Viral Pay Review. Hidden Truths Revealed!

Last Updated on November 4, 2022

Firstly, I want to welcome you to my Viral Pay Review. Being a social media influencer is one of the trends as a source of income but getting more followers can be your first struggle in order to be successful in this career. There is one platform online who helps aspiring social media influencers to gain more followers and helps other people to earn money online as well.

I know you have heard about Viral Pay that is why you are on this page checking out things that will help you answer the questions in your mind. Is Viral Pay legit? Does Viral Pay actually pay you? These are some of the questions that we will answer with this review. Without further ado, let’s get into details.

Product Name: Viral Pay
Founder: No information available over the internet
Logo: viral pay review
Product Description: An online platform that helps aspiring social media influencers to increase the number of followers that they have. Also giving job opportunities to people who want to earn money online by giving different tasks and get paid.
Best For: People who have a big knowledge of how social media works. Someone who has patience in doing daily tasks which is equivalent to a specific amount.
Viral Pay Description:

Viral Pay has been set up by an unknown founder in early 2015 and is not listed on any of its pages in the social media. It's just a new website or forum that claims to help people succeed in manipulating social media. We act as an affiliate marketing network where you ask people to join and collaborate with them to provide the service their customers need.

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What is Viral Pay?

Viral Pay was founded in early 2015 by an anonymous founder, which is not disclosed in any of their social media accounts. They are just a new website or platform that claims to help people to be a successful social media influencer. They work just like an affiliate marketing system wherein they will ask you to refer people to join and work with them in order to give the service their clients needed.

viral pay review

Unlike the other website or companies, they don’t have a product to offer, they are not offering any training and they are not even going to ask you to answer any surveys. All they need is your help to create good traffic on their website. However, they don’t even disclose or give any information about who discover Viral Pay which is a scam alert.

How Does Viral Pay Work?

Viral Pay works just like a usual website that will require you to sign up and be their member, and the membership fee is totally for free. All you need to do is go on their website and sign up for the form that will require you to give out some personal information as well as a working email address.

And once you have successfully signed up, you will receive an email from Viral Pay that will give you your unique referral code and they will ask you to refer members. For every click on that referral link, you will receive $2 and if that person successfully signed as a new member you will get another $10. That is why a lot of people are really curious about Viral Pay because of how generous they are when it comes to bonuses.

viral pay review

Basically, one of the ways to earn money with Viral Pay is through referral. They also have different tasks that you can do in order for you to start earning. Here are some of the tasks on Viral Pay.

  • Referring friends to Viral Pay
  • Getting links to click on Viral Pay
  • Downloading apps through Viral Pay
  • Completing surveys
  • Creating Youtube videos for Viral Pay

As per Viral Pay, you will get paid by doing these tasks listed above without even knowing where they will get the money to pay you. This is actually very suspicious about them.

How Much Can You Make With Viral Pay?

Since I already discuss the ways on how you can earn money with Viral Pay, now the question is how much can you earn by doing those tasks? And that’s what we are going to tackle at this segment.

If you are going to notice on their member’s page, you will be given a bonus of $25 for signing up with Viral Pay. Maybe you think that you earned that $25 right away but not, there is no way for you to withdraw that bonus unless you are already done doing all the tasks listed above. For sure that is their way to avoid people just getting money from them without doing anything.

For the tasks, you will get different amounts on it depending on the task that is why I cannot give you the exact amount of how much you can earn on a monthly basis. These sites on your tasks are websites that are associated with Viral Pay as well, and maybe that is how they get paid to pay you.

For sure you are curious about how they are going to pay you for creating Youtube videos for Viral Pay. Of course, Viral Pay wants to broadcast its website and one way of doing that is by making a creative video and post it on Youtube. And once you say something positive about Viral Pay, they will pay you $50 for it.

That $50 will be deposited on your Viral Pay account, and the most suspicious about that $50 is it’s like the sign up of bonus of $25, there is no way for you to withdraw the money. That is another reason why people easily think that they are a scam.

If you think that this will not work for you or this is not what you want to happen, there are more alternative ways to try to earn money online.

What I Don’t Like About Viral Pay

We are closer to the final verdict but I also want you to know the things that I don’t like about Viral Pay.

No information was disclosed.

They cannot even provide the name of the founder and other information about the company. If I was someone who has been successful as them, I will be proud of it and I will let everybody know about it as a way of building trust with them as well. I don’t know the real reason why they are hiding the information but maybe they are doing something fishy behind their success.

Fake Testimonials.

If you are going to check on the website of Viral Pay, you will some testimonials about their success with Viral Pay and how they were able to withdraw their money. However, I discover that it is all fake testimonials and was just made by a paid actor.

viral pay review

Complaints all over the internet.

There are a lot of complaints about Viral Pay, especially if it is about payment. Almost all of the complaints are about not being paid by Viral Pay after spending a lot of time to do the tasks that were assigned to them. 

They said that once you tried to withdraw your earnings, it will give you an error message saying that you are not allowed to do because your account is fraudulent. This is really frustrating especially investing time and effort is not that easy.

viral pay review

What I Like About Viral Pay.

To tell you honestly, I don’t see anything to like about Viral Pay. The moment I discovered that they are not giving any information about their company even the history of it, it seems that they are already hiding something from their customers and members.

Viral Pay Review final Verdict.

After all the research that I have with Viral Pay, all I can say is that they are a scam. It is proven that you will not get any single centavo of what you have work for. They are just using people to earn for themselves and not for others. The fact that they hire an actor just to create testimonials that are fake, if they are legit and really existing they don’t need to do that. They even changed their name to Viral Dollar to scam more people, you can check on my Viral Dollar review.

This is another reason why we must be really careful nowadays. There are a lot of people who would take advantage of your skills and use them for themselves. If you are decided to look for legit ways to earn money online, you can check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review, you will discover ways to earn without doing any tasks and without doing any referrals. It can be easy as writing your hobby every day and earn from it.

I hope my “Viral Pay review” helps you and answers the questions you have in mind. If you have any concerns and suggestions feel free to leave that on the comment box below. Cheers!


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