Is Young Living A Scam? Surprising Truth!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Young Living a scam? I’m here to help if you wonder if you’re going to sell Young Living. I was at the same location and asked the same questions, so I wanted to share with you through this review what I have discovered about selling Young Living essential oils.

I will tell you the story behind Youth Living in this jaw-dropping review. We’ll look at MLM company leadership. I’ll tell you about the product line Young Living. After reading this you will know the reward plan for Young Living and the company’s top employees. I’m also going to go through Young Living’s advantages and adversities. And lastly, is Young Living a pyramid scheme? Let’s find out.

Young Living MLM Review

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 In this review, we will dig deep into the company Young Living pros and con's. So if you are wondering Is Young Living a scam? This is for you!

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What is Young Living?

It’s a wonderful story of how Young Living became what they are right now. When Donald Gary Young was in his twenties, he moved to Canada to log in. The accident occurred and for a while, he had been in a wheelchair. During that time, Donald was intrigued and fascinated by alternative medicines.

In 1989, Donald Gary Young started cultivating plants in Washington State to distill themselves and to use them as essential oils. He and his wife Mary founded Young Living in Riverton, Utah in 1993. He was able to learn the best methods. And the company moved to Lehi, Utah, at a later date.

Across Utah and Idaho, Donald and his wife started to purchase farmland. The plants used in the manufacture of essential oils are cultivated. Young Living is now around the globe, they have an office in Singapore, Australia, Japan, Europe, and Canada.

is young living a scam? surprising truth!

Young Living has the idea that essential oil can be useful for treating everything from the common cold to Ebola, and is popular with people. While science supports certain medicinal uses of the essential oils, most diseases have definitely not been cured. Youth Living still makes rather strong statements about its oils.

Many dealers are well known to make false advertisements when they sell the oils from Young Living. However, that does not mean that the entire company is bad. And they are definitely a successful business whether because of the mad distributors who write their stories or the integrity of the product.

Is Young Living Products Effective?

Young Living makes a few quite insane claims about its products. The way their oils are marketed as alternative medicine is one thing that is needless. The essential oil has increasingly been shown to work as a medicine, but not enough to be labeled officially as medicine by a distributor or promoter. It seems that Young Living itself is quite legitimate, but does not provide its distributors with enough guidance.

is young living a scam? surprising truth!

Upon doing this review, there is one claim by a distributor of Young Living that it can kill the Ebola virus. If it’s true or not there is no enough proof to support its claims. The FDA had to research more about Young Living and advised them that if they would continue to promote their products in this manner, their products should be classed as medicines.

And just for you to know, Young Living Products are not FDA approved.

How Much Can You Make With Young Living?

Young Living offers members the chance to participate in an MLM or a multi-level marketing opportunity. This means you can get discounts and make real cash by purchasing and selling their products to other people as a distributor.

You must buy a Premium Starter Kit to become a Young Living distributor. The price varies between $150 and $170, but $165 is the most popular.

is young living a scam? surprising truth!

The question is, can you make a lot of money? This depends on the amount of work you do and how many members you will recruit to join the company.

Most MLM firms have fairly similar rewards systems, the main differences being reward form and number of ranks. Once you join, you will get something free as a member to help you sell things and to encourage you to stay with the company. You will have tools for business training, such as educational DVDs and leaflets.

You will be able to earn a 24 percent profit for every product you sell by enrolling in the Young Living Essential Rewards program. Let’s say you were able to sell $100 bottle of Young Living essential oil, from that you will able to get $24 as your profit.

is young living a scam? surprising truth!

Another way you can earn is by recruiting someone to join the company an be a distributor or member. You will earn a $25 direct referral fee each time you recruit someone to join Young Living. For all the sales of all the people under your group, you can also earn up to 8%.

However, to renew your membership status, you must keep a monthly volume of product orders. So you would have to reach down your wallet to purchase more products in order to keep collecting commissions when you couldn’t sell enough goods for the month.

The Young Living compensation plan is promising and really interesting. But another question is, are they really earning from doing this? Yes, there is and Young Living can be your option as one of your sources of income.

What I Don’t Like About Young Living

I don’t have anything against Young Living. But a large majority of the people who joined Young Living did not make any profit, which was based on some of the feedback of the members from Young Living. As a buyer, I have some reasons why I will hate Young Living products.

They have expensive products.

The price difference is ridiculous when taking a Young Living brand and contrasting it with like basic non-MLM oils. Young Living essential oils are far cheaper in quality and quantity than other products. 

This might stop many from buying from a distributor and then choose the much cheaper options.

The exclusiveness of their products.

Perhaps you think it’s a hard job to sell expensive goods. And how much more can you buy your products online? This could be something that a distributor can complain with. Selling Young Living products is one of the ways to earn extra money.

Unlike other MLM products, Young Living products can be purchased in online stores and shops. That means, if you want to buy Young Living products, people do not need to contact distributors. You felt that you were virtually sure to sell by joining Young Living because customers would have no choice but to contact you if they wanted your goods. But it’s different with Young Living, so come to think of it first.

What I Like About Young Living

Based on my research, the best thing about Young Living is being one of their employees. As their employee, you will receive a lot of perks like free products, free food and more. That is one thing I like about them, they value their employees if they value the one who is working with them, why not their distributors right?

is young living a scam? surprising truth!

For me, it is important to have a good company so it will also reflect with me as I recruit people to join the company. One factor that a person is looking for is they feel valued.

Is Young Living a Scam? Final Thoughts

Young Life has certainly experienced a few legal problems, but the business seems to be doing very well in itself now. Their employees left positive reviews and, despite their price, many people appear to enjoy the products.

I have found no substantial evidence of the fact that this Young Living review is actually taking place during the time I write. 

is young living a scam? surprising truth!

In addition, you can find several Young Living suppliers who promise they can cure their essential oils and promote good health. The FDA does not support any of these arguments, as I mentioned earlier. I think these people are misinformed and for the wrong reasons, they are joining the business.

And if an important product scam is indeed going on in Young Living, I think it comes from this uninformed dealer and not from the business itself.

If you will ask if it is worth it to join Young Living, it is you who can answer that. But always remember that multi-level marketing business is not for everyone. Always ask yourself first before joining Young Living. 

If you want to start your own online business or just get some a side hustle to earn some extra cash, I would suggest you try affiliate marketing instead of MLM. Make sure to read my wealthy affiliate review and see for yourself how common people like you and I started a successful online business from scratch. Some scaled to 5 and 6 digits.

There could be many other reasons for entering Young Living, but for the right purposes, it is important that you become a Young Living distributor. If you think that sounds like a good shot, take it by all means.

I hope I was able to help make your decision and give you an idea of what is behind Young Living and how you can earn from being a member. Still, wondering “Is Young Living a scam”?  My advice is to take it to step by step and try to analyze what is the purpose of why you are joining Young Living.


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