics. For instance, someone has been blogging for a decade and is quoted saying I wish there were a little more detail and advanced topics in the course.'

build content with intent

Elite Blog Academy Pricing

Many people have claimed that price is holding them back from joining Elite Blog Academy. Many people are terrified of the price they are unlikely to spend on this blogging course. Those who have other obligations, such as paying student loan debt after university, find it hard to have an extra penny to pay for blogging purposes.

EBA 3.0 is currently closed for 2018. However, from browsing their website, I discovered that to get in, you need to pay a one-time cost of $897 or 3 month-to-month payments of $350. To be truthful, no matter just how much worth they claim you can make, I believe it's completely overpriced!

What Is Elite Blog Academy is it a scam

What you get with $897.00:

  • 12 Step-by-step training systems
  • 36 assignments
  • Access to Private EBA Facebook Group
  • Some benefits of training on Facebook Ads, Pinterest marketing, and other social networks marketing project techniques
  • Weekly newsletter with extra pointers and techniques
  • Lifetime access to the whole course and future products might appear worth it. However, to be truthful with you, most of the information above can be discovered online free of charge if you take the time to search for it.

Not to mention there are some other concealed expenses you need to think about:

  • Site domain
  • Webhosting
  • Email Service Provider (ESP) AKA Autoresponder

These three alone can amount to an additional regular monthly expense of around a hundred dollars.

So, is it truly worth $897? I do not honestly believe so.

Let's compare it with Wealthy Affiliate once again, Wealthy Affiliate is Free to sign up with, and the Premium Membership costs $49/per month.

At $49/month, you're entitled to:

  • Their modern Web hosting service for as many as 25 sites
  • Keyword research tool
  • Free subdomain websites
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Limitless community assistance
  • Personal access to the owners
  • More than 50 lessons of detailed training on ways to establish your blog site and monetize it

100% Risk-Free! No Credit Card Required.

I do not know about you. However, I feel that Wealthy Affiliate is more worth the money.

$897 is genuinely excessive for a blogging course when you can find most of its content online for free. It's just that you have the info together in an easy-to-follow format.


Designing their programs so that one unit takes 12 weeks is too demanding for many people. Today, many people constantly multi-task duties, and therefore developing their programs for one team takes twelve weeks is too long and makes the program boring to many. 

Although it is self-paced, a person who has just given birth may find it extremely hard to balance taking care of the child and attending blogging classes.

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An ever-changing ecosystem

Blogging and social media scenarios change at an incredible pace. What is true today may not be confirmed next month or even next year. Therefore, an individual who writes about blogging faces this problem. Additionally, to be eligible for a refund, one must complete the entire course, including all the assignments, and submit them, after which refunding is done on approval. I'll dig deeper into this subject below.

No technical support

EBA is simply a course, and it does not provide any technical assistance, which is crucial, particularly for starters. I still require technical help on my site, although I'm now experienced in blogging and making an excellent living.


Because, like yourself, most of the folks out there know nothing about coding or other technical stuff. No matter how good and successful you are in blogging, you'll still deal with technical difficulties on your site for sure. These issues can harm your website performance and rankings if not addressed instantly.

That's why I'm thankful that Wealthy Affiliate provides 24/7 technical assistance. No matter what problem I face for my site, I can call for help at any time, and I'll get a reply as quickly as 3 minutes!

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Refund Policy

What Is Elite Blog Academy refund

Lastly, Elite Blog Academy has a 180-day Refund Period. However, it's tough to obtain your refund EBA 3.0 Refund Policy specifies that: 

"To be eligible for a refund for our full course, Elite Blog Academy 3.0, you must submit your completed homework for all 36 assignments by 180 days from your purchase date. You can send your fully completed assignments to support@lwslinc.com. This should include screenshots of your before and after blog design, analytics, and income reports."

Let me break this down for you ... This sort of refund policy can make sure individuals take their course seriously. However, this likewise indicates that it's tough for you to obtain a refund. 

There are cases where members get stuck at a particular phase and cannot proceed. However, his refund demand decreased because he could not supply the projects. I should state that this type of refund policy is generally the like having no refund policy. It's method too complex and challenging to obtain your refund! 

You even have to offer screenshots of your blog site before and after, plus your analytics and earnings reports. In my opinion, it is an excessive method to make refunds harder to get.

Is Elite Blog Academy a Scam? Final Verdict 

Undoubtedly NO! Elite Blog Academy is NOT a SCAM or rip-off due to the simple fact that their training and community are legit.

Ruth has terrific intent to assist individuals in being successful with their blog sites. There are even reality success stories, so there's no doubt about the authenticity. The issue is its cost and accessibility!

I do not believe it's worth practically $900, and there's no point for you waiting for months till the course opens to the general public. If you occur to obtain access to the course application and you're interested, by all means, go on and register.

If not, do not wait any longer to begin your blog site. Nobody can stop you from starting your online business.

What is Elite Blog Academy? Is it worth the money? Probably not, because you can begin your free account now with Wealthy Affiliate and give the first step to establishing your very own website with all the training, tools, and support you need to succeed.


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