Is Survey Police Legit? Yes! But…

Last Updated on November 4, 2022

Is Survey Police legit? This is a bit different post today because instead of reviewing a survey panel company, we’ll be reviewing a website providing a platform for users to write their reviews on online paid surveys – Survey Police. 

If you are the type who likes to do surveys to earn some side money and if you’re the type who does your research first before fully engaging in something, chances are you have encountered Survey Police once in your life. 

But of course the question “Is Survey Police legit?” keeps arising due to the fact that the common Internet user can contribute their own survey reviews to the website. While Survey Police initially had it in their minds that they only want to provide unbiased reviews on other online paid survey websites, things could take a drastic turn to the opposite direction without notice.

There are some things regarding Survey Police that needs attention and some enlightenment.

Survey Police Review

Product Name: Survey Police
Founder: Undisclosed
Logo: survey police logo
Product Description: Online paid survey reviews provider
Best For: Paid surveys enthusiast
Survey Police Product Sumary

Survey Police is a website which provides online paid survey reviews to Internet users who wish to do their research on a survey panel first before fully committing themselves to it.  Common Internet users can also contribute to the website by writing their own consumer reviews on survey panel companies and post it there for the sake of other potential beneficiaries or victims, so to speak.

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What is Survey Police?

survey police homepage

Survey Police is a website that provides online paid survey reviews to Internet users who wish to do their research on a survey panel first before fully committing themselves to it. 

Common Internet users can also contribute to the website by writing their own consumer reviews on survey panel companies and post it there for the sake of other potential beneficiaries or victims, so to speak.

This company has been patrolling survey panel companies ever since 2005 and have lived up to its responsibilities to only recommend legit online paid survey websites to you. Plus, you can be sure that Survey Police won’t be taking dirty money from scam survey companies.

You can access their reviews and all the information they provide for free without having the need to sign up. If you ever want to sign up, on the other hand, it’s all free too. Of course, there’s a difference if you choose to sign up with Survey Police or not. We’ll go moreover that later on.

Is Survey Police legit? Before we jump to conclusions, I think it’s also within our list of duties to know all the features of this website and how Survey Police really works from the inside.

How Does Survey Police Work?

survey police how does it work

Like what I said before, there’s a difference whether you choose to sign up to Survey Police or not. Signing up and becoming a member of Survey Police means you can leave reviews on different survey panel companies on the website. 

You are also given the privilege to gain access to their very own survey tracker. By definition, this is basically some kind of list in which you can manually add all the online paid survey websites you are a member of. You can jot down how many surveys you have completed and how much money you have earned and accumulated. 

This survey tracker is useful if you want to keep track of your earnings and progress. On top of that, you can keep yourself motivated by seeing this list.

I just have to raise some of my concerns with regard to these features. First off, the consumer reviews. I can not even overemphasize the importance of leaving reviews on websites like Survey Police. When knowing if something is a scam or legitimate, there is no other better source than the experience of people themselves. You want to hear the truth from real people, and that’s why consumer reviews are a must.

survey police reviews

But of course, despite wanting to know the truth from first-hand experience – the truth can always be twisted and manipulated. You see, survey panel companies are getting smarter by the day and them knowing how much consumer reviews mean to you is a chance for these companies to fabricate positive reviews.

I’ve seen this technique before, especially since I’m a very observant person. Heck, even if you’re not the observant type, you can definitely see which reviews are genuine and which are unnatural. It’s easy to spot paid reviews because they are basically everywhere.

You should be suspicious of companies that seems to be consistently rated with 5 stars without a single complaint. Remember, people will always want to leave more complaints on websites like Survey Police than to leave positive reviews. 

Of course, if you’re not satisfied with something, you tend to be angry and warn other people about it. Whereas if you’re happy with it, you just tend to brush it off. That’s human nature at its best.

Some companies are ahead of the game and also throw in some fake complaints while they’re at it, but then again, it’s all about observing and learning the difference between genuineness and unnatural. 

Second, the survey tracker is honestly pretty much useless. But that’s only me, you are allowed to think otherwise. I mean, why should I sign up with an external party and have my data exposed out there? If I’m going to track my progress, I am going to keep it private within my own database – not somewhere else.

Now, what’s going to happen if you do not sign up with Survey Police, then? It’s still all the experience minus the ability to write consumer reviews and gaining access to a measly survey tracker. You know you’re here because you want to read reviews on online paid surveys, and Survey Police provides you just that without having the need to sign up.

You can find a review on any online paid survey company out there with Survey Police. However, based on my personal experience, the reviews on Survey Police tend to be limited to information. The information this website provides focuses more on the basic key features of the survey panel itself.

This is best if you just want to understand the gist of the online paid survey website. But if you want a thorough and specific review, you’re not going to get it with Survey Police. It seems that they tend to focus on providing you reviews on all the survey panels that exist rather than giving emphasis on a few companies and offering you a full and comprehensive experience

survey police blog

Another available service Survey Police offers is their blog section. Here, you get to see news on the latest and newest online paid survey websites. Survey Police will be giving you insider information on the new survey panels within the market. But just like the reviews, they tend to be short and limited on information as well.

One of the features I particularly liked about Survey Police is their customized list of survey websites for each country – giving everyone an equal chance to qualify for surveys and earn money. There’s just one problem, though. 

Survey Police makes it look like the website is available for that country when in fact it is actually not. It’s a shame since this feature can be really useful and helpful for countries that don’t have much access to online paid surveys. Well, it’s another miss.

Is Survey Police legit? Yes, it is. But even the legitimate also has some downsides to it we wish weren’t there to make everything perfect.

Downsides of Survey Police

Limited Information

You may find the reviews on Survey Police limited on information since they tend to just give you the basic and factual insider info without dissecting the whole survey panel website. This is perfect if you just want to understand the basic workings of the online paid survey website and later on delving on the website itself to see everything for yourself. If you don’t have much time on your hands to check out the survey panel on your own and see if it is legitimate or not, Survey Police may not be suitable for your needs. 

The Truth Can Be Twisted

Since companies have learned the importance of consumer reviews to people like you and me, some of them tend to sneak in fabricated reviews to manipulate how people view them. Actually, this case is not exclusive to Survey Police alone because I’ve seen it on other platforms as well. But then again, remember, you have to learn to distinguish the difference between real and fabricated reviews. It’s all in the tone and nature.

survey police spot the difference

Useless Survey Tracker

The survey tracker serves the pure purpose of enabling you to track your earnings with all the online paid survey panels you are a part of. However, if you’re a private person like me, I would rather keep my information in my private database rather than sharing it to an external platform. 

What I Like About Survey Police

Free to Access

Whether you sign up or not, you can gain access to the database of Survey Police for free without having to pay for anything at all. Hooray!

Only Promotes the Good Stuff

survey police panels

You can be sure that Survey Police won’t be receiving dirty money from scammy online paid survey websites. This platform will only feature legitimate survey panels, which is just what everybody needs.

Lots of Product Reviews

You can find just about any review on whatever online paid survey panel you can think of. Survey Police’s database is wide and large, so there’s basically room for everyone.

Is Survey Police Legit? The Final Judgement

Survey Police is definitely legit, trust my word on this one. This company has been around ever since 2005 and people trust Survey Police to deliver them factual information and reviews on all survey panels you can think of. With their wide and large database, you can find just about any survey panel review you need.

Plus, Survey Police only promotes legitimate online paid survey websites so you don’t have to worry about trash passing through the filter. On top of all these, access it for free without paying for anything at all!

But of course, everyone has rainy days and Survey Police is no stranger to this. You just have to be careful in distinguishing between fabricated and legit consumer reviews. Also, you may find this not useful due to the limited information they provide on their reviews if you don’t have time to personally check out the survey website itself. Still, it all depends on your needs.

Survey Police provide you reviews on every online paid survey website there ever is, but honestly, surveys are not even worth all this hassle. Paid surveys only compensate you for cents to a dollar for spending at least half an hour on a single survey. Also, considering how hard it is to qualify for a survey and other factors such as your demographic profile, it’s possible for you to earn absolutely nothing.

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