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Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Hi there, welcome to my Shopsmarter review. Some of you may know that Shopsmarter is a cashback website. So as you can see that you can totally get a cashback when you join or buy from their company. What can we actually get from them? Am I enjoying buying products with them? What else do you think you will get from the company? These are some of the questions that I will answer for you.

Do you think they are just using you for the market to grow? Or for you to enjoy buying with and getting a rebate?  Let me introduce you to the business wherein we can gain more knowledge and find out their vision mission. Are you excited knowing about this market? Well, join me as I discuss this Shopsmarter website so let’s get into details!

Product Name: Shopsmarter
Founder: No information available
Logo: shopsmarter review
Product Description: Shopsmarter is basically a website wherein you can purchase an item and you will be rewarded with rebates, coupons, and gift certificates that you can use to their partner stores.
Best For: People who are into shopping online and fond of getting rebates, coupons and gift certificates that they can use for future shopping.

Let me send you some detail about this business and how it operates. You can go to your website for items you normally need or want. Shop smarter app. You'll probably get a 10% cashback on all your orders. The company provides coupons, discounts and certain gift cards on selected items.

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What is Shopsmarter?

Let me give you some information about this business and how they actually work. Shopsmarter site is where you can go on their site to shop things you usually need or want. They will definitely give you a 10% cashback for all your purchases. The company also gives coupons, discounts on selected products, and some gift certificates. But what I found weird about them is they were not able to provide any information on who discovered the company and when it was established, it is good to know if we all know how long are they operating since they start the business right?

Shop smarter has extremely high standards for cashback and so that’s why there is a catch before you earn anything back. For me, this company really gives you cashback and I will discuss that on the following segments that we will have for this review. Their goal is to enable consumers to shop smarter, avoid scams, and save money provided by rebating cash from them. The Shopsmarter website also gets its latest reviews where they actually do every day, you will able to read daily updates about the feedback of the customers that they have.

shopsmarter review

How Does Shopsmarter Work?

Normally, other websites compete with them regarding the cashback, gift certificates, and also coupons. Shopsmarter uses affiliate marketing where you can earn commissions from sales at them for other stores. They have trial membership which you try on the website but actually the company has a fee that costs $1.97 for 7 days trial. Would you believe that? Well for me it’s okay to try this and enjoy cashback but they gave me some confusing thoughts.

Why did I say some part of the company is confusing? Shopsmarter tells us that they will charge $9.97/month to continue your benefits and it can be seen in the join Sign up screen. So the confusing part is that the monthly fee is $12.97/month, do you agree that the membership part is the most complex? Shopsmarter works by their membership fee and sales from the consumers. The system works when people pay in and buy products then after reaching a certain threshold that’s the only time you get the cashback.

shopsmarter review

Can You Make Money With Shopsmarter?

Basically, answering this question is not easy. Why did I say so? I have already read some comments or feedback. I notice that 50% of the company is legit and the other 50% is a scam. The company is simple but it has a very effective way of achieving rebates and cashback of the buyer to countless shops and merchants. However, there is no change in the income percentage. While the payments and rapid results of the commission also have a monthly fee, service and monthly payment can be canceled at any time. I am hopeful that Shopsmarter can introduce a mobile app as currently, Shopsmarter relies on a web browser interface but overall it is both simple and profitable.

Thinking of the cashback of this site as a good and endearing case you should make enough purchases of worth signing in to these sites to get little rebates but please don’t think it’s a way to really earn money online. The cashback that you get is never to buy the dollar you really spend on buying what you want but yes it’s not a way to earn money in this business.

I know that this way is not that enough to say that this is a stable way to earn money, but you don’t need to worry as there is a lot of alternative ways to earn money online.

shopsmarter review

What I Don’t Like About Shopsmarter.

While I am doing this review I also noticed things that I know you must know in order to be fully aware of how Shopsmarter works. Here are the things that I don’t like about them.

Not all products are eligible for a cashback.

First of all, what I really don’t like about Shopsmarter is that not all of the products have a 10% cashback. When you choose your product to ensure that the products you want to buy are eligible for 10% cashback. Unfortunately, not all merchants and sellers enjoy the 10% cashback offer.  There are also some products where you will not earn cashback on all if you are not careful. On-site offers cashback must be based in the United States.

Not having a convenient payment option.

Secondly is the company only gives cheque as their payment. Honestly, it’s fine to have a cheque as payment but also it is not convenient for others. Most of the population in the US prefer to use Paypal. As for me, I totally agree about using Paypal as an alternative way for cheques.

What I Like About Shopsmarter.

I just want to be honest on this review, the only thing that I like about Shopsmarter is their giving rebates but aside from that, nothing else. There is nothing special or things to be excited about Shopsmarter, but again this is just based on my own perspective, you may found some things that you may like about Shopsmarter.

Shopsmarter Review. My Final Thoughts

After all the research and reading feedback about Shopsmarter, I cannot totally say that they are a scam because they still able to provide you cashback but it will require you quota or certain amount in order to get it. This may be the reason why a lot of people ate thinking that they are just a scam. 

And the fact that they were not able to provide any legit information of who there Founder is and when was the company was established. Legit information of a company plays a big factor in their legitimacy, this is where people are basing how they will trust a company, so it is important to provide their customers with things that they must know in order to trust you.

There are a lot of people looking for a better and easy way to earn money online and I guess Shopsmarter is not the best way. This can be used by people who are just looking for a discount on their purchases, but to use Shopsmarter as the main source of income is not. This can serve as your part-time but not as a full-time that can sustain your needs in a month. But again, you don’t need to worry as there is a lot of ways.

You can also check on my Wealthy Affiliate Review and I will teach you how to earn money online that will not require you any membership fee or to purchase anything. It can easy as writing your hobby on a daily basis and get something out of it.

I hope that this “Shopsmarter Review” was able to answer most of the questions that you have in mind. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave that on the comment box below. Stay safe and stay home. Cheers!


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